143: Lucky Three

Although Gavin doesn't admit it, I know he wants another baby. He doesn't what to pressure me so sometimes, he works overtime to release some of his stress. He gets in bed and cuddles me every night, but I know something is bothering him.

"Hey." I heard him say as he spooned me.

"How was work?" I asked him as I placed my hand on top of his, stroking his arm gently. I heard him mumble something as he buried his face in the nook of my neck, making me giggle as his stubbled chin tickled me.

"I can't understand you." I said in between giggles, but instead, he spun me around and started tickling my sides.

"Stop it." I said to him almost screaming as I try to catch my breath but instead of pulling away, he pinned me down on the bed.

"Really?" He said as he straddled me with a big smile on his face.

"Depends on what you want to do." I said raising my eyebrows at him. His smile just grew wider as he slowly leaned down on me. I closed my eyes, anticipating his lips to crash on mine but
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