Chapter 54 - Forgetting Is Not Easy!

Third person's POV:

Alexander hugged her tightly as Sapphire cried hard, holding onto him. He didn't understand why she was crying so hard, words even came unclear out of her mouth. He decided to let her cry and become light hearted.

Who could put her Angel through such agony that she couldn't bear anymore? He couldn't tolerate her little pain.

Whoever the person behind her tears, he wouldn't spare him/her. He would tear the person into tiny bloody pieces. No one could get away after hurting his angel.

She was almost drained crying for so long. Alexander patted her head and cooed her ear soothingly.

Finally, she stopped crying.

"Angel, what happened? Why are you crying?" He gently asked.

Sapphire held his right arm with both of her hands tightly but stayed silent.

Her lips quivered.

"You know angel that you can tell me anyth

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Sapphire is always a crying mess. Black belt, really?

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