Just Kidding

Just Kidding

By:  mobrien10  Completed
Language: English
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After her parents death, change is an everyday occurrence, whether it be for worse or for better....Kyla Daniels does not particularly enjoy her uneventful life to begin with, so add the existence of an irritating teenage boy and, well it causes the anger deep within her to boil to a flame. It is known around school that Cooper Rhodes is by far the one to rule every girls heart like it is a simple trick and Kyla won't have any of it...As you would expect, a hate so cruel between the two would end in an undeniable desire. The whole school knew it, but Kyla and Cooper are determined to prove their theories wrong, except how long can they really deny their destined feelings for one another?Read, as the two unlikely allies discover what inseparable friendship truly is and along the way uncovering the deeper truth of sacrifice and affliction as they embark on a wild ride that they never saw coming, eventually leading them to learn that not everything in life is always easy or fair.

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68 Chapters
Chapter 1
Maybe I was never the one to believe in happy endings or fairytales like my mother did before her and my father's death, and maybe I never believed in those things simply because my life was a never ending sob story fil
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Chapter 2
    ♡     While in class, my attention falls on the back of the head that belongs to a boy who I cannot seem to take my eyes off of. Ryder Jones. Even his name is the most addictive sound that a human can hold. His scent smells like that of cinnamon. His eyes are the color of the deepest abyss from the most crystal clear sea. His voice. . .his voice is warm and soft like cookies that just popped out of grandmothers oven. 
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Chapter 3
     ♡      "Don't get used to it." I send an unfriendly smile my teachers way and head to my seat, pressing my head against my hands and breathing in the familiar scent of hibiscus.  
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Chapter 4
        ♡     I turn into the all too familiar cafeteria. It's full of as many teenagers as you can fit into a humid room of processed foods and sweaty bodies. &
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Chapter 5
    ♡     After around ten minutes we arrive at the curb a couple houses away from the party itself. Due to many other vehicles parked along the streets, it's hard to get an up and front spot. 
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Chapter 6
        ♡       Thankful that Bryce drove me home, I now have to come to terms with the fact that my brother may possibly be awake and pissed off. 
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Chapter 7
     ♡      School appears more viscous and gloomy than usual this early morning. The people cry on their way into the halls while rain pours from the stormy skies above and somehow the vibrance of the world goes black. 
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Chapter 8
    ♡    I instantly regret my decision to open the door leading into Child Development.  
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Chapter 9
     ♡     I somehow manage to power through the rest of the day without being of convenience to Dawson and his electrifying blue eyes. He found other means of interest in the giggly cheerleaders. 
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Chapter 10
 ♡     "Do I really look that dead?" I ask when looking between my friends at the lunch table.  
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