Mr Li's Survival Instinct is Off The Charts Again Today!

Mr Li's Survival Instinct is Off The Charts Again Today!

By:  Fourth Lady Sweetheart  Completed
Language: English
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Her boyfriend cheated on her, so she married a stranger to get back at him. However, her ‘broke’ husband suddenly turned out to be one of the rising stars in A Country! It was true that he did not have a car or a house, but he did have a manor, a yacht, and a private jet. They said that Su Jianxi was a seductress who wormed her way into a rich man’s lap and even made a cuckold out of him. Later, Li Tingyao personally dispelled the rumors, saying he was the one who pursued Su Jianxi, and that the child was his!

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297 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Cruel Truth
Su Jianxi hid inside the closet, peeking through the crack at the man and woman making out.Su Jianxi’s head whirred and practically exploded. All of the blood in her body was surging into her brain.She was not mistaken. That man was Shen Siming, the person she loved so deeply she would give up everything for him. As for the woman, it was her good friend Su Huanran.Yesterday, she wanted to give Shen Siming a birthday surprise, so she had purposely told him that her flight would be late, and she could not make it back in time for his birthday. In actuality, she had arrived a long time ago, and she was holding a cake as she hid in the closet, waiting for her chance to surprise Shen Siming.Well, there was a surprise, alright. However, it was Shen Siming who surprised Su Jianxi.It was by no means a pleasant surprise, either.“I love you so much, baby,” Shen Siming mumbled as he kissed Su Huanran.Su Huanran’s fingers were buried in Shen Siming’s hair. “If you love me, Siming, would you
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Chapter 2 Good Taste
The two men moved their gazes to the owner of those hands in unison.Although the lighting in the bar was not great, the moment Xu Ran and Li Tingxiao laid eyes on the woman, both of them could not help but curse, ‘What a vixen.’“Hey, handsome. Need a gal?” Su Tingxiao’s smile was especially enchanting. She always had full confidence in her looks.This man was the prey she had locked onto after she spent a good while surveying the bar. His looks had even surpassed her standards.Shen Siming could cheat on her with Su Huanran, who was less beautiful than her, but Su Jianxi insisted on finding a man who looked even better than Shen Siming.Li Tingxiao narrowed his eyes dangerously, but he did not push her away like he usually would.With that, Su Jianxi simply sat on Li Tingxiao’s lap.Xu Ran sat opposite them, his eyes as wide as saucers. Although many women had tried to hit on Li Tingxiao in the past, this woman tonight was still the boldest of them all.Xu Ran had been the one who in
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Chapter 3 What Is Left To Explain
The man practically carried Su Jianxi into the bathroom and bathed her. After she was properly clothed, she finally spoke.“I have to go.” Su Jianxi looked around the man’s single apartment. It was not large but very neat.“Wait.” Li Tingxiao held Su Jianxi back, and as the woman looked at him in confusion, he took a large stack of hundred-yuan notes from his wallet and held the cash in front of Su Jianxi. “I’m Li Tingxiao. I don’t know what the rules are like in your line of work, so if this money isn’t enough, I’ll transfer some to you via WeChat.”Li Tingxiao’s actions made Su Jianxi’s expression stiffen. He probably mistook her for someone who did this for a living.Still, she did not seem to have to explain anything to him, so she just took the money from Li Tingxiao and thanked him curtly before leaving.After all, they probably would not have anything to do with each other from now on.Li Tingxiao watched Su Jianxi’s back as she left, and for some reason, he followed behind her.
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Chapter 4 Properly
“I’m glad you’re back, I was worried something happened to you on your way back. Oh yeah, Huanran kept getting bad takes in a show she was filming recently, and it just so happens that the show is a period drama where she’s wearing a veil. Why don’t you lend her a hand? She got drenched in the rain during a shoot a few days ago, and she’s been out of it ever since. Since you have nothing better to do after your trip, help her out.”Shen Siming spoke as though issuing an order. He clearly felt there was nothing wrong with what he was saying.“Then ask her stunt doubles to do it. Huanran has more than ten professional doubles dedicated to her.” Su Jianxi gave herself a cold laugh inwardly. It was because she had done Su Huanran so many foolish favors that they took advantage of her like it was natural now.Well, she finally saw the truth behind the lies, so she was not going to dance to their tune so stupidly anymore.“Jianxi, you know Huanran’s the star lead in this feminist show, and i
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Chapter 5 The Woman From Last Night
Sis Kimi was extremely efficient. When Su Jianxi arrived at the shoot, she already saw a man giving her a few looks and even flashing her a peace sign.Su Jianxi nodded slightly before walking inside.“You’re here, Jianxi!” Su Huanran ran toward Su Jianxi happily, taking her hand with her expression full of excitement. “Hurry up and get your make-up done! The director’s really killing me here. The scene you’ll be doing is focused on the eyes, so you don’t have to say anything.”Su Jianxi nodded and followed Su Huanran into the dressing room.If you gave someone a piece of candy every day, that person would eventually take it for granted.If one day you stopped giving her candy, she would resent you instead!Even though Su Huanran took her for granted and did not show her even an ounce of gratitude, Su Jianxi never stopped smiling at her.‘Su Huanran, oh, Su Huanran. Do you really think I’m still the same idiot dancing on your and Shen Siming’s strings?’While Su Jianxi followed Su Huan
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Chapter 6 Already Taken, But...
“Brother Li, that woman is Su Jianxi, twenty-two this year. She’s Su Bohai’s daughter, and her boyfriend is the president of Heaven’s Entertainment, Shen Siming.”Xu Ran could not help but continue with a sigh, “She already has a boyfriend, but she still dared to hit on you. As expected of these rich folk, they’re nuts.”Li Tingxiao quietly listened to Xu Ran’s report, but his bottomless gaze was trained on the woman filming with a veil over her face.Although the veil obscured most of her face, Li Tingxiao could still tell at a glance at Su Jianxi was the one being filmed right now.Su Bohai’s daughter would never sell herself on the street, and Li Tingxiao was almost certain that Su Jianxi was not the sex-crazed type.That was why he was extremely curious right now. What could have happened to make this woman seduce him so boldly?Although he was wearing a simple tracksuit, his inner aura still gave him an air of fatal attraction. “Let’s go.” Li Tingxiao’s tone harbored no warmth wh
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Chapter 7 Sorry
The reporter’s words exploded and reverberated through the crowd like a grenade, raising doubts in many other hearts.Even the director could not help but say, “Huanran, take off the veil.”He had taken Su Huanran for this project, firstly because Heaven’s Entertainment Group had sponsored it generously, and secondly because Su Huanran had promised him during filming that she would never use any substitutes.As an actress, she should stick to her principles. If she could not even express the proper emotions with her gaze, the director figured that he should consider changing his lead actress.Su Jianxi acted extremely troubled, looking at Gao Wen helplessly.However, even Gao Wen could not protect her now.Su Jianxi had no choice. Under all those watchful gazes, she took off her veil.In that instant, time froze.The woman before them was not Su Huanran; only her eyes looked similar to Su Huanran’s.Not only that, someone even recognized this woman. She was none other than Su Jianxi, w
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Chapter 8 Blinded By Crap
“I want to keep you. This is my entire fortune right here, and of course, I’ll keep working hard to earn more in the future.”Li Tingxiao’s gaze was extremely sincere, especially when he spoke about keeping her. It made the root of Su Jianxi’s ears burn slightly.She thought this man was just paying her lip service. To think that he really meant it…“Our relationship is limited to that single night, and I don’t intend on being someone else’s freeloader.” Su Jianxi planned to leave as soon as she made that clear.However, Li Tingxiao was one step faster than her, standing in Su Jianxi’s way.He even pinned Su Jianxi to the wall.His actions ticked Su Jianxi off.To her surprise, though, Li Tingxiao stuffed the card into Su Jianxi’s hands and said with a tone of absolute certainty, “If you dare to reject me again, I don’t mind making it a two-night stand starting right now.”Su Jianxi, “...”Li Tingxiao saw how Su Jianxi was clearly stunned, and he planted a kiss on her forehead. “I’m bu
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Chapter 9 Anything You Want
Shen Siming grew even more frustrated at Su Jianxi’s refusal to cooperate. This woman was just too selfish.Next to them, Su Huanran was drowning in her tears. She sniffled a little and said, “Siming, don’t say that about Jianxi. This incident was my fault, and I’ll appear at the press conference later to apologize for my mistake. Please, I don’t want to argue with Jianxi over this.”Su Huanran played the pity act perfectly. The way she acted all holier-than-thou made Su Jianxi nauseous.“I… I…” Su Jianxi did not know what she should say, but inwardly, she was frustrated at the way the shameless couple was morally blackmailing her.She really had been blind. She could not believe how she had fallen for Shen Siming and called Su Huanran her best friend.When Shen Siming saw the indecision in Su Jianxi’s expression, he knew they stood a chance.“Step out for a bit, Huanran,” Shen Siming said.Su Huanran hurriedly left Shen Siming’s office. When Su Jianxi and Shen Siming were the only one
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Chapter 10 Something Wrong?
Li Tingxiao clicked on the file and began to read in.The man’s bottomless pupils shone with a mysterious light, and after he finished reading it, he casually deleted the file as well.His lips curved cynically, and he took out a cigarette, putting it into his mouth. His gaze was so deep that no one could possibly read what he was thinking.Half an hour later, Shen Siming knocked on the lounge door, reminding Su Jianxi that it was time to attend the press conference.Su Jianxi followed Shen Siming toward the location where they were holding the press conference. As soon as she reached the entrance, she could see Su Huanran and her manager sitting at the very front.Su Huanran’s eyes were red and swollen, and she seemed especially pitiful.She looked utterly petrified to be facing these somewhat demanding reporters.When one of the microphones nearly smashed into Su Huanran’s face, Shen Siming left Su Jianxi’s side and immediately rushed up to them, snatching the mic from the reporter’s
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