I Love You, Emlyn Young

I Love You, Emlyn Young

By:  Yan Rubai  Completed
Language: English
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They had been married for two years and he had always treated her coldly.She was furious. "Hunter Shield! Why are you always afraid to look me in the face! Is it because you are afraid that you'll see that the person you are with is me and not my younger sister?""You want me to look at you? I will as long as you think you can take it!"

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1 Taking Her From Behind
It was night.The woman was flipped over, lying on her stomach. The young, muscular man pressed against her back as usual. His large bony hands trailed down her back heatedly and reached into her silk underwear. He hooked the sides of her panties with his fingers and pulled them down.Emlyn Young woke up in shock and grabbed the man's hand subconsciously. The familiar weight and warmth caused her whole body to tense up.She could smell the alcohol on him again!She recalled what Eve Young had said today and twisted her body, resisting agitatedly. She was determined not to let him take her from behind ever again."Hunter Shield!" She twisted her body and looked at him angrily. "You always press my head into the pillow. Is it because you are afraid to see that you're sleeping with me and not my sister!?"Emlyn's chest heaved. She thought that she had already become strong, but Eve's words today had still broken through her armor, melting it and turning it into liquid metal that bur
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Chapter 2 Planning for a Divorce
At ten the next morning:Hunter had just ended his morning meeting and returned to the director's office. His secretary handed him a brown envelope and said, "Boss, Madam sent this over."Hunter opened the brown envelope and was shocked to see the words 'Divorce Agreement' inside.He threw the envelope down on the table angrily.There was a fire in his lungs which he wanted to expel. He undid a button on his shirt. Emlyn had already angered him several times since last night.A divorce? Why should she be the one to initiate a divorce?!Emlyn wanted to go home and tell her father that she had already initiated a divorce with Hunter.The servants of the Young family were nowhere to be seen downstairs. She went upstairs to the study to look for Boris Young.However, she heard a conversation she should have never heard outside the study."Dad, will everything in the Young family go to me?" It was the voice of her younger sister, Eve."Of course, Emlyn and Hunter have been married
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Chapter 3 You're Asking to be F*cked
The W Restaurant's signboard flashed with neon lights in the night.Emlyn strode on her high heels towards where Hunter and Eve were eating inside the restaurant.Hunter looked very at ease and did not feel discomfited by Emlyn's arrival. The coldness and distance in his eyes were meant for Emlyn.Emlyn looked at the provocative smile on Eve's face. It had been two years, but Hunter had never treated her to a meal.She would have had just tolerated it in the past but she wouldn't do that now!Emlyn picked up Hunter's wine glass and clinked it against Eve's. Then, she took a sip from it and said, "Happy Birthday!"Eve raised her glass gently and beautifully, saying, "Thank you, Emlyn."Emlyn quirked her brows and said, "My husband used our common funds to treat you to a meal, so I do have a share in this. You are right to thank me."Eve paled and looked at Hunter pleadingly. However, the man looked as if he did not see her and continued cutting up his steak elegantly."Emlyn, y
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Chapter 4 I Hope She Dies
The car shook violently on the dark roads in the suburbs. A woman screamed inside the car, but no one heard her..."Hunter, I love you so much, but you can't see it. Instead, you love that evil woman! Are you blind?!"Why would Hunter believe Emlyn? The love she was talking about was just her seeking revenge on Eve!The real evil woman was Emlyn!He thrust even harder to punish her when he thought of that. He said, "It's not up to you to tell me who I love!"Emlyn gritted her teeth and bore down on the man's madness.A phone rang. It was Hunter's. The name on the screen indicated that it was Boris Young calling.Hunter was still on top of Emlyn when he picked up the call. A middle-aged man could be heard crying, "Hunter! Hunter! Eve is committing suicide. She wants to see you one last time!"This was the first time Hunter had ever left before satisfying his sexual needs.The car sped along the road back to the city. Emlyn fiddled with her fingers and said, "Eve might not die b
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Chapter 5 I Still Hate You
Loving him was very difficult, but she had still done it. So why should she die? "I won't die. If I die, another woman will sleep in my bed, have children with you, and hit my children. What kind of a fool would I be if I were to die? I wouldn't be happy even if I were a ghost."Hunter flung Emlyn's hand away and said, "Go away!"Hunter had only been in the hospital for ten minutes when Emlyn hurried over.She was still wearing what she had worn at home and the apron was still tied around her waist. She had not even changed out of her slippers and she looked very out of place in the hospital.She stood beside Eve's bed and looked at Hunter. She said, "Come home with me. She would never die like this."Hunter pointed at the woman lying on the bed with closed eyes and said softly, "Emlyn! She is your younger sister!""You are my husband! She has parents who can take care of her! What are you doing here?!"Emlyn could not control her temper and she clenched her fists!Hunter laugh
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Chapter 6 It Was Time to Let Go
"Slap!" Boris struck Emlyn across the face forcefully.Emlyn lost her balance and hit the wall. There was a ringing sound in her ear and she heard Boris yelling, "Your younger sister is about to die and you're still making trouble here! How evil can you be! If you're not here to visit, then scram!"Ruby also charged at Emlyn and started to push and kick her. "You've never liked her since you two were children and now you want her to die! Is that right? How can you be so vicious! To think that I have always treated you as my own!"Boris grabbed Emlyn's wrist and dragged her out of the room, "Get out! I don't have a daughter like you!"Emlyn tried to peel Boris' hands off her while Ruby went forward to help drag her out as well.Emlyn turned to look at Hunter, who approached them quickly, and said, "Hunter! I already told you! I didn't set you up! The person who set you up is the woman you love!"Hunter looked at the blood trickling from the corners of Emlyn's mouth and dragged her
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Chapter 7 Agree to Divorce
Hunter could not listen any longer. Every word that Emlyn uttered was like a fine needle piercing his chest. They struck deep into his chest, bit by bit, deeper and deeper. The pain he felt grew even stronger and he could not get away from it."Don't say anything anymore, don't say anything anymore..." Hunter ran forward holding Emlyn in his arms. He saw some nurses running toward him with a gurney."I agree to a divorce... I agree..." Emlyn's voice grew softer and her hand slowly released its grip on Hunter's shirt and fell weakly.Hunter panicked and yelled, "Emlyn!" He was about to yell for the doctor when he saw the hospital's chief physician. It was Sean Morris, his high school and college classmate.When had he and Sean become strangers?It had probably started when Sean pursued Emlyn. Sean had hacked into the school's website and posted that he would not marry anyone but Emlyn. Hunter had thought that Sean was nuts and found him to be a nuisance. After that, they had stoppe
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Chapter 8 Bleeding a Lot
Hunter sat on a green plastic chair in the corridor, hunched over with his elbows propped up on his legs. He scrubbed his face with his palms and exhaled loudly.Ruby ran towards him on her high heels, making clacking sounds. She grabbed Hunter and started crying, saying, "Hunter, go and take a look at Eve. The doctor said that she's not doing too well!"Hunter did not look up but said lazily, "Go and look for a doctor."Ruby was shocked. She glanced at the signboard saying 'Emergency Room' and gritted her teeth as she said, "Hunter, Eve had taken a turn for the better but the doctor said that she has been aggravated and has now fallen unconscious again! It's all Emlyn's fault! Hurry up and get a divorce!"Ruby knew that Hunter was grateful to Eve for saving his life and knew that Hunter was in love with Eve. That was why she was pushing all the blame on Emlyn.Hunter was very frustrated. He exhaled deeply and sat up straight, tossing his head back and leaning against the wall. He
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Chapter 9 Barren
Hunter did not have faith in the top-class private hospital. He called his secretary and ordered him to prepare a helicopter. He was going to send Emlyn to a different hospital. They could even head to a hospital abroad immediately.However, the staff at the hospital warned him that she might die if they were to move her.Hunter admitted that he had been scared by the warnings of the doctors, chief physicians, and directors. He could let Emlyn stay in the hospital, but he had to go in and take a look at her. He had to see how the woman whom he had been married to for two years was doing!In the end, Hunter made use of his unshakable position in society as well as some connections to make the hospital let him through the emergency room doors.He disinfected himself, changed into scrubs, put on a surgical cap, a mask, and cleaned his hands and under his nails with soap before entering the room.He looked at Emlyn, whose nose and mouth was attached to tubes. She lay on the operating
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Chapter 10 He Doesn't Love Me
The director said, "There is a problem with her chromosomes and she was lucky just to be able to get pregnant. The fetus did not detach completely from her uterus when she miscarried. We had to clean out her uterus using surgical tools. It was an emergency then and the patient was hemorrhaging and we had to save her life. However, the tools caused damage to her uterus..."Hunter could not accept the fact that he would not have any children in the future. No man born into a wealthy family would be able to accept this fact!He lost control of his emotions when he stood up. His eyes glinted fiercely as he said, "You all caused this medical mishap!"The director swallowed. He was very frightened but he could only steel himself and continue, "Mr. Shield, when you signed the waiver, you were informed of and agreed to all the surgery risks. We could only use surgical instruments to remove the part of the fetus that was attached to the uterus. There is not a single hospital in the world tha
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