Daddy’s Little Pet

Daddy’s Little Pet

By:  Author Iris  Ongoing
Language: English
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~’What am I to you? I want to hear you say it?’ ‘You are my Daddy?’ I replied hoarsely, my whole body trembling slightly. ‘And what are you to me?’ He asked again, his throat bobbing up and down, a wicked glint in his eyes, while I replied lustfully still, “I am your pet.’ ‘Good girl.’ He chimed, his left hand snaking round my neck, as he spanked my ass, and my screams echoed through the sound proof room.’ ~ Nursing a heartbreak on a vacation trip to Miami, 21 years old Renee Micheal stumbles into Robert Clarke, 43 year old billionaire mogul and ultimate sex symbol. From subtle flirts, and daring orders, she soon finds herself tangled in passionate nights, steamy sexcapades, forbidden passions, amongst other exploits. With an adventurous ride of love, lust & sinful pleasures awaiting Renee, she explores her sexual fantasies, and lives her life to the fullest. Her daddy is hot quite alright. He’s older, that’s not a problem. He also spoils her lavishly. But just when Renee thinks she has it all unbeknownst to her an underlying shocking secret is revealed, and her worst nightmare comes true… What’s would she do when she discovers this? Well, let’s hop on this ride, with Renee & her hot Daddy. This is book 1, of the billionaire erotica romance series, Sex & The City. Each story is intertwined with the last, and each page leaves you craving for more. Rated 18 - Proceed with caution.

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Awobusuyi Abimbola
Please be quick with your uploading
2023-11-14 00:32:40
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Jessika Campbell
Love this story good job keep going
2023-10-05 23:45:01
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Jessika Campbell
So for I love the story it’s drama of the best kind!!!
2023-09-23 12:33:00
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Delinda Schumacher
39 chapters 8-28-23
2023-08-29 06:20:20
91 Chapters
Heartbreaks & Whiskey
RENEE‘Yes, Dylan, fuck me harder.’‘You like it when I fuck you hard?’ ‘Oh yesssss… Oh yesssss Dylan…’I shut my eyes tightly, a whimper escaping my lips as I tried to block the taunting memories in my head.The memory was clear as day. Even as I closed my eyes now, I was hit with the illicit image of Dylan, my longtime boyfriend of four years, cheating on me with a blonde-haired bimbo in our bed. I’d found him fucking her on the bed we shared for years in our joint apartment. When I arrived home, the first thing I saw when I stepped into the building were clothes flung haphazardly, strewn around in the living room.Following the trail, picking up the bra and panties I’d seen on the way, I kept trying to tell myself that my worst nightmare was not about to happen. But then I heard screams and pleasure-filled echoes coming from my room, and I froze.Our room… Instantly, the steady pounding of my heartbeat increased, my chest tightening as a tear found its way down my cheek.Soft
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The Stranger
RENEE “Apply the sunscreen all over your body. Don’t leave a part dry. We’re staying at the beach all through the afternoon, and we won’t be back till….” I rolled my eyes, my hands clumsily massaging my skin while I tried to obey my best friend’s orders. Finally, we were in Miami, ready to enjoy ourselves. With Nicole’s persistence and support, I was able to muster my courage and go back to the apartment I shared with my cheating ex-boyfriend to get my stuff. Luckily, he was not at home when I went there, and so I just left him a goodbye note.I didn’t care about the money or refund he owed me since I wasn’t staying all through the rental period and the groceries we’d bought together, I left it all for him. I was turning over a new leaf, just like Nicole suggested, and I was intent on seeing it through. Also, I’d cut all ties with him by erasing his information from my phone and blocking him on all my social media accounts. I knew I had to move on with my life, and slowly I was
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The Offer
RENEEWhat an egotistical prick! This statement left my lips the second he said those words. The thought enveloped me as his deep blue eyes entrapped me while I stared at him unabashedly. ‘I seemed pretty enraptured. Was there anything I’d like to say to him?’ I twisted his questions and thought to myself, was there anything I’d like to say to him? There was so much I’d like to mumble, maybe up close in his ears, my breasts brushing his chest, and my hands grazing the stubble on his chin. He quirked his brows as I took a small step back, embarrassed at being caught staring. I shook my head, trying to discard the illicit thoughts in my head. He placed his right elbow on the nearby counter, a clear indication that he wasn’t leaving anytime soon and that he intended to talk to me. His lips were still stretched in that sneaky smirk that did things to my insides, and I swallowed heavily. Damnit! I couldn’t stop looking at him.When I couldn’t look away, I realized this was the first m
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Call Me Daddy
ROBERT “Gently, gently…” I whispered as I held Renee’s hands tightly, brushing her skin now and then as we walked to my hotel suite. It was like a dream. The woman I’d fantasized about last night was in my arms, and every now and then, I kept shooting her a glance, wanting to know if she was real. I’d seen her at the beach party last night when I held a meeting with my business partners. The moment she’d stepped into my line of sight, the wheels in my head had began to turn. For the first time in years, I’d felt an insanely possessive urge to dominate a woman and I vowed within myself that I’d have her before leaving this damned city. Wherever I had to go to find her, whatever length I had to make, I’d do it. As long as it got that strawberry-blonde beauty underneath me. She’d been wearing large tops and long-fitted jeans, but still, I could see her every curve. The red cotton material hung over her large breasts, and even though she was duly covered, I could see the lines of he
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The Strip Tease
RENEE It’d been minutes or maybe an hour since I’d entered this luxurious suite of Robert Clarke, the mysterious hot stranger who had picked me up from the tropical fruit stand earlier, and ever since then, I’ve been a mess in his hands. From admiring his room to exchanging subtle flirts, his daring crude questions, and almost coming undone on his fingers, I was already living a dream. He’d just told me to strip for him, and with a gasp accompanying his order, I stared deep into his piercing blue eyes. They were rimmed with some kind of conundrum I couldn’t explain. He wanted me to strip for him. I was supposed to be embarrassed, but instead, I felt the exact opposite. If anything, I was hot, wet, and ready to do whatever he told me. Though I’d not admit that to him yet. “I’m still waiting, baby girl.” His deep voice filled the heated air and my already closed thighs clenched more. Remembering how he’d skillfully stroked my clit, like an instrument he knew well, my cheeks flushe
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Come For Daddy
ROBERT My fingers thrusted hard inside Renee’s wet-as-fuck pussy. Her hips bucked at intervals, and I used my left hand to keep her torso still as I pleasured her. I continued to pump my fingers in and out while she moaned loudly, the sound like music to my ears. My thrusts continued, the bed making rickety sounds as her hips kept bucking and Renee thrashed wildly under my touch. For seconds I said nothing, just finger fucking the hell out of her.Finally, I slowed down a bit despite her humming disapproval, and grazing my thumb on her clit I asked, “Do you like this baby girl?” “Mmmmmm…. I… I…” She stuttered, unable to string a sentence together, her whole-body quivering as she whimpered softly. I gazed up at her, and blood shot to my groin. Her sexy face was looking down at me. Her wandering hands strayed to my head, and with her fingers in my hair, she gripped tightly. “You like this, Renee? Don’t you?” I asked, and she hummed appreciatively. I withdrew my fingers from her
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A Very Perfect Morning
RENEE The next day, the cool breeze whipped into the room, and the shining sunbeams woke me from my otherwise peaceful slumber.A yawn escaped my lips and still laying stiff, I tried to stretch, but I froze when I felt movement from beneath me. “Ohhhh…” I gasped in pleasure, my hands reaching downwards, as suspected, I came into contact with curly hair and a face positioned between my thighs under the blankets. “Ahhhh…” I gasped, my hands gripping the black locks of none other than Robert, my daddy, and insane sex freak. “Oh, yessss…” I half yelled, my legs shaking as I felt a finger go into my pussy, and then another, and he began to rub my clit so fast I almost lost control. ‘Oh, what an excellent way to wake up.… What a splendid way to start one’s day?’ I was already thinking, but then he began to pump his fingers, fucking me abrasively, and I gripped the sheets for support underneath me. I was still sore from all our sexcapades yesterday from noon to dusk, but I still wanted
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The Date Request
RENEE “Will you be free tonight?” The makeup brush in my hand froze as I stared at Robert through the bedside mirror. He was standing right behind me, dressing. It felt nostalgic that we were so close, preparing like a couple. It looked like we did this every day, and a wave of Deja vú went through me as I recalled that I did this with Dylan. We prepared every morning and… “Renee?” He called out again, this time leaning closer and placing a kiss on my naked shoulder. His lips made me shiver slightly. “I… What did you ask?” I asked, dumbfounded and lost in my thoughts. “I asked if you’d be free tonight. I want to see you.” A blush crept up my cheeks, and my heart leaped as I realized he wanted to see me. Frankly speaking, I wanted to see him too. Recalling our sexcapades—last night, this morning's oral sex, and then the hot fucking in the bathroom—my sore thighs clenched while I blushed uncontrollably. If not for me telling Nicole I was going to see her this morning, Lord kn
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Half Baked Orgasm
RENEE I stared at myself in the full-length mirror for the umpteenth time. My heart hammered wildly in my chest, and I couldn’t contain the excitement and anxiety filling me simultaneously. Soon, I’ll be meeting Robert, and I couldn’t explain how tense and edgy I was feeling. “You’ll do good, Renee. Tonight, is going to go so smoothly, and you’re going to come back with shaky legs. Bet on it.” I heard Nicole whisper into my ear, her eyes upturned in a wink as she stood behind me. “God, I’m so nervous. I don’t think you understand. No, you can’t! You don’t get it!” I exclaimed, my eyes sweeping over my hot as fuck dress. I was wearing a stretchy brown satin dress that accentuated my curves and made everything look perfect. I loved how the dress hugged my body, leaving nothing to the imagination. The material flowed around me like water, showing off my impressive figure and my strappy nude-heeled legs in the most flattering way possible. My strawberry-blonde hair fell down my b
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The Yacht Cruise
ROBERT I peeled the leather jacket off my body and gently draped it on Renee’s shivering shoulders as we strolled to the stretching marina. “Thank you so much.” She muttered, and I hummed in response. “So many boats….” She began. From my line of vision, I could see her eyes glinting as she asked once more, “Are we having our date at an exquisite restaurant on a yacht?” She queried glancing at me, and I just chuckled. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, baby girl. Just be quiet and follow me.” I mumbled. “What if I don’t keep quiet? I have a lot of questions, you know?” “You might as well fuck yourself tonight since you don’t want to shut up. I know your legs are still quivering from my touch, and if you want me to remedy that, then you have to do as I say, darling.” She shot me a pained glance, but before she could say anything, I pulled her up to the dock, where my sizeable Ivorian-style yacht lay. The wind was billowing intensely now and I cuddled Renee tightly, rubbin
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