Loving You Is My Sin

Loving You Is My Sin

By:  Qi Lao You  Completed
Language: English
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Scarlett Thomas said, "My obsession is too strong. I will go mad if I'm alive but can't embrace you."Everyone had their obsessions; Scarlett's obsession was Jude Simmons.She was so infatuated with him that he became her obsession—an obsession that hurt both herself and other people.……Jude Simmons said, "I'm glad that she's dead. Let's celebrate with some drinks."Yet, he asked his friend in a drunken stupor, "Did I miss out on something very important in my life?""Yes, you missed out on the only idiot in this world who loves you solely because you're Jude Simmons!"

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Last Dinner
Scarlett Thomas said, "My obsession is too strong. I will go mad if I'm alive but can't embrace you."Everyone had their obsessions; Scarlett's obsession was Jude Simmons.She was so infatuated with him that he became her obsession—an obsession that hurt both herself and other people.She didn't care about getting hurt, but she didn't want to hurt him and other people. Once she understood this, she did something that no one expected her to do: she let go and granted him freedom.Nevertheless, as she had said, she would become insane if she couldn't embrace Jude while she was alive. Thus, on a cloudy evening, she dragged her exhausted self to her apartment and laid peacefully in a bathtub filled with bloody water. Her expression was peaceful at the thought of finally ending her obsessive unrequited love...Jude had won his desired freedom at the price of losing her. Only then did he realize how bland his life was without her. He felt like he had lost something very important... Sca
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Chapter 2 His Revulsion for Her
After an abrupt silence, Jude headed upstairs.He suddenly heard Scarlett's voice from behind. "Have you ever loved me? Even if just a little?" Her words betrayed a tiny, pathetic shred of hope.Under the light, her body was shaking... "Jude, have you ever loved me?" She stared at the man's lanky figure with nervousness, hope, and unease... Emotions of every kind intertwined and formed a chaotic jumble. She was desperate to hear his answer.That answer was..."Don't you know the answer, Mrs. Simmons? The only thing that exists between us is a contract. Love? You must be kidding me."Jude's chuckle reached her ears.She raised her hands and pressed them hard against her heart. Her face was a frightening shade of white... Hadn't she known his answer long ago? Still, she couldn't help but hope... "Moron! Scarlett, you're a moron!" "Jude Simmons, is it our contract? Is that why you're willing to compromise, stay with me, and come home every night for the past seven years?"Jude
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Chapter 3 A Crazy Thing
Their bodies were intertwined in a tight embrace on the soft bed.Scarlett held tightly onto Jude's neck. "Faster, faster." She had never said such outrageous words in the past seven years."But now..." Her eyelashes trembled as she blinked.The man above her halted after hearing her words, but swiftly pinned her down by her thin shoulders. The words that left his thin lips were dripping with sarcasm. "Mrs. Simmons, you're... such a slut."His slender waist knocked into her with force. "But... your wish is my command," he said, and increased his speed.She blinked repeatedly as if she didn't hear him. She held onto his neck for dear life as if she was a small boat on the turbulent open sea."Jude, hug me... hug me... hug me!" She seemed to have gone insane. "Jude! Hug me! Hug me! Hug me, hug me, hug me..."Her pale lips were dyed red after her numerous cries, stimulating Jude into a frenzied lovemaking mode. He had the nagging feeling that the woman underneath him was a differen
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Chapter 4 A Present For You
Moonlight filtered into the room through the floor-to-ceiling window and onto a sleepless Scarlett as she listened to the steady breathing of the man beside her. She took advantage of the moonlight to look at him, only to see his large, seductive back... For the past seven years, they would always sleep on the same bed after sex. Yet, whenever she opened her eyes, she would either be alone or he would face his back against her.She wanted so badly to tell him that she had only learned about Lucy's leukemia when he asked her to donate her bone marrow.She had signed up as a bone marrow donor by coincidence. After finding out that she was a match for Lucy, she agreed to help without even thinking about it.Still, she didn't think that he would believe her even if she told him.That wicked idea had come to her suddenly, and she somehow garnered the courage to make an outrageous request: "If you sign the contract and marry me, I'll save her." She had been too desperate for Jude and his
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Chapter 5 Finally Got Rid of Her
Pearl City.Shortly after a private jet landed at the airport, a grim-looking man walked out of its cabin door.The chauffeur, who had been waiting, waited for him to enter the car before asking, "Sir, are we going back to the Serene Residence?"The man looked resentful after hearing the words "Serene Residence"."No, we're going back to the office first." Indifferent words came out of his thin lips. The chauffeur wanted to say something, but he immediately closed his mouth after glancing at the man through the rearview mirror."Why won't he appreciate a good woman like our madam?" The chauffeur pitied Scarlett, but he dared not voice it out.He shook his head. It wasn't the place of subordinates to interfere in the family matters of influential people.When the car stopped outside the Simmons Corporation, Jude said, "Leave the car and go back. I will drive home myself."His orders were as direct and concise as him as a person.He turned on his phone and saw seven missed calls
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Chapter 6 Don't You Care If She's Dead?
"Hmm? Why isn't the wife of the year sending you lunch today?" Eric Parker was Jude's close childhood friend, who had joined the Simmons Corporation as Jude's secretary instead of working for his family's business.It was Jude's first day at work after returning from Provence. "Mrs. Simmons" had always delivered homemade lunch to the office every day without fail.Jude hated Scarlett, so Eric was the one who always ate all the good food.Scarlett's cooking skills had made him a picky eater and he wouldn't eat food from just any restaurant. Of the three meals in a day, lunchtime was the only time when he could eat the food that Scarlett had prepared for Jude.Seeing that it was about time, he waited and waited for the familiar blue lunchbox until he was forced to question Jude."We're divorced." The man behind the desk sounded so nonchalant yet his words were like a bomb strike to Eric."A divorce?" Eric's voice was loud and full of disbelief. "You're joking! How could she bear di
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Chapter 7 Life Feels Great Without That Woman
Tenzo was one of the best clubs in Pearl City and had a rich, powerful, and famous clientele.Several prominent men occupied a VIP room on the top floor. The crystal coffee table inside was filled with alcohol and a platter of fruits.There were four beautiful women inside.One looked enchanting, one looked pure, one looked aloof, and one looked enthusiastic."Congratulations on your freedom." Gale Stewart was a 30-something-year-old young man from a prominent family. He had a mischievous expression when he toasted Jude and finished the wine in his glass.Spencer Moore laughed. "Is Audrey still recuperating in Provence?"Eric's beautiful eyes blinked. "Why are you so concerned about Audrey? I'm more concerned about Scarlett. I haven't seen her in a while. Aren't you guys curious about how she's doing after divorcing Jude?"Jude chuckled. "Eric, don't push it." A look of disgust crossed his deep, narrow eyes, indicating his distaste for Scarlett. "Don't mention her. You know that
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Chapter 8 Audrey Knows Everything
When Audrey appeared to have more to say, Jude interrupted her out of inexplicable anger. "That's between me and her," he said unhappily.Although he sounded as gentle as ever, a tactful person would have heard the warning in his voice.Jude was inexplicably furious. No matter how much hatred and contempt he held for that woman, that was his business. Hearing Audrey mention that woman upset him immensely."Jude... I-I just feel bad and sorry for you. Please don't be mad at me," Audrey explained herself flusteredly over the phone.Looking impatient, Jude interrupted her pleasant, albeit, flustered voice, "Got it. Let's end it here."He was about to hang up when Audrey cried, "Wait!""Jude, it has been years since my sister passed away. It must be the eighth anniversary this year... Jude, can you really not forget about her? C-Can't I be the one instead?" Audrey asked, sounding agitated. "Jude, my sister and I are twins. We look exactly the same. Jude, I love you."Jude Simmons's
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Chapter 9 Nothing Will Happen to That Woman
Pearl City.Jude's life had never been better.As expected, his mood had improved significantly after that annoying person disappeared from his life.He was in such a good mood that everyone in the company could feel it."You're just happy without Scarlett," Eric commented.Taking a deep drag out of the cigarette pinched between his fingers, Jude gave Eric a meaningful look and said, "Did you just realize that? After working for me for so long?" He laughed at him for pointing out the obvious.When Jude handed Eric a cigarette, he happily accepted it but turned it around it in his hands instead of lighting it. He looked at the person beside him and asked, "Then... What would happen to Scarlett without Jude?"Jude was happy without Scarlett.Still, what about Scarlett without Jude?Jude didn't look concerned in the slightest and his voice reflected his disinterest, "Oh... Her? Who cares?""I do. It's been a while since she showed up at her company. Olivia Smith is currently man
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Chapter 10 Lying to Oneself and Others
A few days later, Eric and Jude received an invitation to their high school reunion.They were childhood friends as well as high school classmates; they even studied at the same university abroad.The high school reunion was held in a private lounge at the Marriott International Hotel. Though initially reserved, everyone soon eased up after several rounds of drinks later.When Jude gave Eric a "this-is-freaking-boring look", Eric spread his hands with a wry smile. He wouldn't have come had he known that this reunion was nothing more than a flattering contest.Knowing that Jude was running out of patience, he stood up. "Please go on without us, guys. Jude and I..." There was no reason to stay in such a boring gathering much longer.Eric was about to bid everyone farewell when one of their drunk classmates interrupted him and asked loudly, "Simmons, I heard you have gotten divorced?"His voice was so loud that everyone fell silent.The man was positively intoxicated as he walked t
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