False Affection: My Mysterious Mr. Moo

False Affection: My Mysterious Mr. Moo

By:  Lou Xiaoyi  Completed
Language: English
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Mu Nuannuan's elder half sister refuses to marry her fiancé, whom people say is ugly and crippled, so her mother kneels before her, begging, “Your elder sister deserves better. Help her, please!” Fed up, she takes her sister’s place and marries him. On the night of their wedding, the handsome man frowns when he looks at her. “So ugly.”

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523 Chapters
Chapter 1 So Ugly
Mu Nuannuan sat in front of the vanity mirror, waiting for her makeup artist, but her mind was somewhere else.The door swung open and Xiao Chuhe dashed in. Seeing that Mu Nuannuan was still roosting there in a dull cotton jacket and her hair was akin to a scarecrow, she chided, “People from the Moo Family have arrived. Why haven’t you gotten changed?”Mu Nuannuan pushed her black-framed glasses back up her nose, her droopy eyes making her look as dumb as she could get. “Mom, do you really want me to marry elder sis’ fiancé?”Thinking that she was flaking on her, Xiao Chuhe freaked out.The escort from the Moo Family was already waiting outside. The slightest mistake could ruin the entire Mu family. She was desperate. Dropping to her knees in front of Mu Nuannuan, Xiao Chuhe quavered, “Nuannuan, I beg you! Your elder sister deserves better. Help her, please!”Mu Nuannuan’s vacant expression became even colder. Xiao Chuhe, her biological mother devoted all of her attention to her s
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Chapter 2 Satisfy You
Moo Tingxiao made it clear that he was emphasizing the word “cripple”, and his low voice was flirtatious. The closer he got to her, the uneasier Mu Nuannuan felt, so she shifted her body to keep a distance. But after she thought about it for a while, she believed him. He could not have come into Moo Tingxiao’s mansion if he was not Moo Tingxiao’s cousin, she figured. “He’s your cousin. Please, stop saying that.” Mu Nuannuan knew what it was like to be derided, hence she sympathized with Moo Tingxiao. His life had to be difficult, considering his circumstances, and the wealth of his family did not help, she thought.Surprised by what the ugly woman said, Moo Tingxiao did a double-take on her.She was wearing a pair of frumpy, black-framed glasses and a long cotton jacket. Her hair was a bird’s nest, and her bangs were so long that they almost covered her eyes. Not only that, the dark spots on her dull face looked particularly disgusting. Undoubtedly, the ugly woman was not his bea
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Chapter 3 You Feel Good
The next morning, Mu Nuannuan woke up with a start. Her head was still leaning against the headboard. The sky outside had lit up, yet Moo Tingxiao had not come back.She felt a little at ease and weighed down at the same time. It was like having a knife hanging over her head and feeling unsure when it was going to come down.…After she washed up, a bodyguard came and led her to the dining hall, which adjoined the kitchen. The minute she stepped in, a tall figure of a man walked out of the kitchen with his breakfast in hand. Seeing that it was “Moo Jiachen”, she immediately turned around, wanting to leave. But the man called out to her, “Good morning, Mrs. Moo!” His voice was magnetic and pleasant with a heavy dose of flirtation.A bodyguard nearby shrugged, wondering if the young master was roleplaying with his wife. However, Mu Nuannuan felt sick just from seeing him. What was this cousin doing staying in Moo Tingxiao’s house all day?“Good morning.” She pushed her glasses up and ma
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Chapter 4 I’ll Kiss You Whenever I See It
A black vehicle stopped in front of the Mu Family residence. Just as Mu Nuannuan was about to unbuckle her seat belt, Moo Tingxiao leaned over. He reached out with his long and slender fingers to the release button. He pressed it and released the seat belt with a click. Mu Nuannuan was smitten. Her eyes were unsettled because his face was only inches away from hers. As tranquil as she was, it was too close for comfort. The man had a face that made women’s hearts race.That aside, when the thought of his immodest behavior from yesterday came to mind, Mu Nuannuan collected herself. He was only a vulgar son of a wealthy family who coveted the wife of his cousin. He was an abbreviated piece of nothing, she told herself.So, she looked up and pulled the same trick again: she pushed her glasses up her nose and wore a dumb expression on her face with a retarded look in her eyes. “I’m out.”Moo Tingxiao squinted at her insidiously. Sensing the changes in him, Mu Nuannuan reached for the door,
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Chapter 5 Like a Maid
When Xiao Chuhe heard how the man called her, her face fell, and she shot Mu Nuannuan a glare.Mu Nuannuan bit her lip and thought that Moo Jiachen really enjoyed framing her.Xiao Chuhe dragged Mu Nuannuan into the villa, and once they were in the living room, she shook her daughter’s hand away and stared at her gravely. “Who’s the man calling you Mrs. Moo?”“He’s Moo Tingxiao’s cousin.”Without warning, Xiao Chuhe slapped her in the face. It was quite a heavy blow, causing her ears to ring. “How shameless of you to mess around with your husband’s cousin on the first day of your marriage! Why did you do that? Don’t drag the Mu Family down with you!” Mu Nuannuan touched her face, which was now numb from the slap. She then looked up at Xiao Chuhe. “Have you asked whether it was against my will?” Whenever something happened, her mother would always chide her first without asking why.“One is a cripple, while the other is a healthy man; any person in their right mind would know who to ch
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Chapter 6 Get Me Out of Here, Quick!
Mu Nuannuan looked at Xiao Chuhe with a pair of stone-cold eyes. “Apologize? No way!”As far as Xiao Chuhe could remember, this daughter of hers was pretty when she was little, but somehow, she grew up to be ugly and dumb. Getting such a callous stare from Mu Nuannuan for the first time, she could not help but feel a chill travel up her spine. She swallowed, turned to her elder daughter, and whispered, “Wanqi, maybe we should just let it be. Don’t force her up against the wall, otherwise…” Mu Wanqi was not finished with her, but she let it slide. Mu Nuannuan could do something stupid to enrage the Moo Family and get the Mu Family into trouble. She still wanted to live the life of Riley.Knowing that she had successfully unnerved them, Mu Nuannuan went up to her room and retrieved her belongings, not that she had a lot to take. In fact, she had been living like a guest under someone else’s roof in the Mu Family for the past twenty years.When Mu Nuannuan carried her luggage downstairs
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Chapter 7 You’ll Help Me Do It
Moo Tingxiao did not expect to see Mu Nuannuan there. He was attacked when he trailed someone to the place.The place was packed with houses. He got lost in the complex topography and wanted to take a person as hostage to get him back out, but then he bumped into Mu Nuannuan. He did not know why, but when he saw Mu Nuannuan’s dumb face, he trusted her. Moo Tingxiao tucked his gun, stared at her with his grim eyes, and asked, “What the heck are you doing here?”“I stay around here.” Mu Nuannuan freaked out when she saw the gun in his hand.There was a sense of disbelief in Moo Tingxiao’s eyes. The third young mistress of the Mu Family stayed in a place like that? However, he quickly came to his senses and demanded, “Take me to your place.”“No.” She would rather be shot in the head than take that man to her place.“Oh, yeah?” Moo Tingxiao had expected the answer. He sneered in an intimidating voice, “Do you want me to tell my cousin that you’re seducing me?”Damn it, he was threatening
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Chapter 8 A Clever and Good-hearted Woman
“What?” Mu Nuannuan was freaked out. “I can’t!”She despised the man, but she valued life. Despite only being the product of Mu Liyan and Xiao Chuhe’s failure at planned parenthood, and despite Mu Wanqi bossing her around like a maid all those years, she still strived to live her life. She could not understand why “Moo Jiachen” treated life so lightly. And no, she would not follow his demand..Mu Tingxiao corked an eyebrow. “So you prefer to be buried together with me?” His voice was still unconcerned, but it carried a sense of unquestionable determination.Pale-faced, Mu Nuannuan had no choice but to prepare the things he had asked for. She thought that her life had already reached its lowest point ever since she married into the Moo Family, so it made no difference now. She even told herself in a joking manner that if “Moo Jiachen” died while she tried to remove the bullet, it was worth being buried with such a handsome man.…Mu Nuannuan tried to calm down as best as she could, but
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Chapter 9 He Wanted to Touch Her
While she dressed his wound, Mu Nuannuan was tender—so tender that it struck a chord with Moo Tingxiao. He wanted to touch her. She was his wife; he could do whatever he wanted with her.However, to Mu Nuannuan, he was Moo Jiachen, Moo Tingxiao’s cousin. He had harassed her, both mentally and physically, going beyond what she could bear.Mu Nuannuan pushed him away and moved several steps back, glaring at him. “Moo Jiachen, I’m your cousin’s wife! Please be respectful!”Just when she started to despise “Moo Jiachen” less after the bullet removal stunt, he went out of bounds again.Stroking his lips to savor the aftertaste of the kiss, Moo Tingxiao spoke in a delusional manner, “Nuannuan, you’ve essentially become a grass widow after marrying my cousin. Would you consider me instead?” “I won’t,” Mu Nuannuan declined him outright. Four-eyed, ugly, and dressed like an old lady, she was everything but attractive, yet Moo Tingxiao found her brilliant. Mu Nuannuan figured that she had to do
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Chapter 10 Using Her as a Springboard
The next day, the ringing of Mu Nuannuan’s mobile phone jolted her out of her sleep. While everyone in the world was using the latest smartphone, she was using an old phone, which only allowed her to make calls and send SMSes. That was to conform to her image as a hick.She picked up the phone and saw the caller ID. Her mind instantly went from half-awake to full alert. After two seconds of hesitation, she pressed the answer button. “Dad.”“You came home yesterday? Who sent you?” Mu Liyan’s voice was as somber as ever. His indifference was disappointing. Mu Nuannuan had just gotten married, but he did not do what any good father would have done. He had not called her in a hundred years, and when he finally called, it sounded like an interrogation. It was no wonder that Mu Nuannuan did not trust him.In spite of that, she still told him the truth. “It was Moo Tingxiao’s cousin.”Mu Liyan was silent for a moment before he said, “If you have time, bring your elder sis over to the Moo Fam
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