Forgotten memories

Forgotten memories

By:  Cizzi  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1 in Freya's legacy series. Being a demon isn't easy, especially not when you've grown up learning the importance of love and friendship. So when Jax's best friend summons him and asks him to protect his only child that has been hidden away in the human world, Jax agrees. He thought it would be an easy job. Protect the girl while she learns the truth about herself and the abilities she holds. What he hadn't counted on was the shock that runs through them when they touch, immersing him in feelings and memories he can't place. As he tries to figure out the nature of the bond that connects them, he realises something else is at play. Will he be able to keep his promise and keep her safe?

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First person is always great to see. It shows emotional drama far easier than third person, and this novel has it in spades. It's easy to lose yourself in the story and characters. Definitely worth a read, especially if you're a fan of fated lovers or soulmate storylines!
2021-12-08 09:35:10
user avatar
This is a really well written novel. The storyline is original and unique. The author does a wonderful job of providing information about the characters without making it feel like an information dump. At times it felt slow but I think it works for the story.
2021-12-08 02:00:56
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well written story! i love it...
2021-12-07 09:57:36
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Really enjoy the book! It’s got good pace with enough information to keep you guessing and wanting more.
2021-11-16 18:56:55
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Anna Yocum
The storytelling style, the cleanness of grammar, the interesting characters... I am enjoying all that and looking forward to finding out more.
2021-11-15 07:05:50
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Norah Koch
interesting characters.good plot. I enjoyed it. good job, author!!
2020-12-07 04:22:44
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I love the storyline, the characters, everything. The book has potential. I really enjoy reading it
2020-10-31 23:44:51
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Pixie Auri
Super nice flow, characters got me hooked. I like how the relationships are established early so I know where to stand, but there's still plenty of mystery to keep me guessing. Congrats on your story and keep going.
2020-09-06 00:27:46
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I felt scared bro. That world is crazier than I thought. I feel like I was goit to eatby those guys. De--mon? Or not. So bad I liked the story. 10 overall.
2020-09-05 18:31:06
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overall i love this story! :) by the way, is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-12 11:39:23
56 Chapters
Chapter 1: A Favour for a Friend
I soared above the treetops, appreciating the scenery as the wind ruffled my feathers. Flying had always helped me find my inner peace. I lowered myself towards the forest floor. Greenery covered the ground, with large trees casting shadows across the vegetation. I let my instincts guide me as I navigated through them. The leaves whistled in the wind, and the creek flowing nearby created a soothing melody. I landed on a branch by the stream and breathed in the wonders of nature. A deer and its fawn made their way over some rocks for a drink. I watched them for a while, allowing my heartbeat to slow down before taking to the sky again. I followed the stream as the landscape opened up, giving way to a lake. The sun glittered peacefully on the surface. The heat created rising currents of air that I used to boost my
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Chapter 2: Back to School
I walked up the stairs that led to the entrance of the sixth form college Cassie attended. With each step, my heart beat faster. It had been almost half a century since I’d last hung out around humans. Would the school be similar to how it was the last time I had masqueraded as a student? It was a good thing I still had my youthful look about me. I smoothed down my brown messy hair before continuing through the entrance. When I got inside I rubbed the back of my neck as I scanned the area. It was a big spacious hall with stairs in the back and doorways to the sides. A few students stood in groups talking, but they paid no attention to me. My eyes landed on the information desk to my right. I approached it, my stomach tightening. “Hey.” I gave the woman behind it a smile. “I’m new. I have a meeting with the head teacher. Would you mind telling me how to get there?”
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Chapter 3: My New House
I didn’t get another chance to talk to Cassie that day. When school finished, I went house hunting. After several hours of flying around looking for houses, I saw one that looked promising. The large amount of untouched land that surrounded it, pulled me in. The house would be perfect, the forest providing the privacy I needed to come and go as a crow. I scanned the forest, and sensed that it belonged to a pack of shapeshifters. Having the wolves nearby wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as I stayed out of their territory. I turned back to my human form and approached the house. I passed a sales sign, and a car parked on the driveway. The house looked a bit run down, with a few cracked roof panels, flaking paint by the window sills and it could do with a new door. However, it wouldn’t be hard for me to fix. I rang the doorbell, hoping the owner would be
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Chapter 4: The Electric Shock
I woke up to the morning sun shining through my window. The clock on the bedside table showed that I had a couple of hours to spare. Too excited to continue sleeping, I got up and took a shower, humming to myself as I got ready for the day. Hopefully I would be able to talk more to Cassie today. I struggled to contain my excitement and even though there was still plenty of time before school started, I stepped outside. The warm breeze danced on my skin and a wide grin emerged on my face. I turned into a crow and flew around the neighbourhood before slowly making my way to school. I landed at the far end of the car park and transformed back to my human form behind the shelter of some trees. I made my way over to the building and walked over to my first class. A few students had already arrived, but none of them were Cassie. I scanned the classroom before sliding down in a chair with an empty seat next to i
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Chapter 5: Two parts of a soul
I teleported to the forest where Freya lived. The shield around the area made it impossible to teleport directly to Freya’s cottage. For this reason, I had to make the journey the old fashion way, which involved several hours of flying. I enjoyed flying, so it didn’t bother me. During my childhood I had explored this area extensively, so I knew the ins and outs of the place and which parts allowed teleportation. The bright and colourful landscape gave the forest a magical glow, every shade of colour clearly visible. The seasons didn’t affect this place like they did in the human world. Even though the leaves on the trees changed colour, a warm breeze was always present. When in the mood, I would fly through the trees, enjoying the nature and wildlife. Sometimes I would even check in on the other magical beings th
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Chapter 6: Cassie's Birthday
The days went on and I tried my best to give Cassie space. I watched her from a distance, paying attention to anything suspicious. Nick hadn’t specified what may come after her. Maybe he didn’t know? Either way, I was on high alert, ready to step in and protect her if anything happened. She still hadn’t texted me, and when I saw her in school, she made no attempt to talk to me. Most of the time she sat on the other side of the classroom. Why was she avoiding me? I kept away from Mark as much as I could. The bullying got on my nerves. Why couldn’t he just leave me alone? Every time I saw him, he would slag me off or slam me into the lockers. It pissed me off. What did he have against me? When my anger boiled over, I clenched my fists and took a few deep breaths, reminding myself why I couldn’t stoop to his level and retaliate.
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Chapter 7: A coffee Shop
An uncomfortable silence arose as I drove Cassie back to the house. My fingers tapped on the steering wheel as I tried to come up with something to say. I glanced over at Cassie. She looked out the window, absentmindedly fidgeting with the necklace. Maybe I should just let her digest everything I told her earlier. It confused me how she had handled everything in a calm manner. Why had she not freaked out? Did she already know about the supernatural world? Turning into Cassie’s driveway. I turned off the engine and got out of the car. Taking a deep breath, I made my way around the car to open the door for Cassie. She glanced up at me, parting her lips as if to say something. When I met her gaze, she looked away and climbed out. I gave her a smile and closed the door behind her, letting my hand rest on the car as I watched her walk up to the porch. “Cassie,” I
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Chapter 8: A walk in the woods
After I got back from seeing Cassie, I walked around the house with a wide grin on my face.She seemed comfortable around me today. Maybe this was the first few steps of becoming friends. A strange feeling entered my body when I thought of Cassie. Nothing bad, just a feeling that I used to know her, but I couldn’t figure out why. Cassie had only just turned seventeen, so I would have remembered if I had met her before. I shook my head. It didn’t make sense. I thought about telling Nick how the week had gone. But he had told me to be careful and only get in contact if anything important happened, and he already knew Cassie was getting her powers so I didn’t think that qualified. Besides, he would probably have my head if he realised that I had feelings towards his daughter. Feeling restless, I turned into a crow. N
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Chapter 9: Looking for answers
When Leah’s car disappeared in the distance, I transformed into a crow. Sensing her magic made me uneasy. Why could I feel Leah’s magic this time when I hadn’t been able to notice it before? I followed them. The clear sky improved my visibility, and the black mini was easy to spot from above, so I kept my distance, even though I knew they wouldn’t be able to recognise me. The trees gave way to buildings and eventually I was gliding over the rooftops. I landed in the tree next to the driveway as Leah parked up. Leah’s magical energy was easy to detect until they walked inside. Despite the protective barrier I had put up, I should still be able to detect it. But I couldn’t sense it anymore, only their personal energies. It worried me. In all my years, I had never encountered anything like this. Why did it happen? I
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Chapter 10: Questioning Cassie
Turning back to my human form, I checked the time. I'd been gone almost all day. Time worked differently in some realms, so it didn’t come as a shock. Cassie had texted me, but class would finish in less than ten minutes, so I didn't bother texting her back. I scanned the car park to make sure it was deserted before conjuring up my car. I leaned against it as I waited for Cassie. A while later she walked out the school entrance next to Leah. She fidgeted with her necklace as she looked around. When I caught her gaze, her shoulders relaxed, and a smile appeared on her face as she gave me a wave. I waved back, mirroring her smile. She left Leah behind and walked towards me. Butterflies fluttered through my stomach as I pushed myself off the car to go and greet her. I wrapped my arms around her, taking in her scent of spring flowers. A bolt of electricity shot t
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