Chapter 991 But You Won't Let Me Sleep

Fang Teng and his wife stayed until late in the evening before leaving.

As they were going to visit their old friend the next day, they still politely declined Madam Jin’s invitation to stay.

Jin Fengchen sent them back to the hotel. It was already past eleven at night when he reached home.

After Jiang Sese put the two children to sleep, she went to take a shower.

Then she sat in bed, flipping through a book, and waited for Jin Fengchen to return.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw her figure sitting in bed. Jin Fengchen could not help but smile.

Although it was not good for her health to be awake that late, it still felt really good that someone was waiting up for him.

“Why are you still awake?” He walked over gently.

Jiang Sese was a little engrossed and did not hear him. His sudden voice startled her.

She raised her head and smiled at Jin Fengchen. “You’re back.”

The light fell and reflected off her eyes, as if reflecting off rippling waves--so beautiful.

Jin Fengchen
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