“Everyone’s is like, ‘overnight sensation’. it’s not overnight. it’s years of hard work."

Five years later


I groaned as my cell phone ringing continuously, the light rays of morning sun falling on my face. I turned my body on the bed to find the damn phone.


“Good morning sir, I am sorry to disturb you but you have a flight to board in one hour.”

“Did you call the pilot, I don’t want to waste my time for anyone.”

“Ye-yes sir, I informed everyone before calling you.”


I ended the call stretching my arms, I looked out of my glass window to see the morning fog covering the place. It’s early in the morning and the London streets are already busy with its people.

I got out of my bedsheets and walked into the bathroom to pee. I took a warm shower before looking at myself in the mirror.

The dark circles under my eyes are prominent, there is a little bit grown beard which reminding me to shave.

I pushed back the wet shards of my face before wrapping a towel around my waist.

I walked into my walk-in closet taking out a dark suit which suits my soul. I closed my eyes for a second before putting on my suit.

I didn’t care about the tie as I threw it away and started walking out after putting on my shoes.

The whole knights mansion which is one of the costliest mansion of the world is mourning in the darkness.

I barely sleep here or stay, it’s just the matter of the name. I hardly come to this mansion and I never thought about coming here.

The only sound of my shoe clicking against the steps are heard. I walked out of the door, my driver and bodyguard opened the car door for me.

I waited till we reached the airport, I put on my shades before making a straight bee-line towards the VIP lane. I saw one of the men who work for me coming my way.

I sat back in my seat, the pilot announced leaving in five minutes. When we took off I opened my laptop and started working on my unfinished business.

“Put your seatbelt on, we will be landing in fifteen minutes.”

I glanced outside my window watching the busy streets and buildings filling the whole place.

There is no trace of trees or greenery, the whole city is filled with buildings. I sometimes wonder how they gonna survive without the greenery if they want to live long.

The winds of Italy hit my face making me inhale the city’s scent. I put back my shades on before getting into the car.

“Signore, unknown things are happening, we are trying to solve.”


I took out a cigar putting it between my lips, they all gulped; their adams apple bobbing down.

“Signore, w-we tried to make a deal with them but they are asking for 50% of total shares.”

“What was it when you men were trained when someone doesn’t cooperate? ”

“Put your gun on his forehead, if he still doesn’t cooperate shoot with the same gun.” they repeated.

“Then what you men did?” I growled slapping my hand on the mangony desk.

“I need you all out, we are going to that bastardo.”

They bowed their heads down before ushered out. I blew out the smoke from my mouth looking at the scenario.

I stood up on my legs taking the files in my hands. I read the files in the car.

“Lord.” the man opened my door. I stepped out and made a beeline with my men following.

The people started noticing the change in the air, I smelled and saw fear in the eyes people making me smirk.

“I-I told you before I won’t be giving my company for that price.” the man before me said.

I stayed calm and watched a shin layer of sweat coating his forehead.

“Look Mr knights, I know you want that company but it is one of my main sources.”

“If I remember clearly the evidence of you killing three people isn’t erased yet.” I said as I watched his whole body shook as his eyes widen in fear.

“Where should I sign?”

I gave him a cold smirk before my man put the papers in front of him.

That’s how I am, people fear me, they know me as Xavier knights. The cold-hearted beast with whom you showed never cross the line.

They don’t know what I do, they are scared of me in my business world and in my shadows where they don’t have the slightest idea about.

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