I’m My Step Brothers Obsession (Mafia Saga)

I’m My Step Brothers Obsession (Mafia Saga)

By:  Dark Rose  Completed
Language: English
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Two young people with Haunted pasts come together and are about to discover their parents are engaged when their pasts come back to haunt them as secrets unfold how will they feel towards each other, hatred, love, rage....read to find out.

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1: School Time Great!
Rose's Pov: "Rose... get up time for school!" My mum called out from down the hallway I sighed in annoyance of all days it had to be this one dad's anniversary. Let's see If my acting improved "Mum I'm not feeling well I have a migraine" I winced in fake pain hopefully she falls for it. I hear her walking from down the hallway as she strides towards me she starts to probably think is she telling the truth or not. "Are you okay" she asks her brows furrowing in worry She comes into the room towards me feeling my head for a temperature than put's the thermometer in my mouth as she waits. For a minute I had hope that she would let me have a day off school because of the day.... but of course she can see behind my white lies she gives me a knowing smirk one that reflected my own on alot of occasions "Your lying, I know today isn't the best day to attend school but your education is important...It was to him too more than you know" She replied I sighed while she sits on the side of my
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Chapter 2: What The Hell
Rose's Pov: As we speed down the street my thought kept returning to Jace 'Why couldn't he just leave me alone, I'll admit one of the days I thought I could handle him being a mafia leader but he just got worse and worse his temper would rise to great heights and I couldn't deal with it I wanted an escape and he's given me that but why still contact my mother for the thought puzzled me. "Rose watch out!" I heard Richelle yell out I gasped getting back on the right side of the road nearly getting hit by a truck, both girls looked at me in worry, I shook my head as if waking out of a daze focusing on the road again. While we saw the school in our view Janelle calls out "Rose are you sure your okay that was a pretty close call hun" "I'm fine my thoughts have been drifting is all" I stated "Well drift your thoughts off the road Rose" Richelle said I sigh just being on my bike riding as fast as I can it reminded me of the days with Jace and our laughs but old memories die,I've got to
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Chapter 3: The Awkward Dinner
Rose's Pov: While I sit in the detention room my thoughts drift to this guy who was he, he had this look about him one I knew all to well the guy with a past a dangerous one and It didn't sit well with me something was off my gut was screaming to myself to listen to my instincts but am I just worried about todays events is it causing my feelings to be wary of this stranger than my thoughts go back into the past I remember Parker mentioning to me that someone left this school and was deciding to come back was thtis the guy he was talking about Ryder. "You can leave now Miss Bashay" My professor stated while I began walking out "Miss Bashay..." He said I pause turning back to my professor "Yes sir?" I replied "Please make more of an effort If you want to pass this semester I know your father would want you to" He stated waving me off to leave My brows furrowed in confusion but I shook it off and continued on my way to the parking lot, I feel like my ears have steam coming out of th
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Chapter 4: Me And The Wall
Rose's Pov:As he pushed me up against the wall he started to look at me up and down biting his lip "You don't even know what I want to do to you now and it's really hard for me to resist" as he spoke to me in a low sexy like voice."Well sorry I'm not an easy target Ryder" I spat out"And that is what makes you so appealing you haven't fawned over me, you look at me in disgust" He stated"And you find that so appealing" I questioned in confusion and sarcasm"I do, but you dont want me do you?" He stated"No I don't period, so why don't you go talk to the girl that's willing to spread her legs for you" I said with disgust thinking of Victoria"What are you so afraid of?" He asks intrigued"I'm not afraid I'm wary of whom I interact with there's a difference" I replied"I can see you have demons and their holding you back aren't they?" He questionedI remain silent giving him his answer "So you do, I wonder what they are" He stated look at me as If I was an Interesting thing to unravel
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Chapter 5: Friends That Push You
Rose's pov:When I had come home after my interaction with Jace I was petrified I ran inside looking for my mother I hadn't slept in my mums bed since I was eight years old but that night I couldn't sleep I bawled my eyes out telling her how terrified I was and the look he gave me that said we were far from over, this was only the beginning, I cried until I fell asleep nightmares plaguing my every dream.My alarm starts blaring on my phone and I can't even reach it I start groaning in annoyance as I tried to find it I then reach too far falling off the bed "Honey what was that sound" My mother said from downstairs.I groan in pain 'Great way to start the morning right?' "Just fell out of bed I'm on my way down" I pulled myself up stretching then walk towards the stairs slowly sighing I see my mum making bacon and eggs already placing a coffee in front of me."Did you sleep okay?" She asked"You know the answer to that mum" I replied sadly"What did he want?" She questioned again"He wa
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Chapter 6: The Party Invite
Rose's Pov:"Really you wanna know details?" Janelle nodded her head eagerly"Okay let's start off that he's a complete asshole also spawn of the devil has the worst fucking mood swings" I said waiting for a reply"Not that I mean, how was the make-out?? Like was their tongue involved" she replied to my questionI scrunched up my nose in complete disgust "No!" I yelledShe opened her mouth wide and squealed " You so did what did he taste like? Did he open his mouth fully?, Did you have sex with him!" As I covered my ears hearing her high pitch squealWhen she did mention that I realized the thought had crossed my mind to have sex with him how stupid am I? I stood there in the bathroom with Janelle as she kept throwing questions my way seeing Richelle standing there with her fingers on her temples rubbing them"You really want the honest truth " I repliedThey both screamed in sync "Yes we want to know!!!!"I tried changing the subject of the matter "It actually scares me how you both s
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Chapter 7: Past Memories
Rose's Pov:As Richelle, Janelle, and I walk through shops looking for our outfits for the party I pause ringing up Wayne"Hey Rose" Wayne said with a smile in his voice"Hey Wayne can you do me a massive favor?" I asked"Sure what's going on" He replied"Can you please take our bikes to George as you know of Ryder's antics" I said"Okay but you owe me this and an explanation on a couple of things Rose" He said"Like what?" I replied"Like the fact I saw you on your bike last night while Jace pulled up beside you" He said"You didn't tell-" I started"No I didn't, don't worry I kept it to myself" He replied"Okay I'll see you tonight the girls and I getting ready could you just ask him to do me this solid for what I did for him last time he'll know what I mean" I replied"Sure see you later Rose remember what I said" He stated"I know bye" I replied hanging upI stopped in front of Bardo and looked at this white short lace dress that was to die for until something caught my eye I then
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Chapter 8: Party Disaster
Rose's Pov:As the girls and I parked our bikes across from the mansion, we fall in step towards the double doors. I breathe in and out starting to feel self-conscious not that I had a problem with my body or anything just people staring because I've never set foot in a party after I broke up with Jake and my so-called arranged marriage so there's bound to be stare's."Rose are you sure you want to do this?" Richelle questions while having my arm in her gripI take one deep breath and put my hand on the doorknob "I'm sure I've grown balls since my fucked up ex-boyfriend I'm just gonna walk in there with my head held high and don't care what anyone else thinks" I said in confidenceJanelle smiled at me "That's what we like about you, your strong and beautiful and you don't let anyone else tell you otherwise" Janelle said proudly.I smile at the two girls and pull them in a huge hug "What would I do without you guys" I said in affection as we all pulled apart we linked arms.Richelle tur
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Chapter 9: Dislocated Knuckles
Rose's Pov: There was silence on the bike as I drove all the way to the hospital as my knuckles felt numb from all the anger that was surging through me 'Like he didn't have the right to just barge in and try to claim me again and has the audacity to grab me like I'm his property like what the hell is his problem?!' I was talking to my subconscious. I realized we had stopped out the front of the hospital and I was still sitting on my bike, "Petals are you alright?" Ryder said in concern as he placed his hand on my back making me jump from the shock sensation. I swallowed "Yea I'm fine just thinking..... anyway let's go" I replied while swinging my leg off my bike and shoving the keys in Ryder's back jean pocket, he turned around and furrowed his eyebrows " What are you doing?" He questioned. "Well do you see me holding a clutch to put my keys in" I replied with sass He smiles at me and walked ahead of me shaking his head. "It looks like someone's got it bad" Parker whispered in my
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Chapter 10: The Prank
{the next morning after the party } Rose's Pov: "Wake up sleepy head" I heard a faint whisper I moaned "No it's Saturday and Saturday means sleep so rack off" I snapped while placing one of my decorative pillows on my head In less than 5 seconds I'm freezing from being drenched in cold water, I screamed "What the fuck" Then I saw the devil himself smirking on the edge of my bed dangling a bucket with his index finger. I got up and jumped on him pushing him to the ground wincing from the pain of my knuckles "Ryder this is the last straw now I have lost it with you first it was my motorbike and now this and now your so going to pay", I smirked down at him he gulped but covered it up while smirking. "What you gonna do about it petals " he asked while laughing realizing he just gave me an idea let's see how he likes his hair color, he covered the fact of what he said while looking pale as fuck. Already thought of my plan lets put it into action: I lent down on him my wet clothing t
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