Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

By:  Mellovesbooks  Ongoing
Language: English
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Power, money, inheritance, and love are things that people can kill for. Amaya finds herself caught in a web of lies weaved by the very people she has known all her life. A web she doesn't even know exists. Lucky for her, she has a guardian angel that saves her from making a grave mistake. A mistake that would have otherwise jeopardized her future. A mistake in the form of her adoptive sister's boyfriend. ***** Let's talk on social media. Visit my social media accounts to get info on story updates and possibly some teasers. Tik tok: melwritesbooks Instagram: melanie.loves.books Facebook: Melanie Writes

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Augustina Anaman
Nice story
2023-05-10 06:36:05
19 Chapters
" We can't do this. If Lizzie finds out-"Amaya said to the man standing in front of her but she was cut off before she could finish." Who's gonna tell her? "Amaya shook her head and tried walking past him to the door but he pulled her back by her waist." It doesn't feel wrong. Whenever I'm with you, I feel like I'm home. Please, don't say no."" I can and I will-"Axel silenced Amaya with his lips. He kissed her fervently and passionately. Amaya melted into his arms and kissed him back. Their lips moved in sync with each other and their tongues massaged each other's mouths. Amaya put her hands around Axel's neck and his hands went around her waist. Just as his hands went lower, a knock on the door pulled them from their little rendezvous.Amaya jumped away from Axel like she had been burnt. She turned her body and faced the mirror in her bathroom. She reapplied her lip gloss and fixed her hair. She smoothed out her dress before turning to look at Axel." Wait ten minutes before yo
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Chapter 1: Signals
Amaya smiled when she felt feather-light kisses being placed on her face. She knew it was Emma. Emma liked to wake her up with small sweet gestures in the morning. When she opened her eyes, she yelped. Instead of seeing Emma, she saw Axel staring down at her with a smile on his face. " Good morning, beautiful, " Axel said. Amaya rubbed her eyes using her hands to make sure she was not dreaming. When she opened them again, Axel was still there. He chuckled and brought a burgundy rose in front of her face. Amaya took it from his hands and sniffed it. It brought an instant smile to her face. " It's beautiful," she said. " Not as much as you. You are the most beautiful being I have ever laid my eyes on. Everything else fades when you walk into the room. I only see you." Axel said while stroking her cheek with his finger. Amaya blushed at his statement and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Just as she was about to talk, she felt herself being shaken. She looked around in confusio
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Chapter 2: Brunch
Amaya adjusted her body and lay on Emma's chest as they looked at the pictures from the photoshoot done after their magazine interview. They gawked at how good they looked in them on Emma's tablet. As Emma swiped, a notification popped up from the top of the screen. Emma dropped the tablet on the bed like it burned her. Amaya went to pick it up but Emma beat her to it and picked it up so fast that Amaya raised an eyebrow at her. Emma shrugged and switched it off. Amaya knew something was going on but she decided to leave it be since she was also having wet dreams that involved her future brother-in-law. " I better get up and prepare," Amaya said. " Where are you going today? I thought you were staying home all day. " " Baby, I thought I told you I have brunch with mother today. Have you not been listening to me? " " No, I have. It's just that I have a lot on my mind. My first ever concert is coming and it has to be perfect. " " Emma, you're amazing. I don't know why you're doubtin
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Chapter 3: Cheer Me Up
Amaya watched as the truck towed her car away. She turned around and thanked Axel for staying with her until the tow company sent someone. She thought about asking him to drive her but she didn't want to be a bother so she didn't. They stood there watching it drive away until it was out of sight. When it was, Amaya took out her phone and started ordering an uber. " What are you doing? " Axel asked. Amaya looked at him like he had grown two heads. " Calling a cab...obviously. " " Don't be silly, Amaya. I'll drive you. But first, I want to take you somewhere. " Amaya wondered where he could possibly want to take her. She was reluctant because they were both attracted to each other or rather that was what she thought. She could have it all wrong and Axel was just messing with her. Axel sensed her reluctance and walked to where she was standing. He stood in front of her and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ears. Amaya looked down but he lifted her chin so she was looking at him
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Chapter 4: It's over
Amaya had on a purple crop top that had Emma's face on the front and was written her name on the back. She had a pass around her neck written the word, ' backstage ' and a tablet in her hand. She got frustrated because the personnel that was arranging the instruments on stage did the opposite of what she wanted. She found herself raising her voice at them and then feeling bad later but she had to because everything had to be perfect for Emma's concert. Just as she was about to raise her voice at someone else, she felt a kiss on her cheek, and instantly, a smile formed on her face. She turned around and saw a nervous Emma. She pulled her to a corner and kissed her passionately. When their lips parted, Amaya stroked Emma's cheek." You need to relax, " Amaya said." Easier said than done, " Emma said with a sigh." Why don't you take a break from rehearsing and get a drink, then watch funny videos on YouTube, " Amaya suggested with a smile on her face." Are you joking? I can't afford t
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Chapter 5: Emo rollercoaster
Amaya stirred awake. She tried to open her eyes but she groaned when the sun rays penetrating the room almost blinded her. Her head was pounding and all she wanted was to throw up. He sat up and squinted her eyes as she looked around. She was confused when she realized she was in a bed she didn't recognize. She was even more confused when she realized she felt hungover which wasn't right because she rarely drank and she remembered only downing one glass of vodka slowly. She got off the bed to try and figure out whose house she was in. Her knees felt weak and she almost fell backwards when a pair of hands caught her,It was Axel in all his shirtless glory with his hair touseled. The sweats he was wearing hung low on his hips. That was when Amaya realized she was in his shirt. She pushed him off her and sat on the bed trying to remember the events of the previous night but she came up short." What happened last night? " Amaya asked Axel with her hand on her forehead hoping her head woul
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Chapter 6: Regroup
No one had seen Amaya since she left Lizzie's house distraught. It had been a week and no one had bothered to look for her. They had worried though because they occasionally called to see if she would pick up.She had missed a whole week of classes, meetings, and runway shows. They only cared about their daughter's career and their biological daughter was not missing. Her life was progressing like she didn't just send her best friend away when she needed her the most.They were the Harrisons.Amaya sat in a chair in front of a mahogany table, her hands hovering on top of a white envelope. She had been staring at it for the past hour like she was having a silent conversation with it. She was a coward. That was what she had come to discover she was. She feared confrontation and she always did what those she loved wanted even though she didn't want to do it herself.She jumped when the blaring of her phone pulled her from her train of thought. She raised an eyebrow at it, shocked that th
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Chapter 7: The triangle
Amaya sat in a bar in the queer parts of town holding a bottle of beer. She looked lost in thought and she barely payed attention to her surroundings. That day, she wore faded jeans, a blank tank top, simple white shoes, and a flannel. Her face was bare of any make up and the cap she had on her head made it almost impossible to recognize her.She almost jumped in her seat when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She had carefully chosen a spot in a corner near a window. She took it out carefully and checked the notifications. Her lawyer had cancelled for the third time that week. She sighed in frustration and asked for something stronger.Next to her beer was a shot of vodka. Amaya circled her forefinger around the tip of the glass. She was startled again when a person sat in the seat across from her. She was confused at the person she saw." Are you sure you're not in the wrong place princess?" Khai asked.Amaya eyed him. He was wearing a white tee that clung to his muscles like second
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Chapter 8: Elizabeth
*tap tap tap * That was the sound Amaya heard as she lay on her bed replaying the events of the previous night over and over in her head. She couldn't help but smile every time she remembered the feel of Khai's hands on her waist.He had pulled her out of that party and taken her on a proper date to make up for the mistake of Axel. To say she had had fun would have been an understarement. She found herself zoning out as her mind took her back to his full lips as he spoke gently to her, to his tattooed hands as they delicately carressed her hands whenever he wanted to ask her a question, and finally to his hypnotic eyes that he couldn't take off her.She was attracted to him. That much she could admit. She had never met such a chivalrous man in her entire life. It made her rethink whether she was bisexual or simply straight. *tap tap tap * The sound was getting annoying. She fought the urge to call Khai and tell him that her bathroom sink was leaking. She would sound like a sex crav
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Chapter 9: Harrisons
" No one, " Amaya said while closing the door.She walked back inside and Lizzie followed behind her determined to get answers." I know he wasn't no one. He knew your name and brought you a flower, " Lizzie insisted." I don't want to talk about it. I'm busy, okay? " " But-"" Drop it, Elizabeth! " Amaya shouted.She hadn't meant to but Lizzie had embarrassed her in front of Khai or at least attempted to. Pestering was the last thing Amaya needed from her. Lizzie didn't take the shouting kindly. She glared at Amaya and then turned around to pick her things. To her, Amaya didn't have the right to shout at her. After all, her family had taken care of her. She was ungrateful." Mother will hear about this, " Lizzie said while walking to the door." Yes, Elizabeth. Run to your mother like you always do instead of fighting your own battles. " " Do you have a problem with me? To me the only coward here is you. Instead of hiding behind small battles, you should just say what the war is a
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