Chapter 997 You’re Not Allowed To Speak Anymore Nonsense

That statement of ownership made Jin Fengchen smile slightly.

Jiang Sese had just finished speaking when he caught her right on the lips with his own.

Jiang Sese’s heart skipped a beat. She unconsciously grabbed him by the lapels of his suit with her hands.

It was extremely passionate.

Just as Jiang Sese thought she might pass out, Jin Fengchen released her lips unwillingly.

They then looked at each other.

He smiled mischievously. “I knew I shouldn’t have brought you to the office.”

Jiang Sese paused for a moment before she reacted by blushing. She pushed him away. “I’m ignoring you.”

She retreated to the sofa and took a seat. She picked up her book and continued to read.

Jin Fengchen smiled, arching his eyebrows at her. He gave her another look before he got back to work.

Actually, Jiang Sese was unable to read her book. Her lips still tingled as though his breath was still lingering on them. It made her completely unable to calm down.

She got rather irritated and
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