Chapter 974 Admit Responsibility And Resign

The Fang Group.

There was a clamor in the spacious meeting room. Almost every person’s face had the word ‘anger’ written on it.

There was silence as soon as Fang Yuchen and Master Yang walked in.

Master Yang scanned those seated, before he patted Fang Yuchen on the shoulder and went to take his own seat.

Fang Yuchen knew he faced a tough fight as he looked at the unpleasant faces of the other directors.

He took a deep breath and walked forwards. He had just pulled his chair and taken a seat when he was met with a question from someone.

“Yuchen, why didn’t you tell us about the fire? Shouldn’t you have been accountable to us?”

Fang Yuchen clenched his fist before releasing it. He looked up at the person with a neutral expression. “I was busy investigating it, and I didn’t have time to inform all of you. I was not trying to hide it from you.”

“You’re saying we’re falsely accusing you then?” The person was very obviously in disbelief of Fang Yuchen’s explanation.

“I spea
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