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Kira thought she had died as the one guy she had ever loved stared at her with hatred in his eyes, only to wake up two years ago when he hadn’t shown her his true colors. Life gave her another chance and you can be sure she would use it for revenge. In her past life she had made mistakes by being too kind and naive, and trusting those who she shouldn’t have. She had been betrayed and hurt by her sister, and fiancé and in the process lost everything she had, including her life. And when she’s given a second chance to live, she swears to get revenge on those evil people. Knowing everything this time around, she came with her revenge serving cold, and a little over prepared. The only thing she didn’t expect is that she finds true love in the least possible guy she expects, especially one who she had hurt in her past life.

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147 Chapters
Chapter 1**Kira’s POV**“How could you? How could both of you do this to me?” I questioned, looking at the person I called my fiancé in bed with my best friend, Sophia who smiled smugly at me.Words weren’t quantifiable enough to explain the amount of hurt I felt as the two people I cherished most in my life betrayed me and still didn’t show any form of remorse from being caught in the act.“What are you talking about ,Kira?” Chad asked nonchalantly, whilst glaring daggers at me while Sophia on the other hand began rubbing slow circles around his chest, whilst ignoring my presence in the room.Tears rolled down my cheeks as Chad’s eyes which once looked at me with love and admiration suddenly turned into that of contempt.I shook my head, willing it to be a bad dream and hoping that everything would be better when I woke up in the morning. I desperately wanted to think that it was mind making this up and that nothing of such was indeed happening.I slowly pinched myself on the cheek
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**Kira's POV**In only one night, one terrible, terrible night, things changed. My world came crumbling down. The people I thought I could lean on, those I loved and trusted, betrayed me.I was torn as it felt like my entire existence was being sucked out of me. It felt like a thousand silver blades had been dug into my heart, clawing it out.It hurt more than a million needles piercing into my skin but in my darkest moment I saw a ray of light. I saw hope, reminding me that there was still a lot left in life and out of those burnt out pieces of my life.Out of those ashes, I emerged, greater and stronger than before. Out of the pain came a new me, a new me who was ready and willing to do anything to bring her enemies to her feet.***I gasped and sprung up from what I laid on and looked at my surroundings.Things looked different and out of place, even I, I felt like I was at the wrong place and at the wrong time.What was going on?The last thing I remembered was my car losing cont
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**Kira’s POV**“No!” I snapped.Aiden stood rooted to the floor, staring at me in shock. I couldn't believe this. This wasn't what I bargained for. I can remember vividly that nothing of this sort happened two years ago.In fact, I hadn't been able to sense my mate at all, therefore the reason I had agreed to be with Chad. Aiden couldn’t sense me either because if he had, he would have come for me a long time ago. I wouldn't have ended up with Chad and gotten into this shit.“Kira, I rushed in the moment I heard the cinema had caught fire. Are you alright?” He asked, pretending to be oblivious to what was going on. He must've felt exactly what I'm feeling right now but was obviously trying to hide it.Seriously? Out of everyone, out of all the guys in my life, the moon goddess chose Aiden as my mate? Aiden? If I recall correctly, 2 years ago before I was reborn, Aiden only saved me. I didn't get his scent, and there was nothing that showed he was my mate.Why now?I thought things wer
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**Kira's POV**“Are you insane?” Beta Marcus asked angrily, glaring at me. From where I stood, I could hear the elders begin to murmur amongst themselves.“I'd appreciate it if you speak to me respectfully. I am the Alpha's daughter, soon to be Luna, and I have you pay for disrespecting me.” I said proudly.“I’d advise you to simply step down from my throne without resistance because resisting would be a bad idea.” My voice was firm and held authority. Something that the past me wouldn't dare to do in a million years.“What prompted you to say such a thing, my dear?” The eldest among the elders and my favorite of them, asked.Elder Blake was the only person who understood my parents and me. After their death, his encouraging words and parental love was the only thing that made me get over them and as a result, I respected him. Also, he wasn't as selfish as the beta and the remaining Elders, who were only after money and favors.“Nothing prompted me, Elder Blake.” I smiled at him.“The
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Chapter fiveI never knew taking revenge would feel so good like this but my face drenched when my eye met Aiden who stared at me completely shocked and once our eyes met he nodded negatively.I still didn’t care because Beta Marcus needs to know I’m in charge now and nothing can stop me, not even my father.The whole crowd cheered as Xavier went on his knees and bowed to me. I smiled satisfactorily and went ahead to get my stuff done.I did the right thing because for the first time everything felt right. After the coronation I went back to my room to rest because tomorrow is going to be a long day for sure.I was on my way to my room when a guard rushed in and went on his knees’ “Any case?”. I asked.“Elder Blake sent for you” He announced.“Oh! Tell him I will be with him shortly” I replied and he ran out immediately.I walked into my room and sent the maids and guards away.’ I will be fine on my own and I don't need them giving me a headache.“Kira” Sophia barged into my room scre
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CHAPTER SIXSOPHA’S POVI quickly ran outside to meet Chad but he looked confused as ever but whatever made Kira yell at me like that simply means that they had an argument or something.“Chad, what happened?” I stopped when I noticed the guy from the mall standing there too.“What are you doing here? Are you trespassing in the palace?” I blew out questions to him but he humbly bowed and walked away.“You won’t believe what i’m about to tell you” Chad said, and that got my attention.“What’s that?”“That guy that left just now is Kira’s mate and they both just figured that out now!. How are we going to execute our plan with that on ground? '' He ran his hands into his hair in frustration.“That dirt is Kira’s mate?, no wonder she reacted like that. I would have done worse but that to our own benefit” I smirked.“What are you talking about?” He asked.“She doesn’t want her mate so we can plan it and make her marry you instead and tomorrow henceforth i will start feeding her with the po
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CHAPTER SEVEN KIRA’S POV The look on her face says it all that, Chad was really fucking her before they both rushed down here. “ You know what? Goodnight.” She leaned forward to kiss my cheek but I stopped her just in time and signaled for her to leave. I was unable to sleep that night because I was so bothered about what the moon goddess had told me earlier. She had chosen my mate on purpose but it’s better for me not to know why till it is necessary and I totally agree with that without even thinking at all. The problem now is I have to start dating Chad to know what they are up to, especially now that they’re aware I have a mate already. I slept off with a lot on my mind. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The next morning, I had gone to meet elder Blakes who put me through a lot of business going on in the palace but the problem now is I have to dress up for school before I’m late
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CHAPTER EIGHT.KIRA’S POV.15th of April.I knew of this day. Today would be the day that he would ask me on a date to the cinema. Tonight would be the night he would ask me out. Tonight would be the night I would say Yes. The night that all my horrors starts. Only that today, history would repeat itself because tonight I will be Chad’s girlfriend again.Grrrrr!.My phone rang loudly and I snapped out of my thoughts, stretched forth my hand and picked it up.It was her. The Devil’s Mistress.I swiped it up and placed it on my left ear.“ Babesssss!.” Sophia screamed excitedly from the phone. It annoyed and irritated me so much that I wanted to slap her head off but instead just like two years ago, I reply with the same thing.“ Tell me girl!.” I yelled back, feigning interest and excitement.“ Chad wants to take us out to the cinema!.” She yelled and chuckled loudly.“ Oh my freaking gawd!.” I screamed too, faking it all so she wouldn’t find out.“ Hmm hmm! I did it girl. I am told y
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CHAPTER NINE.19th April.Okay maybe I was wrong. Maybe just a little. Maybe much. I had no idea because it has been days, I meant long days and short nights since my last encounter with Chad and I was yet to be his girlfriend.Yes, you thought right. Turned out I was wrong and unlike two years ago, he wasn’t going to be asking me out that night. After cinema that night, he took us for ice cream and dropped us back at our various homes.Oh! I forgot to tell you.He almost kissed me. By almost, I meant I didn’t let him have his way.Okay, I knew you were going to get curious so I will share.Chad had helped me out of the car and just when I was supposed to go in, he gently pulled me back, sent me a smile that almost Mae me forgot the monster he was then he leaned in to kiss me. On the lips.Ewww!.The old me would have wanted that badly that night but the new me didn’t. Instead I moved my lips out of the way and his lips landed on my cheeks.“ Goodnight Chad.” I had said quickly before
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KIRA’S POV.“ Huh!.” I exclaimed, my ears unable to believe what I had just heard.“ Marry me, Kira Villain.” He repeated and my eyes widened in shock.Marry?.That was never what I expected, instead I had wanted him to ask me out.“ I know it’s a bit too early but I can’t wait, Kira. Can’t wait to have you as the mother of my kids. Can’t wait to come home to you every day. But I will understand if you do not want to marry me. I will understand if you feel like it’s a bit too early and I promise that it doesn’t change anything between us because no matter what happens, Kira, I will always love you.” He confessed as he looked at me softly.I paused for a while to process it all. The sudden turn of event sending my head to reel speedily. It was as though I could hear voices in my head. Laughters. It was as though the moon goddess was laughing at me, making gist for me for believing that she would make things easier in this life.“ Say something, Kira. Anything at all.” He begged and I c
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