Chapter 98 Don't Take Him Away

Surprise flickered in Jin Fengyao's eyes when he heard his brother's order to investigate the CCTV footage. "Brother, are you doubting Su Xinrui's words?"

Seeing as his brother had left after dealing with Li Mu, he thought that he was going to let Su Xinrui off.

Jin Fengchen scoffed. "It's obvious when someone is lying."

How could he believe that Su Xinrui had nothing to do with this based on her one-sided conjecture? He wouldn't let anyone off who wanted to hurt Jiang Sese.

"I got it. I'll go right now." Jin Fengyao nodded at his brother and then took his leave.

After he left, Jin Fengchen went back to Jiang Sese's room.

Jiang Sese was freshly out of her bath. When she saw Jin Fengchen, she thanked him once more.

"You don't have to thank me. I'm the one who should apologize for letting something like this happen to you," Jin Fengchen replied.

It was thanks to his negligence that the Lan Family was able to get on board and that Jiang Sese fell into the sea.

"How could it be yo
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