His Eyes And Mine

His Eyes And Mine

By:  Loe Cloud  Ongoing
Language: English
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Actress by chance, Bella Spencer spends her whole summer 'project free' from her acting career. As she misses living the 'non-celebrity life', she and her best friend Contessa Leslie planned on doing the one thing they had longed for. A Summer Job. But would it be easy to find the perfect summer job when you're already a celebrity? And at the same time two hot men are flirting with you? Life is unexpected.

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Loe Cloud
2021-11-04 22:33:08
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ang amazing. gandaaaaaa
2021-10-21 16:45:43
20 Chapters
Bella Spencer's POVI stood frozen from outside the door. My brain can still not process everything that my eyes are witnessing. This isn't true, I told myself repeatedly. Everything was on the floor, from the furniture to our brand new appliances, it was broken and scattered all over the place like there had been a massive tornado that had occurred inside our residency.My eyes were welling up with tears as I saw them. My dear beloved parents on the marble floor, swimming in their own blood, both unclothed. I was sobbing all over their cold dead bodies, hugging it tightly, I still cannot deal with this scenario. "Why would someone do something like this?" I screamed. Sadnes, anger, disappointment, Urgh! Words just cannot simply describe these emotions that are swirlin
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Chapter 1: The Celebration
Bella Spencer's POVI just woke up from the most wonderful slumber I had since I arrived home earlier—after dealing with the party preparations of course.Waking up at this moment knowing that I have this whole summer project-free, REALLY hits different. I feel so ecstatic! That is why tonight, I am going to celebrate this party like it's the last day of summer. And I took Director Connie's advice, live your life to the fullest and be free.I've received a message from Contessa earlier saying that she had already finished inviting everyone from the same class as us in our college. I felt giddy reading it.I will be enjoying every second that I get to spend with them. And of course I don't want any special treatments. I want this par
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Chapter 2: The Hometown
Bella Spencer's POV"Sweetheart did you double check all of your luggage?"I sighed, "For the hundredth time Mom, yes I did. I even did a triple check if that concerns you." I said sarcastically, she cackled."I am concerned, Bella." she insisted. I just laughed."Now sweetie, are you sure that you're not going to bring body guards with you? It's ve—""Dad, I told you, I'm going to be fine without body guards. They also need a break from 'guarding' me, you know? Let them enjoy, and besides I'm already a grown-up now. I can handle myself, don't worry." I assured him, but the look in his face didn't seem like he was satisfied.
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Chapter 3: The Choices
Bella Spencer's POVIt's been a day since we've arrived here in Cerno Hills. I still can't get my mind off the box that Tristan has given me.'Don't open that until the 22nd of next month''Don't open that until the 22nd of next month''Don't open that until the 22nd of next month'"Hey Boo! Sorry I got you into trouble last time. I honestly didn't do it on purpose." Contessa whispers, disturbing me from my thoughts. I quickly shook my head."It's nothing, actually. I'm the one who's supposed to be sorry because I left you and Mr. Calvin in the car. It was rude of me to do that." I apologized. She rubbed my back and kissed me on the cheek."There's no need to apologize about that though! Me and Mr. Calvin had a great time singing along to Smash Mouth's songs." she said in a matter-of-factly tone. I widened my eyes."Which one? All Star? I'm A Believer? or Accidentally In Love?!" she g
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Chapter 4: The Ice Cream Parlor
Bella Spencer's POV"I'm having your baby! It's none of your business!""But you weren't in his bed, how would Harry Styles get you pregnant?" I sneered. She looked at me with a straight face."It's none of your business." She sang. I just shook my head. Gullible, I thought to myself.We were inside the Icecream parlor, arranging chairs and tables. We came in early because Mr. Antonio, our manager, told us to open up the store because he would be arriving later on in the afternoon with all the paperwork that I need to do.And that's just not any kind of paperwork, it was our agreement paper. I feel so giddy just by thinking about our conversation yesterday."Is there any possibility of you working for me?" His words rung my ear.Work for him?"What would this 'work' be? I'd like to speak to your manager."He chuckled, "You're already doing it now
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Chapter 5: The Crew
Bella Spencer's POV I thought that when Tristan started ruining my mood, the day would end up as hell, but I guess I was wrong. As soon as that crackhead Mayor left, yes I called him a crackhead, my mood enlightened when a cute little boy claimed that he was my number one fan. He told me about himself and how he had a big secret crush on me. He  told me not to tell his mommy, who stood right beside him during our entire conversation. He was so joyful, he even asked me out for a date that made me and his mother laugh. Our conversation was cute, he was one charming boy. He even invited me to his birthday party, which was about a month away and of course I couldn't say no to a munchkin like him. The customers that were at Woobycombe yesterday were shocked to see me serving them ice cream and as far as I could remember, they treated me normally. They didn't treat me like a celebrity; there was no trace of s
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Chapter 6: The Small Talk
Bella Spencer's POV'Days like this I want to drive away..."Here we go again, Contessa having a concert on the road. Singing Katy Perry's 'Part of Me', and I'm not even going to complain about it.Because I need something to help me forget about the dream I had last night.I was tapping on my phone, reading the earlier messages that people sent in our group chat.And while I was reading back, a new message flashed.'I'm going to kill myself.'I was shocked to see who it was from. Veronica, my childhood friend.
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Chapter 7: The Attempt
Bella Spencer's POVCynical! This is so cynical!I have tried to converse with Kyle ten times already and he doesn't give a damn to try and listen to me.I am starting to lose my patience because of this person."Hey Kyle!" Contessa shouts from behind. Yeah right, as if he'd talk to you."Oh hey, Contessa." He says as he walked towards her, causing my jaw to drop.Impossible!I scoot a little close to them to eavesdrop. I hope I don't look obvious."Can you help me with something?" 
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Chapter 8: The Black Mini Van
Tristan Price's POV"Mayor Price, you have to make a survey around the town today and a meeting with the council."I nodded. "Thank you for reminding me, Estavio. Can you fetch me my Chevrolet Sail? I want to use that."My bodyguard, Estavio, shook his head. "My apologies Mayor Price but, you aren't allowed to use that. We would be using your black mini van."I pouted, "Why? I really wanted to use that car since yesterday.""You did use that car yesterday, Mayor. To go to Woobycombe?" He says in a modulated tone.I chuckled as I remembered the conversation I had with Bella yesterday. What a sweet sassy creature.
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Chapter 9: The Search
Contessa Leslie's POVShe's done this before.Running and crying. She has done that several times before in her movies. I am pretty sure she just missed her shooting, that's why she decided to do that, right?It's been two whole long days since I last saw her running away from Woobycombe. I tried running after her but it was no use. She runs like a damned horse while I ran just like a granny! With these two big balls of fat hanging on my chest, jiggling up and down every time I move, is just way too distracting. Not only for me, but also to the people who were surrounding me. Perks of being a Spaniard.A ring from my phone disturbed me from my thoughts. I read the caller ID and immediately swiped answer.
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