Military’s Girl

Military’s Girl

By:  Kenzie Elaine  Completed
Language: English
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Tyler and Dakota have been best friends since either can remember, even with a 2 year gap in their age. But what happens when Ty leaves and joins the military, and leaves Kota behind? Something he promised he would never do? Will it wreck their friendship for good, will they be able to repair it? When Ty comes back, Kota is in a terrible situation. Will Ty be able to protect her? © 2013 Kenzie Elaine (Wattys13)

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Please update more, can't wait for the next chapter!
2022-10-07 23:19:00
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seems interesting but l will wait til it's complete
2022-10-03 10:39:14
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Kaitlin Davidson
Love this book and can't wait for the next update. How often do you update?
2022-09-30 20:24:37
default avatar
Lovely story and interesting plot. It really portrays how abusers behave and inflict pain on their partners.
2023-10-25 11:20:11
44 Chapters
*8 years ago*I giggled as I looked over to Tyler- with his floppy brown hair and bright green eyes- to see he was smiling evilly at me. Which was funny to see on his ten year old face."You can't catch me!!" I giggled as I ran away from my best friend."Oh yes I can!" Tyler said as he chased after me."No, you can't!" I called as I ran faster, I looked around for a place to go and saw the forest.I smiled because I knew I would be able to lose him in there. He wouldn't be able to catch me if he couldn't find me. I giggled as I ran for the forest, I could still hear Tyler behind me. I turned around slightly and saw him, but he couldn't see me, I laughed quietly and ran a little further in the forest and then stopped behind a tree. When I didn't hear anything, I peaked around the tree and saw him just standing there, looking around."Dakota!" He called out, I put my hand over my mouth and giggled."Dakota come on, this isn't funny!" He called out again.He was getting closer now, I wa
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Chapter 1.
***Present day*** Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I groaned and rolled over, then slammed my hand down on the alarm clock as I got up. A smile lit my face as I thought about what week it was-Tyler's birthday week! I quickly showered and got dressed, then ran down stairs and into the kitchen. Someone else's toast popped up but I grabbed it, along with the glass of orange juice that was sitting there. "Hey that's mine!" My dad complained as I stuck the toast in my mouth."Sorry, in a rush!" I smiled and downed the juice. Then I waved and ran out the door with the piece of toast in my mouth. My dad just laughed and shook his head at me."Tell Ty happy birthday for me!" I heard him yell but I didn't respond, I just hopped in the car, my mom already waiting in the drivers seat, and went off to school. Tyler had left for the summer, he went away for a job opportunity. I was miserable without him... we hadn't ever spent that long apart before, but I wanted him to be able to have a bright future
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Chapter 2.
I got out of the shower, got dressed, then sat in front of the mirror and put on a minimal amount of makeup. When I finished that, I took my hair out of its bun and let it fall into it's natural brown curls around my shoulders. I had always thought my hair was weird, but Ty likes it and says it's beautiful, which is a comment I normally roll my eyes at. I took one last look at my hair and steel blue, silver lined eyes, then left the bathroom, skipping down the stairs where I met my parents at the bottom."Ready." I chirped with a smile on my face."Okay then, let's go." my dad smiled at me, twirling the car keys on his finger.We've always had dinner over at Ty's house for either of our birthdays, this being Ty's eighteenth birthday was no exception. As we drove towards his house, I wondered if he was going to talk to me about whatever was bothering him or not. The more I thought about it, the more I started to worry. Ty was never one to worry so much over something, and if he was wo
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Chapter 3.
***4 years later***"You stupid whore!!" He yelled as he threw his cup across the room. "Don't lie to me, I saw you flirting with my friend! Are you banging him behind my back!?" He yelled again, pacing towards me with a murderous glare. I backed myself against the wall, wanting to just disappear, and tried to not cry or scream."Jason... I swear, I would never do that to you-" he slapped me across my face then put his hand against my throat, holding me against the wall."Stop lying to me!" He growled through his teeth."Jason, please. I swear." I held in tears as I gasped for breath. His face slowly started to soften and he sighed. His hand fell from my throat and he pulled me into his chest, his arms wrapped around me gently in an embrace."All right baby, I believe you." He said softly as he pulled away and cupped my face, looking into my eyes cautiously. "You know I love you, right?" He asked with pleading, yet demanding eyes. A fire raged in the back of them, making his brown eyes
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Monday finally came around, and I was glad that I could get away from Jason to hang with the girls. I quickly got out of bed and went to take a shower, though my eyes never once drifted towards the mirror. I was scared, I knew what I would see. Hand prints and finger shaped bruises, all over. I didn't even want to look at my face, but once I had on my clothes I knew I would have to.The hand print would have to be covered up so no one would know what happened. No on could know that Jason almost lost his Kick-boxing match, and tried to blame me so he wouldn't feel guilt when he took his anger out on me. They couldn't know that I had gotten yet another letter from Tyler... Though Jason had ripped it up and burned it before I got the chance to read it, then taught me another lesson for it. He wasn't mad because I was still getting letters, but because to him it means that I was still sending them out. I couldn't let anyone know this, especially the twins. They couldn't know one single l
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~"Oh my god, He was so hot!" Jamie said as she went on about the movie, even though it'd been over two hours since it let out. "You always say that. Isn't it a little creepy that you're fantasizing about a 50 something year old man?" I raised an eyebrow at her, hoping to find a way to get off the subject of Tom Cruise. "He may be old but he sure doesn't look it." Jamie defended, her eyebrow arched in a sassy way, as if to say 'you know i'm right,' and a smirk graced her lips. "Hey, I just remembered something!" My fingers snapped as a thought came to me, the sound gained both of their attention, they turned to look at me expectantly. When I didn't reply, we all kind of just stood there in silence as the air grew thick with impatience. Finally Jamie got the most impatient with me and she groaned, hating when I did this to them but it always proved as a form of entertainment for me. "Well, what did you remember?" Jamie looked at me with expectant and impatient eyes. I waited a litt
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Chapter 5.1
I spent the rest of the night with Jason's arm around my waist and tried not to speak too much to Tyler, which was killing me. Every time he would come near and smile at me, or I would have to say something to him-Jason's grip would tighten around my waist and his hand would dig into my side, I tried as best as I could to hide his actions but I think Tyler caught a grimace here and there. He would give me weird looks and then his eyes would dart between me and Jason, though he never bothered to say anything.Least to say, the night couldn't seem to go any faster, it was perfectly content with dragging everything out for me. I was psyched to see Tyler again after all this time, and all I was wanted to run into his arms. But I couldn't. When Jason finally decided that we were going to leave, he grabbed me by the arm and started to lead me out of the house. I tried to keep a smile on my face and not wince from how tight his grip on my arm was but it was a strain. I heard someone call m
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Chapter 5.2
I woke up to the sound of knocking on my front door and I Immediately knew who it was, dread filled my stomach as I got out of bed to answer the door. Icy hot needles went up my side when I put pressure on my hip and my face screwed up in pain, my breath hissed through my teeth at the action. I quickly tied my hair back as I ran downstairs to the door, ignoring the pain in my moments, and soon as I opened it I came face to face with Jason. His short brown hair was slightly disheveled and he had dark rings under his slightly red eyes, though he barely looked at me as he pushed through the door. As soon as I had shut the door behind him, I was pushed up against it with his hands on my waist, the pressure made me hiss in pain and he quickly noticed and released me as if he touched burning coals. Hesitantly his eyes drifted down to my waist, his fingers carefully lifted up the side of my shirt and his face immediately winced before pulling it back down. His hands went carefully away from
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Chapter 6.1
"Now, you promised that you would behave. There's nothing to be jealous of, Tyler is just my best friend." I reminded Jason, he looked at me and rolled his eyes. Least to say, he still felt a little guilty and promised to behave with Tyler because if it. "I remember," Jason said as he pulled me into his arms, his head resting on my shoulder. "Good, thank you." I turned my head to the side slightly and kissed his cheek, holding in the disgust at myself for just that simple little act. Then I turned back and looked to the door that Jamie and Carrie were coming out of, squealing and jumping With excitment.They had the last of their bags with them and set them on the sidewalk next to us. Just then also, another car pulled up. I couldn't see who it was because of the sun reflecting off of the windshield, there was only two people it could be. I ended up being disappointed when it was Matt who stepped out of the drivers side, though my mood picked right back up when Tyler stepped out on
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Chapter 6.2
~About and hour later we were still playing, though it was getting pretty hard. Matt was already out and so were Carrie and Jamie, that just left Jason, Damien, Ty and myself."I'm going on a trip," Damien started then took a big breath, "and I'm taking with me-a toothbrush, sleeping bag, my music, a wig, a cat, cheese, socks, a boat, flip-flop's, bear repellent, water, pepper, a bra, a jockstrap, swim suit, handcuffs, key's for the handcuff's, a totem pole, climbing gear, a hippo, a cheetah, golf clubs, hiking boots, parachute, potato sack, bear trap, movies, swing set, campfire, s'mores, peanut butter, pickles, pudding, Cheetos, cold pizza, hamburgers, chips, cereal, chicken fried steak, hot dog's, bacon, and a grill." he said."You forgot Shark cage!" We all called out at the same time, causing him to hit the steering-wheel, swearing lightly under his breath and us all to laugh."Guy's I think we should stop for some food. Judging by the game, I would say were all pretty hungry,"
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