Chapter 981 Create A Chance

“Do you think Yuchen likes Yuanyuan?”

Jiang Sese had asked Jin Fengchen as soon as they returned to their room.

Jin Fengchen laughed helplessly. “How would I know?”

Jiang Sese pouted. “That’s true, how would a man like you know such things.”

She lay on the bed and stared into the ceiling. “Honestly, I think they’re quite suited for each other.”

“You want to get them together?” Jin Fengchen asked.

Jiang Sese rolled over to lie on her side. She held her head up on one arm while her gaze fell on Jin Fengchen’s body. She then said impatiently, “Perhaps. My mom and aunty Shang Ying have been asking me to introduce someone to my cousin.”

“Do you really think they’re suited for each other?”

“Of course.”

Jiang Sese sat up. “No matter if it’s family or appearance, or any other factor, they’re very much suited for each other. Furthermore they don’t need to worry about differences in socio-economic backgrounds.”

When she said this, she thought about herself and Jin Fengchen an
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