Keeping The BadBoy's Secrets

Keeping The BadBoy's Secrets

By:  pretty Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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AVA - When the school's bad boy offers to be my knight-in-shining-armor, and in exchange, I keep his biggest secret, I thought it was just another prank of his. But the next morning, he's waiting outside my house with his car, demanding to drive me to school… HUNTER - She used to be my favorite plaything until she eavesdropped on my biggest secret. I had to buy her silence, even if that meant sticking close to her like a second-rated shadow. Just had to make sure she wouldn't be talking to anyone about what she heard… *********************************** An introverted orphan. The school's delinquent. Not the perfect match. But something forced them into each other's world. IT ALL STARTED WITH KEEPING HIS SECRET.

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4 Chapters
The icy silence sweeping through the hall has me melting in my seat. I gulp nervously, staring blankly at Mr. Smith, our science teacher. His glasses hanging loosely on the bridge of his nose shows just how infuriated he is. And dear God, it's scary!"Avery Green!" He thunders again, making me flinch. "Take out the phone!"Yeah, my name is Avery Green, but I'm fondly called Ava. I've been an orphan since I was two. According to the Matron of the orphanage where I grew up, my parents died in a car crash. And I was left on the doorstep of the orphanage.When I got more curious about knowing who my parents were, she said she never met my parents. She only got to know about the car crash from the letter that was pinned to my baby wears. Growing up in the orphanage was hell and the memories still haunt my dreams. The kids there were mean, and the fact that I was an introverted, wimpy child made me easy prey. I couldn't make any friends, no matter how hard I tried. They all treated me like
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"Let me have that back." He says in that crispy voice that sends tremors down my spine."Huh?" I mutter dazedly, then glance at my hand. "This?" I gesture at the phone that was suffocating in my tight grip."Hand it over." He stretches his hand, running his gaze over me in that laid-back manner that makes it hard to figure out what's running through his mind."This is…yours?" Shock ripples through me as I slowly place it on his open hand. Why was it in my bag?!"Damn right, it is. Why? Were you starting to believe that it was yours?" He chuckles, putting the phone in his pocket.I was gonna ask how it got into my bag. I mean, he wasn't in class. I haven't seen him today, until a few minutes ago, here in this hallway. I mean, right now. So how? But then, I answered my own questions. Hunter Miller doesn't need to be in class to make it hell for me. There are like over thirty people in that class to do the dirty job for him. I think the real question should be…"Why?" I ask breathlessly
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I gulp for the thousandth time, gawking at the three girls in front of me. I think I lost my voice, 'cause they've been standing in front of me for seconds now and I'm yet to say a word.My toes curl in fear inside my shoes as I glance at the door at the same time their screams peaked again. Oh, dear God!"Do you mind? We wanna use the restroom." The girl who spoke earlier said again, giving me a disdainful once-over. Her girls flash me scowls that just might put me six feet down if I don't get away from them.But I can't get away. Hunter Miller will bash my face in if I move an inch away from the door. "I'm sorry, girls but you can't use this restroom yet. Please use the one on the other floor. I beg you." I'm close to tears as I speak."What are you saying?" The second girl snorts, flicking her fingers in front of me. "Get the hell out of our way."And I would have if I could. They are cheerleaders. The meanest clique in the school. I've had quite a bad experience with them, and I'
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STUPEFIED, isn't close to describing what I'm feeling right now. I'm flustered by his aura already, and it's funny 'cause he hasn't noticed my presence yet.His taut back is turned to me, and he's on the phone with someone. He seems pissed as he cusses out and breathes ruggedly on the phone. It's one of those moods where I end up going home with a broken ribcage or close.00pppp0pQuietly, I turn to leave, so he doesn't notice me but something he says on the phone makes me freeze."Forget it, Father. I'm not going back there. I love it here. It's peaceful. Less chaotic. I don't wake up each day faced with the misery that I'm the only son of the infamous Mayor Antonio Markovic!"What?! The gasp leaves my lips before I can retract it. What did he just say? I turn around and he's still having his back to me.Slowly, I let my gaze take in every inch of his well-shredded body. Every bit of it. The dominating aura he emits. The bad-boy vibe hovering over him. The horror stalking him. The mis
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