If I Never Loved You

If I Never Loved You

By:  Qi Laoyou  Completed
Language: English
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She loved him with all of her heart, and yet he tortured her at every turn and harmed her family. In order to please the angel in his heart, he even killed their baby and took her blood. One day, she woke up and decided that enough was enough. Then, when the misunderstanding was cleared up, he tried everything to get her back, but there was no way she was going back to him...

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38 Chapters
Chapter 1 Encounter in the Mourning Hall
On the day of the funeral, snow was falling heavily. It was a bleak and gloomy day.Miao Xiaobei stood alone in the large hall.Her body trembled as she knelt on the ground before a blazing fire, watching some joss paper burning in the brazier."Mom, I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm unfilial..."Just at that moment, the door opened to reveal Murong Ling stepping in from the blanket of snow outside."You're indeed unfilial. If you hadn't been so greedy, your mother would still be alive. She's only dead because of you."Murong Ling's cold voice cut into her heart like a knife, each word slicing away at her.Miao Xiaobei only felt her blood rising, the taste of blood in her mouth was so strong, but she bit her lip determinedly."You detest me, you hate me. I know. Since that's the case, I'll give up my position as Young Madam Murong to atone for my sins..."Murong Ling's icy gaze stayed on Miao Xiaobei for a long time, unwavering. He slowly walked towards her."Miao Xiaobei, do
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Chapter 2 You're Pregnant?
Murong Ling's eyes were gloomy and unfathomable.The woman in front of him was the person he hated the most in this world — Miao Xiaobei.Yet he had felt a sharp twinge of annoyance when he heard her say that she would no longer be Young Madam Murong."The position of Young Madam Murong is not one you can just take or leave as you please. How could there be such a great thing in the world?""Murong Ling, you..."Poised to finish her sentence with her lips slightly open, she suddenly felt her body falling backwards involuntarily.It was already the next morning by the time Miao Xiaobei regained consciousness.She had just finished washing up when the butler bundled her into a car.By the time she came to her senses, she found that she was passing through the door of the Murong family residence.The atmosphere inside was joyful and harmonious, but her sudden appearance injected an air of awkwardness into the scene."Older Sis, you're back."There was a hint of joy in her charm
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Chapter 3 Medicine
Every bit of strength in Miao Xiaobei's body seemed to drain away as she stared at Miao Wanwan's stomach and said those three words.Miao Wanwan answered her with a radiant smile, "That's right, Older Sis. I'm pregnant with Ling's child. Aren't you happy? He's going to be your little nephew!""Happy?" Miao Xiaobei took a few unsteady steps back. Miao Wanwan's smile was like a knife stabbing deep into her heart, a heart which she had had to work so hard on stopping from bleeding. Unfortunately, this new development had rendered her efforts futile."A younger sister pregnant with her brother-in-law's child. Aren't you shameless, Miao Wanwan!?"The grim smile on Miao Xiaobei's face was in stark contrast to the expression on Miao Wanwan’s."Older Sis..." Miao Wanwan flinched and took two steps back. Fat tears welled up and fell from her eyes as she turned to look at Murong Ling."Ling, I, I'm not. I just really like you, that's why I want to have a child with you..."Murong Ling lau
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Chapter 4 Taking Two Lives at Once
Miao Xiaobei froze and looked at Miao Wanwan in disbelief.Miao Wanwan raised her delicate brows and continued to provoke her."Didn't Ling tell you? If it wasn't to save our child, do you really think he would have gotten you pregnant?"If it wasn't to save our child, do you think Ling would even allow your child to be born?"Miao Xiaobei was utterly dazed. She felt like she had just slipped from a precipice into a cavern of ice, freezing her to the core."No, it can't be. This is also his child..."Before too long, the sun set and the darkness of the night fell over the house.Miao Xiaobei staggered to her feet, clutching her lower abdomen, which had yet to swell to any obvious degree. She took a deep breath and walked towards the study.Looking at the light and seeing the familiar silhouette inside, she reached out her slender fingers to slowly push the door of the study open."Yes?"Gazing upon his handsome face, a glimmer of hope flashed in Miao Xiaobei's heart. "I have
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Chapter 5 I Only Want His Heart
Murong Ling frowned and said heartlessly, "Whatever. As long as Wanwan lives.""Mr. Murong, this lady truly cannot give any more blood. Taking more would endanger her life.""Just do it.""Mr. Murong...""Save the person inside. You don't have to worry about anything else!"Looking down at the numerous needle marks on her arm, Miao Xiaobei bit her lips hard.One of the nurses attending to her took pity on her and passed her a little paper cup filled with sweet brown sugar water."Murong Ling, do you even have a heart?""Mr. Murong, Miss Miao is awake."The voice of the doctor came from outside. Miao Xiaobei let out a small sigh of relief — she would not have to die on the operating table after all.However, just a moment later, Murong Ling and the doctor strolled in.The solemn expressions on their faces made Miao Xiaobei very uneasy. "Use the child in her womb."Miao Xiaobei eyes widened in shock and she shook her head vehemently. "No, you can't!""Miao Xiaobei, you'd bet
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Chapter 6 Covered in Bruises
After several hours, the screeching wails that symbolized the safe arrival of a new human life rang out.Murong Ling, who had been staying by Miao Wanwan's side, finally revealed a look of relief upon hearing the news.He, too, had no idea why he had felt such a stab of fear when he'd seen her hopeless expression and watched her running frantically straight into the wall. It was as though he was afraid that she would leave him forever.He suppressed the unsettling feeling in his heart and reasoned that it must be down to his hatred for her. No doubt he just didn't want her to die and permanently escape his wrath."Ling, go ahead and visit my elder sister."Miao Wanwan leaned her head against the headboard of the bed, her pale face looking worried.After listening to her words, Murong Ling looked at her tenderly and said, "There are plenty of doctors in her ward. There's no need for me to be there. Let's wait another two days, and then I'll request the heart transplant surgery for
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Chapter 7 Asking a Nurse for Help
"Ling said that he'll divorce you once we've taken your baby's heart. Aren't you thrilled?"Miao Xiaobei sneered after hearing those words."If you're really all that then, after so many years, why has he still not divorced me yet? A fake will always be a fake. He's just blinded by the lies now. Then again, when it comes to a ruthless scumbag such as Murong Ling, I think you two are perfect for each other."The moment she had decided to knock herself into the wall, she had already given up on him.Her heart, which had loved him for years, had been completely crushed to dust.Miao Wanwan hadn't expected her to say that. Rage boiled within her and the blood rushed to her face."Miao Wanwan, do you really think that Ling kept you beside him because he's in love with you? Get real. He just wants to have a good time torturing you. Considering the half-dead state you're in now, Ling will never bother to take another look at you. Just wait and collect your child's body after a couple of
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Chapter 8 Where Is the Child?
The nurse looked at her questioningly. "What's the matter?""Please help me get out of this place!"Hearing this, the nurse was momentarily stunned before she scurried out hastily.That night, Miao Xiaobei stood at the door of the ward, facing the nurse with eyes full of gratitude and thanking her."Thank you. If there's a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you for your kindness."The nurse dipped her head subserviently and signaled for Xiaobei to make her exit.According to their plan, the nurse would distract the guards as a cover while Miao Xiaobei took the opportunity to escape.An hour later, the nurse would inform others about Xiaobei's disappearance.However, once she opened the door, she was shocked to find a tall black shadow looming over her."Miao Xiaobei, how dare you try to escape? Where did you even get the bravery to attempt it?"Murong Ling raised his hand furiously and struck her hard in the face with a resounding slap.Miao Xiaobei was dumbstruck
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Chapter 9 The Child Was Taken Away
"In hell, of course."Miao Wanwan lowered her head and whispered into her ear, her slender fingernails digging forcefully into her waist.The strength was so great, it was as if she intended to rip the very flesh from Xiaobei's bones.Reacting to the pain, Miao Xiaobei pushed her away with all her might.Unexpectedly, Miao Xiaobei crashed straight into a cart that was pushed by a nurse. The bottles clattered to the floor and shards of glass littered the ground."Ah, it hurts." Miao Wanwan sprawled across the glass shards and purposefully pressed her arm into their sharp edges.Miao Xiaobei witnessed her actions. "She really does not hesitate to harm herself."Murong Ling saw the commotion as soon as he exited the elevator.From his perspective, all he saw was her pushing Wanwan to the ground and he was instantly filled with rage. He strode over and threw a hard smack right across her face."Miao Xiaobei, you're courting death."She was dazed by his slap and her ears rang as h
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Chapter 10 The Great Bang
Xiaolan hugged the child tightly and warily took a few steps back.Murong Ling advanced towards her with a frosty expression. Her words were falling on deaf ears.At this moment, taking the child's life was a secondary issue. His only concern was the fact that the child had been taken from his side.Without that child as a hostage, Xiaobei would immediately take the chance to escape from him."Give the child to me." He said menacingly as he stalked forward."Don't even think about it." Xiaolan ran to the hospital gate with the child in her arms.However, she had barely gone further than a few meters before she was completely surrounded.She could only watch the child being taken away by him as she struggled impotently.She was so disgusted that she wanted to retch when she saw Miao Wanwan's hypocritical face."Murong Ling, only people like you would favor such hypocrites. She is savage and merciless, even going so far as setting up her own sister. In front of you, her acts are
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