Chapter 497 Being Screwed Up

"Yes, they are my girlfriend's parents." Yuan Shao nodded and admitted it.

"Girlfriend? Who told you to date a bumpkin? Are you crazy, Yuan Shao?" Mrs. Yuan was furious.

"Hey, how could you talk like that? What's wrong with being a countryman? Can you say that you have no grandfathers from the countryside? Besides, without the grain us countrymen plant, you townspeople would starve." Yu Ping's mother had a sharp tongue.

"Yuan Shao, tell them to go, now! My blood pressure is rising."

Mrs. Yuan was a well-educated woman, so she didn't know how to call other names, unlike Yu Ping's mother. She was so angry that she collapsed on the sofa, one elbow supporting her head.

"Mom, are you alright?"

"Tell them to get out of my house... or I'll call the police."

Yuan Shao felt helpless. He had never expected Yu Ping's parents to come to his house, and he was very shocked.

"Mr. and Mrs. Yu, I'm sorry. My mother isn't feeling well, so let's talk about it later, okay?"

"Does your mother disl
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