Marriage to the End

Marriage to the End

By:  Bu Congrong  Completed
Language: English
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Six years ago, his last words laced with resentment were, “Qin Muchu, it’s over between us!” Six years later, when they were reunited, he had embraced her. “It’s time to pay back what you owe, with added interest!” “But I’m already married!” It was true. She had been married for almost six months now! Although… She knew nothing about her husband. Not his name, not even his last name. All she knew was that whenever someone spoke of the man, they held him in high regard.Until one day, said man fell out of the sky, appearing before her, and saving her just in time. She stared in shock and disbelief at the bad boy standing right in front of her. “Try saying ‘Hubby’,” he said with a straight face. She raged. “I want a divorce!”

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343 Chapters
Chapter 1 Six Years Ago
“Muchu, I heard that you have dumped Senior Lou and gotten together with the maestro of the music department, is that true?”Qin Muchu had just gotten out of anatomy class and a nosy classmate was asking her about it."It’s true.” She smiled.“No way! Weren’t you madly in love with him? How could you just dump him like that! Do you have a fever? This is Lou Sichen we’re talking about here! Do you have any idea how many girls are pining after him? But here you are, giving all of that away.”“Accurately speaking, I was madly in love with his family’s fortune!” Qin Muchu corrected her classmate with a straight face.Her classmate was speechless as her jaw dropped.That was a little too direct.“I’ve already gotten a hundred thousand bucks. Naturally, it’s time to say goodbye!”Qin Muchu looked extremely elated and proud when she said that.Her classmate opened her mouth to say something but choked a little when she saw someone. “S-Senior Lou…”Lou Sichen was standing opposite them, his fi
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Chapter 2 Caught in Bed
Six years later.The Imperial Elven Star Cruise & Resort.“Rongyan, are you sure your boyfriend is in here?”Qin Muchu surveyed the magnificent hotel lobby. “It would cost at least a few thousand, if not more, to spend the night here!” she said in disbelief.Lu Rongyan gritted her teeth in frustration. “I’m very sure he’s here! Room 5888. Li Yiqin, that bastard went and got himself a filthy rich woman!”Qin Muchu felt disgusted at the thought of it. This was insane.“Rongyan, what will you do if we really caught them in action?”She turned and looked at her friend, feeling worried.“Beat the crap out of him!”“... And you have the heart to do that?” Muchu questioned, skeptically.Lu Rongyan sniffled. Tears were beginning to fill her eyes as she answered her friend, “To be honest, I feel really upset… I feel like crying…”She and Li Yiqin had been in a seven-year-long relationship. From being high school sweethearts up until today, and they were even talking about the possibility of mar
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Chapter 3 After Six Years, You’re Still the Same
A classic poser! Disgusting! Qin Muchu berated internally.White sheets were wrapped tightly over the bed. Qin Muchu could not make out who was under the covers; she could not even tell how many people were under it.But with the thought of how hurt and miserable her friend would be and that cheating mug Li Yiqin, anger flowed through her body.Lu Rongyan was right, she should think of nothing more and just beat the crap out of him before all else!Cheater! Cheating with a rich woman!Shameless!She walked up to the bed angrily, holding onto those thoughts.Without a word, she pulled up her sleeves and started raining down blows after blows onto the covers.“Li Yiqin, you piece of work! Is Rongyan not enough for you? She gave you her most precious youth, what more do you want?!”Buried under the sheets, was Lou Sichen in deep sleep. Who knew that he would be taking punches out of nowhere.At first, he thought that this was all a dream. But slowly, this dream was strangely starting to f
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Chapter 4 I Will Sue You!
“Qin Muchu, it’s been six years and you’re still cheap as ever.”The words spoken with his low, deep voice felt like sharp blades, stabbing at her heart. Her heart ached.In the six years since they have parted ways, Qin Muchu had imagined all kinds of scenarios where they would reunite. But never did she imagine that it would end up being this way.For a while, she inhaled deeply, trying to compose herself and maintain a look of indifference. “Sorry, I think I got the wrong room…”On the surface, she looked calm, distant even. Yet the slight tremble of her voice gave it away.She got up to leave, but the well-built figure of the man hovering above her felt like a wall. He would not budge.The shade of his eyes darkened as he held her gaze, staring deep into her eyes, burning a hole in them.“Tell me, how much do you want this time for climbing into my bed?” He asked, sarcastically. His tone was arrogant and condescending.Qin Muchu paled slightly. “Mr. Lou, I don’t need your money thi
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Chapter 5 Earning a Hundred Thousand is Not Easy
“I… I’m married! Do you hear me? I’m… married!”It was true. She got married six months ago.Although she had no idea who her husband was, even his name was a mystery to her, but it was true that she was now someone’s wife!She was a married woman, so how can he do this to her?“So what if you’re married?”“Jerk! You beast!”Qin Muchu’s eyes were stained with a shade of red.Her hands shaped into fists and pounded at his chest as the suffocating emotions tore away her composure. “Lou Sichen, how dare you do this to me! How dare you!”There was little to no strength in her punches, but on his chest they felt like rocks crushing down him, making it hard for him to breath.How dare he? She never had that right to ask!“Lou Sichen, I hate you!” she shouted.His disposition remained cold and indifferent as he snorted at her, “I’m not looking for you to fall in love with me!”Love is too much a luxury to have between them.And she is not worthy.Never will be.
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Chapter 6 Little Tail’s Father
Early in the morning.The warmth of daybreak gradually filled the lavish bedroom, casting light on Qin Muchu’s fair complexion, slowly waking her from her sleep.She turned to the other side, only to find him not in the room.He had already left.It was better this way. Let yesterday be remembered as a fleeting dream, and with this, she could finally close the chapter of the youth she had lost.But even as she tried to think of it that way, she could not help feeling a sense of emptiness somewhere at the back of her mind.Just at this moment, her cell phone rang.She quickly picked up her phone from the floor to see her best friend’s name, Lu Rongyan, on the caller ID.“Muchu!”Lu Rongyan’s voice sounded so frantic the moment she answered the call. “Where have you been? Do you have any idea how many times I’ve called you? Why didn’t you answer? I almost went to the police!”“I…” Qin Muchu opened her mouth to reply but said nothing in the end.“Anyway, enough about me, what about you, d
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Chapter 7 The Mysterious Husband
By the time Qin Muchu got home, it was already a little past ten in the morning.“Young Mistress, why have you only just come home? Were you up all night again for work?”Qin Muchu had just reached the mansion’s gates and already Aunt Li was ceremoniously welcoming her home.She felt a little guilty from her questioning so she answered with a white lie, “There was a case of multiple cars accident in the emergency ward last night. I couldn’t spare any time away or even answer the phone.”“Oh dear, you doctors sure are busy!”There was a weird limping to Qin Muchu’s steps so Aunt Li went over immediately to support her. “Is your leg alright? Why are you walking funny?”“Huh?” Qin Muchu’s cheeks flushed red at the query and quickly answered, “N-nothing… Just a little tired from standing too much! I’ll be fine after a bit of rest.”Qin Muchu actually felt quite guilty toward her husband.Was this considered infidelity?“Oh yes! Young Mistress, the young master called home this morning!” Th
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Chapter 8 The New Director
Qin Muchu had the afternoon shift today.As soon as she took her seat in the office, Lu Rongyan moved over to her and told her excitedly, “Muchu, the new head of our department has just assumed his position today!”“Really?”Qin Muchu raised an eyebrow slightly but otherwise seemed uninterested.While she moved to take out the files from her bag, her friend continued, “He is really, really handsome!”Their colleague Wang Yi joined in as well, enthusiastically interrupting and added to the conversation. “His voice is so pleasant you probably can’t keep your legs closed! I heard his skills are exceptional! He’s even known as a legend in America’s neurosurgery department!”Qin Muchu was stupefied but found it amusing. “You guys are exaggerating.”“We’re not exaggerating!” Lu Rongyan wasted no time in defending the new director. “He is not only handsome, but his voice is also to die for! You’ve just never met him. Once you do, you’ll surely be prostrating before that piece of fine art! It’
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Chapter 9 Reunion at the Hospital
Ye Linfeng did not miss a single word Wang Yi had said. She turned around with a conceited smile and said to them, “There’s no room for you to even be jealous if my brother-in-law were to choose me. And wipe off the disgusting saliva at the corner of your mouth! Have you seen yourselves in the mirror? With looks like that, you think my brother-in-law would be interested? Stop aiming at the moon!”“Y-you…!” Color rose up to Wang Yi’s neck as she slammed a hand on the table. “Ye Linfeng, don’t think that you can get away with being so arrogant just because you’re the president’s niece!”“Yeah! And we’re your colleagues, there’s no need for such horrible words!” Lu Rongyan could not help joining in.But Ye Linfeng looked absolutely pleased with herself and said, “I am arrogant! So what? What can you do about it? Beat me up?”Wang Yi was choking with anger and had almost gone up to her to do just that. Fortunately Qin Muchu held her back and quietly advised her. “Stay calm! We might lose o
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Chapter 10 We’re Not Familiar
She was stunned.Cheng Xuanying who had pressed on the button to open the doors smiled at her. “Dr. Qin, why are you just standing there? Come on in!”Qin Muchu did not know what to say. She felt that at this moment she must have seemed so stiff to the two.She took a deep breath before lifting her feet and entering.As he looked at her face, Lou Sichen seemed to have noticed her as well. His deep eyes were as hard and cold as a frozen lake, without warmth, or any affection.It was as if they were nothing more than strangers!Qin Muchu could not tell what the man was thinking, she did not even dare to guess.But without even looking at him, she could clearly tell that there was an icy barrier to his being, enveloping his proud self where no one dared to close in, separating him from the rest of the world.Upon entering the elevator, Qin Muchu quickly turned around with her back facing them and stared at the screen showing the changing numbers of the floors, internally praying that the
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