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"You are dead today" said Randhir increasing my fear. "I am sorry, please," I said. "I will never forgive you. You are the one who ruined my life. I married you to show how painful it is to be cheated by the one whom we trust," Randhir said coming forward to me. "I have realised my mistake. Please, trust me once," I said, begging him. "You deserve to be hated, punished and thrown away after using you but not to be trust, love or forgive, my beloved," came the immediate reply from Randhir.

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41 Chapters
Episode 1
Sakshi:"You are dead today" said Randhir increasing my fear."I am sorry, please," I said."I will never forgive you. You are the one who ruined my life. I married you to show how painful it is to be cheated by the one whom we trust," Randhir said coming forward to me."I have realised my mistake. Please, trust me once," I said, begging him."You deserve to be hated, punished and thrown away after using you but not to be trust, love or forgive, my beloved," came the immediate reply from Randhir.I moved back though I know well that I can't escape from him as Randhir is my husband and no one knows that he married me for revenge."Stop there. Don't dare even to move one more step without my permission".I stood where I am with fear. My body is sweating. I can't even guess what's going to come next. Randhir approached me and kissed me on the lips hard making me to shed tears. Suddenly, I felt pain on my hand and then, realised th
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Episode 2
Sakshi: Randhir woke up and came to the balcony to wake me up. He beat me on the shoulder harshly. I woke up and saw Randhir with fear, remembering the last night. "Get ready fast. You have to prepare the break fast for me," Randhir said. I tried to stand up but unable to stand with pain. My whole body ached very badly. But I have no one to hear my pain or to help me. Randhir is the one who loved me a lot is giving me this pain which I can't bear. I wiped my tears and tried to stand again.  "How much time will you take to stand up? I don't have all the day for you." "I" Randhir took me into my arms and dropped me in the washroom. "Take a shower fast and come out." I took a heavily embroidered saree to wear after the shower I am a new bride, assuming Randhir wa
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Episode 3
Sakshi:I sat on a chair as Randhir left me there. I don't know where he is. I am really tired and all I want is just a good sleep. But I can't go without informing him because I know well if I do so, it will be my last day. Randhir came there with two glasses of wine."Have it," Randhir said.I was in shock with his words. Randhir hates me taking the wine."I don't like to have wine.""Is it so Mrs. Randhir? Did you quit drinking before the marriage or after our marriage? I know well that you love to drink. Have it. I am not going to say anything to you.""I quit it before our marriage," I said."Ok, restart it now."I was about to say something but a girl came there asking him for a dance. He went with her and started dancing with her. I felt embarrassed seeing their dance. My eyes were about to rain but suddenly stopped hearing someone's voice."May I take the seat, Mrs. Randhir? By the way, I am Randhir's ex-business
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Episode 4
Sakshi remembered Randhir's words asking her whether she loves him or not.Sakshi PoV:Randhir, I love u. I love u so much. But I know even if I say that u won't trust me. I have done a big mistake of leaving u when u need me the most. Just forgive me once. Just one chance all I need.She heard the sound of drizzling and went out to garden. Randhir stood in the balcony and seeing her from there. Rain drops fallen on her as if to comfort her from the sorrow she is facing. She closed her eyes and raised her head up to as if sge is sharing her grief. Her tears mixed with rain and started flowing. She sat on her knees and palmed her face crying. Randhir watching her but she doesn't know. She cried heart fully as she is holding her tears from a very long time. He clutched his fist seeing her.Suddenly she fainted. He immediately ran from there n brought her to room. He placed her on bed. He tried waking her up. she came into conscious n frightened seeing him.
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Episode 5
Randhir took her to room. Sakshi stood almost shivering. Randhir stood leaning to wall keeping one leg on wall n looking her."Come on. Tell me darling. Where did u go? Whom did u meet?"Sakshi didn't respond."Sakshi, don't make me angry. Its on good for u. You know well that as u r my property, I can do anything to u. There is no one here to save even if I kill u".He approached her and caught her hands turning them back. He clutched her wrist."Please leave me. Its hurting"Yes exactly. Your behaviour is hurting me too. Just tell me the truth babyHis nails grazed into her skin making blood come out. He further tightened his grip on her wrist. She shouted out loud."Forgive me,please"I will only when u change ur behaviour n when I feel I can trust u. Tell me where did u go whole day? I am waiting for u from aftnoon.She bited her lip to bare the pain. He caught her hair n pulled it hard..Answer me
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Episode 6
Sakshi PoV:Are u not going to office"?"Why? Do u want to call anyone here if I go?Again started. I don't know y he always talks like this. I think he won't say anything if either he is sick or I fell sick. I need to go from him soon. I shouldn't react to his words. I must pretend as if I love Ajay. I shouldn't tell him the truth.Suddenly her phone rang. Randhir took the mobile as its on table. He saw the name of the caller n fumed with anger."Who is that"?Ur loverWhat?The ring stopped and a msg came to the mobile. He threw the mobile seeing the msg. She didn't understand wat happened to him. She went n kept her hand on his shoulderIs everything ok?You nvr allow me to b at peace. U r the major prblm in my life. Even aft marriage, you are continuing ur affair with AjayStop it Randhir. Don't say one more word. OtherwiseHe caught her hairOtherwise wat will u do?? I d
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Episode 7
Sakshi and Randhir reached their home. He closed the door n Sakshi stood in the middle of the room scaring n trying to forecast wat is going to come."Are you scared darling""No""Haan..This is the first time u said the truth. If u scare y will u repeat ur mistakes. But soon u will get scared of me. Just wait n see".He came near her n slowly touched her lips n then he caressed her hairs n cheeks. He pulled her towards her n kissed on forehead. She didn't understand wat is going on. He moved away n gave a cover to her which is on table."What is this?""Can't u open and see"?Sakshi opened it n surprised."You...You burnt the dress na. From where did this one came?"" I bought 2 dresses of same design. One to hurt u and one to gift u. This is ur gift. But u must wear it only before me. Bcoz only I have the right to admire ur beauty. I didn't like others starring at u. U really look like an angel in the dress. You are so
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Episode 8
Randhir went to office. Someone knocked the door."Yes,Come in"An old man of age 50 came inside."Uncle,pls come. Take ur seat. How are you?""I am fine beta. How r u n my daughter Sakshi?""We are fine""I didn't understand y u asked me to lie to Sakshi saying that shareholders withdrawing their shares from the company""Uncle, now I can't say anything. But I hav a reason to request u to lie to her like that. I am sorry for troubling u"" Its ok beta. I trust u. You won't do anything without a reason and that reason will b good. But u know abt Sakshi. She is innocent. She doesn't know anything. So she committed many mistakes due to her innocense. I hope u understand this""Don't worry uncle. I will tc of her"" In her childhood, she nvr got love from us. We provided her all comforts but forgot to provide her our love. Me n her mom are busy in expanding business. We thought Sakshi shouldn't struggle as we struggl
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Episode 9
Randhir PoV:We both went to restaurant for dinner."Wat u prefer to eat?""Anything""I nvr heard a dish with that name"She didn't even smile. I understood that she didn't had mood to come for dinner. I ordered by myself. I noticed she had very little."Are you ok""Yes I am" she replied but I found something hidden.We started to home. On the way she slept leaning on my shoulder. We reached home. I tried waking her up but found her in deep sleep. I lifted her in my arms n took her to room. I removed her jewellery n covered her with blanket.I nvr saw Sakshi being tired that soon.She is always so active n energetic. But now she is so dull. I think I must take her to hospital tomorrow.Sakshi woke up n saw herself sleeping in her room.Sakshi PoV:I didn't remember me coming to home yesterday. Actually I got into car n then I slept. It means Randhir brought me to room. Though he is trying hard to ha
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Episode 10
Randhir woke upn saw Sakshi sleeping. He saw the time. It's 7pm at evng. He went n ordered maids to prepare dinner then went to his room.Randhir's PoV:I went to my room. I started remembering past again.Sakshi woke up and didn't find Randhir. Her thoughts went into past. (frnds, as both are remembering the past, I will b writing both their PoV).fb shows:Sakshi is in a concert awaiting programme to start. Suddenly someone came in car n everyone stood up n police accompanied him. She wondered seeing it. To her surprise, the person who is receiving all this honour and respect is Randhir. He came and sat in the seat next to her. She saw him but he didn't even look at her. Concert started. Aft the concert, the musicians were facilitated by Randhir. She understood later he is the one who arranged the concert n head of Randhir industries. She heard a lot about Randhir but didn't see him anytime.Aft the concert she went out n triedto start the
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