Atrophy of Love: Mr. Harris, Stop Fooling Around!

Atrophy of Love: Mr. Harris, Stop Fooling Around!

By:  Breeze Blowing Fallen Leaves  Completed
Language: English
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Two years ago, she was convicted of intentionally injuring the leg of his one true love. For that, she was sent into prison with a broken leg and a ruined ego. Two years later, she has escaped from prison and vowed to never have anything to do with him again. However, the truth would prove otherwise as Satan from hell would never just let her go so easily.

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496 Chapters
Chapter 1 You Have To Pay The Price Of What You Did
“Charles… I didn’t do it on purpose. Charles, you have to believe me.”Inside the mansion, Sophia White knelt on the ground. Her face was even paler than the white porcelain bottle on the table.The lights were not on. She could not see the expression of the man on the sofa. She could only see the faint light of the cigarette between his fingers diminishing.She felt like she was waiting for him to announce her death sentence. It was making her extremely uneasy.She lowered her head and stared blankly at her fingers. They were still covered with Leah Jones’ blood. Some time had passed, and it was completely dry now. However, her bloodied fingers were evidence of her crime.He finally stood up after a very long time. His tall and lean figure fast approached her.“Sophia, you have to pay the price for what you did. They’re able to save Leah’s legs, but she will never be able to dance again. You… How can you still be healthy and active?”His tone was grim. Her heart raced when she
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Chapter 2 Mr. Harris, Long Time No See
Bang!Her forehead slammed against the glass window. It was slightly painful. Sophia rubbed her forehead lightly and was about to lift her head to see what was happening.The driver was grumbling to himself, but in the end, he still got out of the car.When he saw that he had run into a Bentley, his face turned green.“Such horrible luck. I kept saying that I won’t have good luck transporting disreputable people out of jail, and indeed, there’s nothing good about this…”Sophia was getting out of the car when she was pushed by the bad-tempered driver. She fell heavily into the snow.There was a crowd gathering around them to see what was going on. Most of them were looking down on her. Her face went pale, and she lowered her head. She felt ashamed and hurt.Then, a pair of meticulously polished leather shoes appeared in her vision.She hesitated. She looked up, her gaze following the person’s suit pants. Eventually, she saw the face that had appeared multiple times in her dreams
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Chapter 3 You Have To Be Humble When You're Trapped In An Inferior Situation
She curled her frozen fingers and lifted her head after bracing herself. “It was my fault back then, but I’ve gotten the punishment I deserve. Can you just pretend that you never saw me today, Mr. Harris? Can you be magnanimous and give me a break?”He lifted his eyebrows and curled his frigid lips. It was as if he had heard a joke. “Why? Do you think the grudge between us will go away just because you went to prison for two years? Leah’s legs will never get better. Sophia, do you think this punishment is enough?”She was frozen. Her leg under her skirt was in immense pain. At the end of the day, he was still doing this for Leah.If they were to sit down and talk about this, she had repaid her debts a long time ago.However, she did not dare to tell him this. She did not dare to provoke a man like Charles.“Then, what do you want, Mr. Harris? I got what I deserved.”The snow was falling even heavier now. He did not say anything. He lifted the umbrella in his hand, and Mr. Lewis w
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Chapter 4 She Accepted Everything Without Questions
“Why?”Megan was confused. She joined Dream Club around the same time as Sophia. After half a month of getting along, she found out that Sophia was not only good looking, but she had a nice temper as well. These kinds of people would be favored everywhere.However, the front desk manager was always targeting her. Apart from disallowing her to change shifts, she would also ask Sophia to clean up the drunk guests’ vomit. She never treated Sophia well in this half a month.Just like that, Sophia was allowing herself to be taken advantage of. She accepted everything without questions.“I have no money. They provide meals and accommodation here.” Sophia let go of her hand that was rubbing her leg. She forced out a smile on her face after lifting her head. “Plus, I can’t find another job either.” When words got sour, adding more words was useless. Megan did not understand what Sophia was thinking, so she stopped talking entirely.Sophia knew everyone despised her for being so boneless
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Chapter 5 She Accepted Her Misfortunes As Decreed By Fate
Back then, Sophia mocked and ridiculed Audrey relentlessly because of her huge family business. However, every dog had its day. Audrey did not want to let her go so easily. She lifted her eyebrows and grabbed William’s arm. She smiled flirtatiously and coquettishly. “Will, no matter what, Sophia is still our old friend. We haven’t seen each other in so long. Shall we reminisce about our past together?”William did not say anything. He just looked at her lifelessly.Sophia knew that she was unable to escape today. This kind of thing would come sooner or later. Charles wanted this kind of effect to happen to her when he sent her here. The people she offended back then could form a line from the south of the city to the north of the city. Everyone wanted to watch her crash and burn. Even if Audrey did not appear today, there would still be people like her coming up to mock and humiliate Sophia.She accepted her misfortunes as decreed by fate.She licked the corners of her dried lips
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Chapter 6 Is It Fun To Abandon Yourself?
William sat on the sofa while staring at her. These people were great at causing malice. They handed her concoctions of alcohol with the highest alcoholic content. Even if she was good at drinking, it still hurt her spleen and stomach.Audrey straightened her back at one side. She looked like a peacock celebrating her victory. William could not stand it anymore when he saw her mixing another strong drink for Sophia. He frowned and snatched the drink away. He downed the contents of the glass in one gulp. The spicy drink was like a knife, burning from his throat all the way down to his stomach.Audrey came back to her senses, and her face turned green. “Will? What are you doing? That’s for Sophia.”William glared at her. He did not say anything. Instead, he walked in front of Sophia and helped her up from the sofa. “Come with me.”Sophia’s wrist was in pain when it was being grabbed by him. Before she could react, he was already pulling her out of the room.“W-William, where are y
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Chapter 7 You’re Still So Contemptible For A Man
However, when she thought about the Whites…She took a deep breath and lowered her head again. Then, she knelt slowly.Thud.Audrey was shocked by her kneeling. Charles stood behind her, and his eyes were extremely icy.“Mr. Jones, I hope you’ll forgive me…”Before she could finish, a glass of liquor was poured over her head. “Sophia, it’s been two years, and you’re still so contemptible for a man.”Sophia was stunned. When she finally came back to her senses and wiped away the alcohol on her face, William had already left.Perhaps he was disappointed in her.Charles was not emotionally moved with this scene at all. He walked over and stopped in front of her. “Since the guest did not forgive you, then you should just keep on kneeling.”After he said that, he lifted his legs and left.“Charles…” behind him, Sophia called out to him. She asked softly, “Do you like Leah that much?”He liked Leah so much that he hated her more than Leah’s biological brother.“What did you say?”
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Chapter 8 That Woman Changed Indeed
Charles lifted his head to look at the woman. He faked a smile. “When did the manager of Dream Club, Marie Langdon, become so kind-hearted to stand up for irrelevant people?”Marie lifted her eyebrows flirtatiously. When she was about to open her mouth…There was a knock on the door. She was shocked. She put down her teapot. “I’m not kind-hearted. However, that girl is hardworking, and she’s able to endure hardships. It’ll be such a pity if she died in front of my door.”After she said that, she sashayed over to open the door.Charles watched her back while squinting his eyes. His brain was occupied with what Sophia said when she knelt there. That woman had changed indeed.He lifted his teacup and took a sip. It was slightly bitter.Marie stood at the door and talked to the person there. After that, she returned to the office.Charles was drinking his tea. His movements were elegant and graceful. He was a born aristocrat. She was in a daze. Then, she came back to her senses and
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Chapter 9 I'm Not Done With Her Just Yet
William did not mind. He placed the chicken soup on the table and set the table for her. Then, he turned around to look at Charles. He lifted his chin. “Come out. We need to talk.”A light smile appeared on Charles’ face as if he had expected William to not be able to bear this. His smile was so alluring that it was able to cause all living creatures to lose their breath.“You can just say whatever you want here.”Sophia did not know what they wanted to talk about. However, when she saw William frowning, she could not help but interrupt. “Mr. Harris, if you guys have something to talk about, why don’t I leave the room?”After she said that, she lifted the blanket to get out of bed. However, when her fingertips touched the blanket on top of her, a lighter flew over and smacked her on the back of her hand. It was not heavy, but it brought her a lot of pain.Charles peered at her and frowned. “Did I ask you to move? Lie there properly.” After that, his gaze landed on William. He smir
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Chapter 10 Cold Hard Cash Is More Reliable Than Anything
Sophia was hospitalized for two days. Even though the doctor asked her to stay for two more days, but when she looked at the bill, she immediately discharged herself even though she was suffering from a fever.The pay in Dream Club was not too bad. However, after subtracting her basic expenses for the month, she did not have much left. She needed to save this money for a rainy day.Back then, she had thought that money was the source of all evil. However, she felt that cold hard cash was extremely important after she got sick.When she got back to the employee’s dormitory, she was the only one in the room that housed four people. It was not the time for their shifts, so she did not know where the others were. Maybe it was because she was still suffering from a fever, so she felt dizzy after changing her clothes. She held the locker next to her to support herself.Then, she heard footsteps coming toward her. Suddenly, she was pushed away forcefully. Her lower back hit the desk behin
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