Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings

By:  LORA ASHLEY  Updated just now
Language: English
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When you catch your so-called loving boyfriend cheating on you with your bestfriend, and then goes ahead to break up with you in front of the entire school, will you scuttle away to sulk and lick your wounds? Or will you armor up and revenge back? Well, the crazy Tasha Quinn chose revenge, and she plans going BIG on it. But when an unexpected crazy event intertwines her path with Nate Adams, the single popular hottest guy in the whole of Westville High, a gripping twist of scandals, self-discovery and unexpected romance begin to unfold. Despite her resolve not to open up her betrayed heart again, Tasha helplessly finds herself catching sizzling feelings for Nate. On the other hand, Nate is drop dead sexy, rich, cool, and nearly all the girls of Westville High are dying to have a taste of him. But Nate is dying to have a taste of only one girl, and that one girl just happens to be the scandalous Tasha Quinn. What happens when the two of them continue to find it irresistible to deny their unquenchable feelings for each other? In the midst of crazy rumors, secrets, lies, jealous wild self proclaimed girlfriends and a whole lot of tension, will Nate and Tasha find their way back to each other? Or will the chaos tear them apart?

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Annalisa Cargnel
.........I love this book
2023-11-16 06:33:19
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Hi lovelies, the error has been fixed! Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. Remember, your votes and comments will go a long way in promoting this book. Thank you so much guys ;)
2023-11-14 18:37:33
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Hey guys. Please, I just noticed that Chapter 44 was mistakenly uploaded twice. Please just open only one. I promise my editor and I will rectify the error as soon as possible. Thank you for engaging massively in this book ;)
2023-11-14 01:38:31
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Sutapa Ganguly
I love the book
2023-11-10 14:24:01
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Thank you all so much for the support you've given to this book. To Toddra and Toni Marrietta, my first gem givers, thank you so much. I am truly grateful and I hope you all are enjoying this book so far. Thank you so much.
2023-10-18 21:18:49
57 Chapters
1. Girly instincts
TASHA"Shit Jason! Right there! Fuck me harder! Fuck!"I halt in my tracks, the familiar female voice chilling my blood to ice. The air in my lungs evaporates the instant my eyes land on the half naked bodies of the two people I thought were my best friend and boyfriend fucking each other's brains out like their lives depend on it."Keep your voice down Diane, someone might hear you.""Shut up Jason and just fuck me!"My vision starts to blur. Everything in my head and around me starts to spin. I want to shout, but I feel like I am in this weird dream where only the loud moans of Jason and Diane are permitted to be heard and listened to.I try to force my legs to move, but I am pinned to where I stand. Jason is naked from his waist downwards, banging his dick right into Diane's cunt on the brown mahogany desk in the center of the empty physics lab. Diane, my fucking ass best friend, has her breasts slamming against his bare chest. Her bra, crop top and panties are scattered on the floo
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2. Take that bitch!
TASHA"You fucking piece of shit!" I scream, yanking my bag off my shoulders to the floor before lurching towards Diane, the fucking bitch I thought was my fucking bestfriend. I sink my fingernails into her dirty blonde hair and drag on the strands with all my strength, yelling my lungs out.This slimy bitch has been stabbing me in the back all along, getting her pussy digged with my boyfriend's cock while pretending to sympathize with me over the relationship problems between Jason and I.And speaking of that fucking asshole Jason, I am still getting to his case later.Loud cheers and boos from the other students echo throughout the atmosphere of the hallway as Diane and me drag and pull mercilessly at each other."Let me go you crazy bitch!" Diane yells, her hands trying to untangle my tight grip on her hair. Did she just call me a bitch?My brain spikes, and I finally lose it. All of it. My grip on her hair tightens as I pull her backwards with me. With all my fucking strength, I
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3. This sucks
TASHAWhen I arrive home, I dump my school bag on the sofa and proceed to the kitchen to wash my hands.I have never fought before in school. I can get into fights anywhere, but fighting on school grounds is off limits. That was one rule of mine that I made to myself to keep. However, today, I broke that single rule, and I am certain that I will be made to pay for it no matter what."Tasha!" I hear my mum yell my name.Oh fuck no! Why is she home already? Her chef working hours at the restaurant down the street doesn't end until 6pm.And why do I have the feeling that she already kn—"What the hell happened in school today?! What is going on with you?!" She yells again as she enters the kitchen, clutching her phone in her hand."Mum I can expl—""How could you stoop so low?! Fighting a girl in school over a boy?!" Her beautiful blue eyes blaze as she spits out the words in anger."He isn't just any random fucking boy mum! Jason was my boyfriend!"My mum bobs her head back a bit. Her e
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4. You ungrateful spoilt brat!
NATE"Young man, what is this?" My father snaps, dropping my Maths test result on the dinning table like some piece of shit.Well, in actual sense, the test result is a total piece of shit. But what is my shitty Maths test result doing here on the dinning table when it should be safely hidden in my bag?"Answer me Nathaniel!" He barks, slamming his palm on the table, the action rattling the plates and the candelabras on the dinning table.I wonder why is he getting so worked up on my test result like he fucking cares."Antonio calm do–""Don't tell me to calm down Suzie."One fucking interesting fact about Dad is that no matter how angry he is, he still calls my mum Suzie and not Susan.But in my case, he goes all rogue, and even yells out my full name with disgust. His thick eyebrows arch, his blue eyes darken, and his nostrils flare up like they are about to combust into flames."Answer me you ungrateful spoilt brat!""It is my Maths test result." I shrug, picking at the blue berries
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5. That voice. . . . .
TASHAMy mum's car pulls into the senior parking lot. She turns off the car's engine and adjusts her hair and makeup while looking at the side mirror.I know she wants to look all posh and serious in front of Principal Salazar, and I can't even complain, because obviously, I am the reason why she is here in my school today."Alright Tasha, let us go." She says, climbing down from the car. I exit my side of the car too and shut the door behind me.As we walk towards the massive school building at the center of the entire large premises, tons of students glance our way. But what catches my attention more is the fact that they keep on switching their eyes between their phones and me. Something is definitely not right here. And I have this huge feeling that their reactions are tied to that monstrosity of a blog called Ville Secrets.Anyway, my mum flips her long hair over her shoulders as we walk into the building. She looks poised and elegant, her eyes focused straight ahead. Mine is al
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6. Like I give a fuck.
TASHALike the supposed goody girl I am, I knock a couple times on the door of Principal Salazar's office before I open it. The moment I enter the office, I jam Diane's blazing eyes staring daggers at me.Like I give a fuck.I resist the urge to roll my eyes, not wanting to worsen the tensed situation in the room. Mrs Kate Brandon, Diane's mom, sits elegantly beside her daughter, looking rich and posh, her white round fluffy hat donning her raven black hair cascading down her back. Her neat red manicured fingers adorned with multiple silver and gold rings are clutched around a Chanel designer bag resting on her bosom. Her lips shine with a red matte lipstick, a colour in sharp contract to the spotless sparkling sleek two piece white suit she is wearing on her multimillion dollar celebrity body.Diane's parents are fucking rich. Her mum is a celebrity fashion designer. Her dad is an international renowned sailor, so he is not around much. I still wonder where and why Diane got the heart
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7. I will crush them
TASHAOh shit.The air in the room is choking right now. My mum flips her hair over her shoulder and relaxes back on the sofa, raising her chin nonchalantly and crossing her right leg over her left knee. Principal Salazar is sighing and rubbing her bent forehead, obviously stressed. Jason's father is scowling at Jason like he wants to drill out an answer from his wretched face. Diane looks like she is burning in flames with the angry puzzled glare her mum is shooting at her right now."I asked you a question Diane!" Her mum snarks, her grip on her designer bag tightening. "What the hell is going on here?! What are you not telling me?! You didn't say anything yesterday when I asked you why Tasha hurt you!"Diane jolts, startled at her mom's angry outburst.Principal Salazar bangs her hand on the table. "Mrs Brandon! Please calm down!" She snaps her attention to me. "Tasha Quinn, why did you hurt Diane and Jason yesterday? You better start talking if you want your punishment to be less
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8. Well. . . . .shit
NATE"Hey man," Marco nudges me with his arm, corking me a mischievous eyebrow. "What are you thinking about?""Nothing." I deny, taking a sip of my orange juice, pretending to focus my eyes on my phone lying on our lunch table by the edge of the noisy cafeteria."You are thinking about her again, aren't you?" Jennie teases, wrapping her hand around Marco's arm.I take a bite of my burger, feigning ignorance. "What are you talking about?" "I am talking about Tasha." She throws a fried potato chip into her mouth with her free hand. "You bumped into her this morning. Marco and I saw the way you were looking at her."I swallow down the mashed burger in my mouth, trying to look unbothered. "What do you mean by the way I was looking at her?""Come on man." Marco nudges me again. "We all know you have feelings for Tasha Quinn and that she is the reason why you don't have a girlfriend. You never stopped looking at her in class today, and you do that every single day. Cut the pretense already
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9. Her time is ticking.
TASHAI dash into the female restroom and shut the door behind me, crashing helplessly to the floor. Fresh hot tears stream down my cheeks, and I silently wish the floor would just open up and sink me in. My stomach growls in hunger, but the sound is not loud enough to drown my sobs. They jerk out of me, trembling my entire body, stealing my ability to breathe properly.I know I should be in class now, but I can't bring myself to concentrate on anything at the moment. I am angry. I am sad. I am hungry. I am depressed. In fact, I am feeling all the worst emotions anyone can ever think of right now.My ears catch clinking footsteps echoing down the hallway. My ears register girly giggles from the outside. Judging from the sound of the thudding footsteps increasing and drawing nearer by the second, I can tell that they might be heading towards this restroom.I glance at the mirror from my sitting position on the floor.Fuck. My face is a total ugly mess.I quickly jerk to my feet from th
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10. Hey, are you ok?
TASHASchool hours breeze fast like an invisible wind, so fast that I nearly jump out from my seat when I suddenly hear the school dismissal bell ringing so loud. So loud that it subconsciously keeps on reminding me of my punishment waiting for me at the Green Den.I swear I hate that damn place. Everyone hates that place. It is just a silent torture zone.Obviously not having any other options or routes of escaping my punishment, I grab my bag from the floor and stand up from my seat, ready and yet not ready for my journey to the Green Den. Diane looks pretty busy in her new sitting position with her latest vampire friends, chatting happily with them. I hope she rots in hell one day.Flashback: When I got back from the principal's office after receiving my punishment, I saw that Diane had switched her sitting position with someone else. She should thank her stars for not giving her the damn guts to still remain by my side after all she did to me.However, I was shocked to my bones wh
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