Chapter 99 Jin Fengchen Could Only Be Hers

Xiaobao fell asleep soon after. But Jin Fengchen spent nearly the entire night wide awake. Fortunately, Jiang Sese's fever was gone by the next morning. Unable to keep his eyes open any longer, he also fell asleep.

Jiang Sese woke up several hours later, and the sight that greeted her stupefied her.

In front of her was a handsome face that nearly made her brain short circuit. She rubbed her eyes, briefly believing that she was still dreaming.

"What's, what's going on? Why is Jin Fengchen here?"

Jiang Sese slipped out of Jin Fengchen's embrace with the gentlest of movements. He was in such deep sleep that he continued to sleep, not showing any reaction. On the contrary, it was Xiaobao who woke up. He cried happily, "You're awake, Auntie Sese! How are you feeling? Do you feel discomfort anywhere?"

With flushed cheeks, Jiang Sese nodded. Even so, she couldn't feel much strength in her limbs and her mind was still hazy.

"What happened to me?"

"You had a fever last night. No matter h
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Lendia Carver
I can't wait until she finds out that the little guy is really hers. I just wish that they would give them names that I can pronounce.
goodnovel comment avatar
Eniola Justina Enitan
more interesting
goodnovel comment avatar
Jasmine Wattpad
Is this really normal for all Spoiled Brats Rich kids? No morals teachings????

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