Master Ou's Surrogate Ex-wife

Master Ou's Surrogate Ex-wife

By:  Blue Mountain Mist  Completed
Language: English
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When she got married five years ago, she knew that her husband had an old lover. Tilting her chin, he said to her, "You're just a surrogate. Don't think of anything else except money." She thought that as long she tried her best to please him, he would eventually be touched and fall in love with her. However, she came to realize later that a man would not fall in love with someone just because they were touched by a woman's actions. After five years of marriage, her husband's first love has returned, and their marriage is on the verge of divorce. He even has even asked her to get rid of her baby...

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459 Chapters
Chapter 1 Do I Need to Make it Clear?
'Yao Yiyi, I'm back! Qingheng is mine, so if you're willing to quit the game, I'll give you 20 million as compensation fees.'The corners of Yao Yiyi's lips curled up when she saw the message on her phone screen. Apparently, this message had been sent by Ou Qingheng's lover who had left him four years ago due to personal reasons. After this, Yao Yiyi had the honor of serving as her surrogate.Yao Yiyi took the phone and went into the bedroom. She stood there infatuated for a while, fully captivated by the tall man who was standing by the bedroom window. After some time, she snapped back to reality and walked swiftly towards him. She then wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered softly, "President Ou, Miss Yang sent me another message just now. Should I give her a call and make our relationship clear to her?""No need," Ou Qingheng replied in a cool tone, "I've asked my lawyer to draft out a divorce petition. All you need to do is sign the papers when it's done."Faking a sad
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Chapter 2 Back at President Ou’s Parents’ House
Yao Yiyi drove to Ou Qingheng's parents' house after sending him to work the next day. The housekeeper, Uncle Li, welcomed her with a smile and said, "You're finally back, Young Madam. Madam keeps talking about you these days."Yao Yiyi got down from the car and smiled at him. "How is she? I miss Mom's cooking a lot as I've been abroad for a month. That's why I'm back so soon."Returning her smile, Uncle Li said, "Madam is in the pink of health. She's just a bit bored, as both Master and Young Master are busy with work.""Since I'm back, mom won't be bored anymore."Then, Yao Yiyi went inside the house with her high heels on.Located halfway up the hillside, the Ou's family house was a huge villa covering a vast thousand square meters of land. As for the Ou family, Madam Ou was blessed with a son and daughter. Her son was none other than Ou Qingheng, and her daughter was Ou Tingting. Madam Ou herself was already 60 years old, but thanks to her excellent skincare routine, she looke
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Chapter 3 See You at the Same Old Place
With a shrug, Ou Tingting said, "Mom, I'll be outside for a while. The air here is too stale, no thanks to somebody."With that, she went outside.Sighing, Madam Ou turned back to the girl. "Don't mind her, Yiyi. Tingting's like that because she's spoiled by us."Yao Yiyi smiled and replied, "Tingting is in her early twenties. It's normal for her to be a bit rebellious at this age."Giving her a light pat on her hand, Madam Ou spoke to her in an even more affectionate tone, "Yiyi, you're such a good child. Don't take her words to heart. As for Yang Kexin, just pretend that she doesn't even exist."Yao Yiyi was not stupid enough to ask her who Yang Kexin was."Mom, we're family. I won't take her words to heart," Yao Yiyi said kindly, even though she knew that her so-called 'family' was coming to an end."I always knew you were a good kid." Madam Ou liked her even more after hearing her answer.Yao Yiyi chatted with Madam Ou the whole morning and had her lunch there as well. Even
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Chapter 4 A Tryst
Staring intently into her eyes, Ou Qingheng suddenly lowered his head and kissed her hard on the lips.At the end of the kiss, she pushed him away gently, maintaining a certain distance between them. She then looked at him with her crystal clear eyes and teased, "You're really a ladies' man, President Ou. You keep saying that you love Miss Yang, but at the same time, you're unwilling to cut ties with me.""I'll cut all ties with you after our divorce."Upon hearing his words, Yao Yiyi felt a sharp stab of pain in her heart. Even so, the plastered smile on her face grew even wider. "President Ou, are you reminding me that we'll cut ties with each other soon?"Lowering her head, Yao Yiyi let out a bitter smile. However, when she looked up at him once more, she became full of smiles again. For a slight moment, Ou Qingheng was lost in her charm as he met her alluring gaze."You really look a lot like Kexin." He was so infatuated by her that Ou Qingheng could not help but murmur.Yao
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Chapter 5 You’re Well Aware of the Current Situation
"Yao Yiyi, do you know why I’ve been able to maintain our marriage after all these years?" Ou Qingheng asked after having a sip of wine."Isn't it because I'm your nominal wife?" Yao Yiyi replied with a smile."You know very well, President Ou, that I'm an avaricious woman. Come, let's toast to a wonderful night ahead."Yao Yiyi raised her glass and said gracefully.After making love, Yao Yiyi could not help but think that Ou Qingheng actually had feelings for her while she laid on his chest.She then said in a seductive tone, "You're a very successful man, President Ou. No wonder so many women are head over heels for you."Grabbing her hand, Ou Qingheng replied. "I'm fine as long as you're not one of them."Gazing at him seductively, Yao Yiyi asked with a coy smile, "President Ou, why are you so afraid of me pestering you?"Ou Qingheng replied coldly, "I don't like women who cry and pester."Flashing him a flirtatious smile, Yao Yiyi propped her body up on her elbow and press
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Chapter 6 Why Are You So Afraid of Me Falling for You?
Yao Yiyi felt immense pain in her heart, as though it was being ripped open by a knife. She could even feel the blood trickling down and dripping off of it.Taking a deep breath, she forced down the rising surge of bitterness from within, then opened her eyes and looked at Ou Qingheng with bright eyes. "President Ou, why are you so afraid of me falling for you?"Ou Qingheng lifted the blanket off himself, then got off the bed, exposing his naked body.He picked up his clothes and put them on solemnly. He looked at Yao Yiyi, who was still lying on the bed, arrogantly and said, "Yao Yiyi, I'm not the man for you. Put away your so-called 'love', or I'll consider ending our marriage even sooner."Getting off the bed as well, Yao Yiyi walked towards Ou Qingheng gracefully before wrapping her arms around his muscular waist."Don't you think you're a bit too heartless, President Ou? No matter what, I'm still your nominal wife. It won't kill you to lie to me sometimes." As Yao Yiyi spoke,
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Chapter 7 Let’s Have a Meal Together
She took off her towel and changed back into the dress that she had worn earlier. After this, she wrote a note, put it at the corner of the bed and left the luxurious presidential suite without looking back.The next day, Yao Yiyi was awakened by the ringing of her mobile phone. Picking up the phone in a daze, she checked the screen to see that the call was from Ou Qingheng."Hello, President Ou, why are you calling me?" She picked up the call and asked with a trace of sleepiness in her voice."Yao Yiyi, why did you leave early last night?" Ou Qingheng's voice rang out from the other end of the line. Judging from the tone of his voice, he was obviously not in a good mood.Yao Yiyi was the best at comforting Ou Qingheng whenever he was in a bad mood."I saw that you were sleeping so soundly last night. I couldn't fall asleep, so I thought it would be best to leave without disturbing your rest. What's wrong? Are you starting to miss me already?" Yao Yiyi said with a yawn."Come to
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Chapter 8 Property Ownership Transfer Agreement
Li Sha said to her nervously. Upon hearing this, Yao Yiyi would no doubt have misunderstood if the person mentioned was not Jin Wen. However, since it was Jin Wen, Yao Yiyi believed wholeheartedly that the two of them were really just here to talk about work.Smiling, Yao Yiyi replied, "Miss Jin is my friend. Besides, the Ou and Jin family have several joint ventures together, that's why she's here for the discussion. Even as the president's secretary, you've been creating and spreading rumors within the company. It seems to me that you don't really care about your job, do you?"Li Sha was startled as she said, "Madam, that's not what I meant...""Enough. Carry on with your work, and as for the rumors, I don't want to hear anything about them again. Understood?""Yes." Li Sha replied before fleeing the scene immediately.Yao Yiyi lightly knocked the door before calling out, "Darling, it's me."After half a minute, Ou Qingheng's voice came from inside, "Come on in."When Yao Yiyi
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Chapter 9 Sign It
"If you don't have any objections regarding the agreement, sign your name on it. It will officially be yours once you sign the divorce papers next week," Ou Qingheng said.Placing it back on the table, Yao Yiyi said with her usual smile, "You're a very generous man, President Ou. Being your wife is quite a blessing indeed. Don't worry, I'll be sure to sign my name on the divorce papers next week.""That's good to know," Ou Qingheng replied.Yao Yiyi beamed at him like a pretty flower."Once again, thank you in advance, President Ou," Yao Yiyi said."I have another meeting later, so I won't be joining you for lunch. This card is for you, order whatever you want to eat." Ou Qingheng took out one of his credit cards as he said this.Yao Yiyi rose from her seat, then took the card and replied gladly, "Well then, I'll take my leave now. Are you coming home for dinner tonight? I'll ask Aunt Wu to prepare your favorite dishes.""I have a business dinner tonight."Knowing that he would
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Chapter 10 He’s Going to Divorce Me
"He's going to divorce me."Upon hearing this, Yao Ting jumped up from her bed as the sleepiness in her eyes vanished completely, "How much compensation fees did you get? Yiyi, with your obsession with money, don't tell me that you fell for him and don't want his money anymore."Yao Yiyi's expression darkened visibly as she said, "Yao Ting, am I such a greedy person to you?""You're not greedy, you're just obsessed with money." With a solemn expression, Yao Ting continued, "Oh come on, just tell me already. Judging by Ou Qingheng's wealthiness, just how much will you get if he divorces you?"Yao Yiyi kicked off her slippers, flopped into the bed, and buried her face in the quilt. She then said to Yao Ting in a slightly muffled voice, "Yao Ting, I'd really fallen for Ou Qingheng. What should I do now?"Yao Ting was surprised. "Yiyi, you've really fallen for Ou Qingheng?! He's only your employer, nothing else. I thought you were just kidding.""I don't want to fall in love with him
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