Another Chance To Love.

Another Chance To Love.

By:  Bellaxzy  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Tang Chunlan transmigrated into another world, she did everything according to the book; she was ruthless to her enemies, loyal to her friends and good to strangers. Or maybe she wasn't..... Because at the end, when she thought she had gained everything, she found out she had lost the most important person she wanted ; her husband. Given life gave a second chance, she told him. "Bai Jihai, I am sorry for all the times I never said sorry. And I was always grateful even though I never said thank you. In this life, I will fulfill your dreams and sacrifice my own willingly. This time, I will only be good to your family and friends and ruthless to your enemies. Bai Jihai, I will correct my past mistakes!"

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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
very nice story I like it
2021-09-11 19:50:05
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Harshal Patil
I like this hope the author update faster
2021-03-22 23:37:17
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Ana Priego
Omg I really really love your story.
2021-03-17 11:11:00
74 Chapters
Pain and Regret.
A woman sat in front of a mirror combing her hair. It was once long and shiny but now it was dull and brittle. Her skin was ashen white. She gazed at the television behind her through the mirror and laughed bitterly.When she first arrived in this world, she thought she could do it. Have her happy ever after. She was once the richest CEO in the country but now she was in this shabby old room living in poverty.Bai Jihai....Bai Jihai took everything away from her! If she could reincarnate, she will never let him off! Not after what he had done! He betrayed her and married the bane of her existence, Shen Mengqi!"Chunlan, you have to eat something, this can't go on. It has been five days now. Please eat." Her best friend, Su Menxiang's voice was hoarse."Its okay, I am not hungry." She touched her sunken cheekbones, trailing her fingers across her face gently."Please, eat. After the abortion, you hav
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Build your empire.
A young girl stretched her long and lean body on the bed as the sun rays touched her pale skin. Her eyes flickered as she rubbed her forehead which was throbbing in pain. Her eyebrows furrowed as she finally opened her eyes.Tang Chunlan was reborn again.She sat upright and scanned her surroundings. Which era did she enter this time again? Was she cursed? Why was she bound to transmigration every time she died?But this room looked so familiar.....Her heart froze when a male figure came inside the room. He was devastatingly handsome, his chiselled face was all  high bones and sharp angles highlighting his masculinity. His dark and deep eyes stared at her for a while."B-Bai Jihai..." She looked at him in disbelief.Bali Jihai sighed helplessly as he picked up a chair to sit in front of her. His domineering, cold aura was all over the room silently oppressing her."Did y
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A doting wife.
Chunlan walked out of the library after finishing her morning classes when she heard a familiar voice."Tang Chunlan!" Su Menxiang ran towards her and grabbed her arm, interlocking their arms together."Menxiang!" Chunlan gasped."Chunlan, I missed you. Where have you been? I haven't seen you for two months! We have never been apart for so long." Menxiang whined.    Chunlan fell quiet trying to think of how to deal with this situation. To be honest, she wanted nothing to deal with Menxiang anymore after what happened in their previous life but she couldn't forget all she had done for her back then.".....I have asked my dad if there is any internship in the company. After my persuasion, he finally spoke up! If you want, you can give it to Jihai. I know he needs it." Menxiang poked her playfully.She sighed. Even though she was betrayed, she knew she was the one at fault.
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Looking for you.
Jihai stared at the girl in front of him, his heart swelling with different emotions. She was very beautiful, her fair skin was delicate and smooth and her brown eyes were clear and bright, giving people a sense of comfort and tranquility."I forgot my jacket back in the dormitory, because I was late." He smiled, as he observed how uncomfortable she was."Oh, I should get going now. Your class is about to start now." He caught her hand and skimmed through her fingers. "Wait for me."Longwei coughed lightly and tilted his head towards the direction of the teacher looking at them with a grim face."Bye, Jihai." Chunlan rushed out of the class room."Bye." He whispered.After classes, he went around looking for Chunlan with his friend, Longwei. Did she forget about him again? Where did she go this time? He felt a little worried after the stunt she pulled yesterda
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The Vice Chancellor
Chunlan sat down beside Jihai after catching her breath. She had waited for Jihai but thought he might be hungry and went to buy some food for him before his part time job started."How dare you enter this office without being summoned?" Liu Wenyi's voice was scathing.Chunlan said innocently "I wanted to talk to you about something and the secretary said I could go in. Who knew I would meet my boyfriend here?"Wenyi struggled to contain her anger. How could she be looking for her when the first thing she said was Jihai's name? She was obviously her for Jihai!   Meanwhile, Chunlan was watching Jihai whose cold eyes betrayed panic and guilt. In their previous life, Jihai had come to this office alone when Wenyi threatened to cease his final result he needed to submit to Colossus in exchange for sex. In order to give her a better life, her Jihai lost his virginity to this scheming woman. In this life, no wa
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I love you.
Jihai froze. "Chunlan, what did you say?"Chunlan felt her palms sweat as she stared at him. Did she say it out loud? What should she do? She had no plans of denying it but she was just too embarrassed to repeat it.Mustering her courage, she exhaled and said softly." Jihai, you." Her eyes darted around her surroundings as her cheeks turned into a beautiful shade of pink.She clasped her hands as she noticed the place turn silent. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and turned to face him. "Jihai, I-""I have to go. I can't be late for my shift." He stood up abruptly, picking his bag from the floor beside him, his expression cold and stiff . "Thank you for the food, I'll see you later." Chunlan stood up, intending to pack the food for him to carry looked up to see him already boarding a cab. She sat down, blankly staring at the food. What just happened? Why didn't he respond? Could
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I have a question.
"But how did you know about the satchel?" Menxiang turned, confused."I saw it in your purse." Chunlan lied flawlessly, schooling her facial features in place."Oh...okay. Well I will see you later. Bye." Menxiang grabbed her purse on the table and closed the door, quietly.Chunlan stood with determination. She was going to get an answer from him. In this life, she was his and he was hers. There was no room for escape!She finally arrived in front of a fast food restaurant. She got out of the cab, tipping the driver and stared at the entrance. Taking a deep breath, she walked inside, sitting at a corner of the booth.She spotted him, taking an order from   a group of girls, his face a cold mask. She could see it in their eyes the love and admiration. She consciously checked herself. Why did she forget to make up?After taking their order, he moved to her table not looking
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Chunlan woke up, her heart full and fluttery. She stretched lazily like a cat, rubbing her sleepy eyes in a circular motion her lips curling upward into a tender smile as she recalled last night events.After the tender confession, they strolled around laughing. She took out a pair of scissors, her heart beating loudly. "In ancient times, lovers cut their hair and tied it together as they made a promise of eternal love. Jihai, are you willing?"He stared at her, taking the scissors from her as he snipped a strand of his hair and gave it to her quietly. She cut a strand of her hair and tied it together into a bow. "Keep it, Jihai. No matter where you go."He collected the hair and tucked it in his breast pocket as he placed a kiss n her forehead. "Its time to take you back."Chunlan's memory came to a halt as she heard someone sobbing quietly. Jumping up from the bed, she opened the bathroom door."M
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On the holidays, Chunlan decided to go back to the Tang mansion. As she entered the limo assigned to pick her up she made a mental list about what she had to do this time.1. Patch things up with her little sisters.2. Protect her family wealth.3. Kick Ke Mingze out of her house!All these three was very important to her. When she had first transmigrated  to this world, she had identified her sisters as enemies fated in this world. They were ruthless, annoying and spoilt little brats dedicated to making her life a living hell.      She rubbed her eyes as she sighed. What she had once again failed to notice was the fact that her father and her mother hadn't planned to have other children after her. The elite society loved having only one child in a lifetime and her mother saw the twins as nuisances, leaving them neglected.      She forgot that th
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After the awkward dinner with her family ended, Chunlan decided to take a nap in her room. Meanwhile, the sisters, Tang Chunhua and Tang Chunying sat in the patio gazing at the birds chirping on the trees next to the windows."Don't you think Jie Jie is acting strangely? She invited us to go shopping.." Chunying asked, a little confused.Chunhua scoffed. "She is surely up to something!"How could Chunlan, their ruthless and selfish sister suddenly turn into an angel? Chunlan had always looked down on them, just because their births were unexpected. She never wanted to have anything to do with them, and now she wants to spend time with them? Unbelievable!"We should make plans. We should not allow her to ruin our graduation." Chunying said exasperated. She had important guests coming!"Don't worry. We will attack before she does. I won't allow her to make us a laughingstock!" C
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