“Your veins are full of ice-water but mine are boiling.”


“Sir you have a meeting with the board members of the university.” Kelsey said.

“Inform Roberts about the files, I need them on the table before I reach.”

“Yes sir.” she said before running out of the room. She is scared of me but she knew better not cross her line.

I pulled out a cigarette from my packet and lighten it, I closed my eyes because I am having some serious back pain.

The meeting started, I sat there bored as fuck. I can sense their fear, they sat there with stiff bodies. I already went through the files, they appointed a new guest-lecturer without my concern.

“Mr Roberts, why do I see a new guest-lecturer?”

I observed as his face lost its colour.

“Mr knights, I am sorry for not informing. The main lecturer left the campus. As the new semester started we needed a lecturer. We tried to contact you sir but we couldn’t reach.”

I didn’t say much on it because I am not interested in the matters of faculty.

“I am leaving you this time, I won’t be leaving next time.”

“Yes sir.”

“We are going to have freshers in this month end sir, as well as the university, is going to have a silver jubilee this year. We want you to attend this year maybe for fifteen minutes if you are not having any work sir.”

“I will see about that.”

“Sir we can go for the rounds now.” Mr Roberts said.

I stood up and walked out of the room, Robert followed me. I wanted to check the campus once, my parents are the founders of this campus. After their death, I became the chairman.

This is something which I am very close to as it was my mom’s dream and favourite place. She used to teach here, I remember her telling stories about her students and how her day went.

There were no students in the block as it is the administration block, I observed students strolling around the corridors. Some were sitting on the grass outside the campus.

I was looking around to make sure everything is going fine, the classes are silent as the professors are teaching their shit. I wonder who listens to the shit they say, half of them doesn’t even understand what he is saying.

Good thing I am not one of the students.

“Mr Roberts I am sure you have work to do, I will be on my own.” I said telling him to go away.

“As you say Mr knights.” he bowed his head before walking away.

I passed the science block into commerce block when my phone rang. I stopped in my tracks to answer it.

I started walking while talking on the phone, I was beyond angry. I didn’t see the little woman who walked out of somewhere.

She ran into me, irritated I said: “watch where you are going.”

“Excuse me, you are the one who stood like a pillar in front of the door.” she said. I looked down to see her glaring at me.

“Whatever.” I said as I started taking a step but stopped. I looked at my arm to see the lady’s hand.

“You are the reason I dropped my books. So pick them up and give me.” she said.

“Do it on your own.”

“No, I am not going to leave your arm until unless you pick them up.” she said craning her head to see me.

“If not?”

“What if not, you are picking them.”

“I don’t have time for this and I am leaving you because you don’t know who I am.” I said irritated as I am late because of this lady.

I pushed her hand off before walking away leaving her.

“You asshole!” I heard her shout. I turned around and gave her a deadly look which made her eyes wide.

I don’t have time to teach her who I’m, I have some serious issues to deal with.


I got home after saying my goodnight to Jack and Mary. I need a nice bath. I waited as the tub is filling with the water.

I poured body oils in them and stripped out of my clothes. When the warm water covered my body I signed in relief. It feels so good, I was irritated because of a certain man.

How dare he leave me there when it’s his mistake, I certainly shivered when he gave me a deadly look when I called him an asshole.

I don’t know who he is but sure he seemed to be a powerful person but still, he is a dickhead.

I gave my body a nice bath, scrubbing the whole body, I need to do waxing I thought as I saw hair growing.

I got out of the tub, took a shower removing all the oils of my body. I dried my body with a fluffy towel.

I changed into PJ shorts and a shirt, I was not in the mood to sleep. I turned on the Netflix before going down to bring the ice-cream tub from the fridge.

I switched off all the lights and padded to my room, I opted for the Harry Potter series. The first part: Harry Potter and the philosophers stone.

I ended up watching the second series. I stood up to go for the loo, when I was done I washed my hands before going to the kitchen.

I went through my cupboards to see what I have to eat. I don’t have many snacks except for chocos, I took the box. I was about to go up but I stood still when I heard sounds.

I was scared that I’m hearing them from inside but after a few minutes I understood the sounds are coming from outside. I quickly bent down near the front window and pushed the curtain to see. I didn’t push the curtain fully, I saw black figures standing outside on the road near to the big tree.

They were for a few seconds before the man who stood tall among the four started hitting the man on the face. I gulped when the man fell to the ground.

The tall man pulled out something from his pocket when I saw what it is my mouth hung low and my eyes are the shape of saucers.

He pointed his gun to the man on the ground. Before he could do something some car came and another man walked out straight to the tall man and starts pulling him away towards the car.

They all left but I couldn’t move my limbs. The man who fell on the ground is taken away by the two men.

When everything digested I quickly stood up and ran upstairs. I switch off the Netflix before falling on the bed. The place I am living in is one of the safest neighbourhood.

I closed my eyes chanting that I didn’t see anything or know anything. It’s better to be silent, I slept thinking that it’s just a normal fight between people. 

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