My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend

My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend

By:  Jessica Knepp and/or Veronica Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
2 ratings
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Abby Reynolds is your average high school senior who's just trying to ace her AP exams to get into her top schools, be a good daughter to her parents, and a loving girlfriend to her boyfriend. When Abby's perfect relationship is ripped to shreds, she fetches a plan to get revenge - with the girl she should hate most. Abby's about to get more than she bargained for, and learn more about herself than any college entry essay could ever teach her, and it's about to come in the form of Tessa Oliver.

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such a captivating title added to library next review after reading ... ...
2023-07-08 11:45:56
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good read! recommend!
2022-10-06 10:11:21
26 Chapters
I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been there.This is a teen romance novel, yes. But this isn’t the story about how my boyfriend and I overcame the trials and tribulations of high school to have our happily ever after. I don’t battle for prom queen with the popular girl. My boyfriend doesn’t have me hired by his dad to date him and raise his social status. I don’t move from a new town and star in a spring musical with him. No, there’s none of that.This is the story about how I met my boyfriend’s girlfriend.
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It was a chilly, Friday night in Autumn like any other. The entire lakeside town of Barton was crammed into the bleachers of the local high school's football field watching their alumna beat the opposing team. There was nothing as small-town as a Friday night high school football game, but it always proved to be entertaining. One player had all eyes on him, as per usual. Daniel Schwinn raced effortlessly across the yard lines, beating the defense to the end zone. Danny was the fastest running back Barton Memorial had seen in two decades, since his late Uncle Daryl, and the entire town was in awe of him. Rightfully so, as he completed the pass from his teammate, scoring for Barton."Just like that, folks, Schwinn's taking us to the playoffs!" The announcer cheered over the PA system, and the crowd joined. They had missed the playoffs last season, and the goal for this past year was to take Barton to state and make up for the lost opportunity. "Abby!" I turned around to see my best fri
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Saturday mornings during my senior year were reserved for music lessons, so I could prepare for college auditions. I was going to school to be a music teacher, like I'd dreamt about for the last ten years. I had just finished up my lesson with Mr. Williamson, and I was waiting for Danny to pick me up outside of the church our families attended. Mr. Williamson was the choir and music director of the church, and had been hosting lessons there for years. I had met Danny through church, when my family first switched from Catholicism and I signed up to help with Bible school music. I wasn't the most devout, but I believed. Easter and Christmas were typically my most attended days. Danny was a little more of a firm believer, since his father was the preacher. Danny was taking a little longer than usual to pick me up, and it was starting to get chilly throughout the day now. I pulled my varsity jacket out of my bag and slid into it. Just as I was about to text him, I heard his truck pull in
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It was just past eight in the morning, and my dad was pulling the car into the parking lot of Barton Presbyterian Church. Being a committee member, most notably the treasurer, he liked to get there earlier than anyone in the congregation to make sure things were set up beforehand. I didn't see Danny's truck in the lot, so I assumed he wasn't here yet. I'd been waiting all night to see him and ask if there was anything bothering him that he needed to get off his chest, but it would have to wait until after our Sunday School lesson. While my parents headed in the direction of the church office, I went downstairs to the education nook, which housed the nursery and teen center. The church was nearly one hundred years old, and had been remodeled several times since its opening in the 1920s. The "South Wing" was a great addition, since it was made up of the education nook and banquet hall. I unlocked the nursery first, and got to work. I needed to set up the projector and couch cushions, s
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I woke up the next morning in a funk, and knew it was not going to be my day at all. I had come home last night and convinced my parents I was exhausted from the weekend, and immediately went up to my room to try and sleep. Of course, I had hardly slept at all, and my back was killing me from sitting up with my laptop most of the night. I tried to Internet-stalk Tessa, after crying and pitying myself, but quickly realized I didn't even know her last name. There was no evidence of any relationship, or even knowledge of her existence on Danny's Facebook, and she and Rhys weren't even friends. I slammed my laptop shut after an hour or two of digging, and tried to sleep it off, to no avail. Tony had been sleeping soundly (at least one of us was) underneath the covers at my feet, and as soon as he sensed that I was awake, he ruffled the covers and tried to shake the comforter off himself. I took a moment to breathe before getting out of bed to get some breakfast and coffee. I was going t
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I'd been standing in front of Rhys's car with Stacy for what felt like two hours. In retrospect, it was more than likely only five minutes. In study hall, Stacy had told me I needed to confront Rhys and ask him for details, and advice. I wanted to know more about Tessa, about why Danny had even approached someone else. Practice had ended for cheer in the gym just half an hour ago, and the guys had finished up on the field around the same time. I had texted Danny that I was hanging around after practice with Stacy to do some project for one of our coaches, and I waited for him to leave the parking lot before staking out for Rhys.I had brought Stacy along with me, because I needed some sort of emotional support. There was no way I was going to confront this head on without my best friend. She wanted to interrogate Danny as soon as I told her, but I explained to her that I just needed time. Of course, it didn't stop her from wanting to murder Danny, but she knew I would be upset. "The
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I couldn't believe I was doing this, it had to be insane for at least thirty different reasons. I'd let Stacy talk me into agreeing with Tessa's plan to meet up again, which is why I was sitting in my car, trying to control my breathing as I plugged in Tessa's pinned location. Stacy wouldn't let me talk her into coming along with me, she claimed it was something the two of us needed to talk about ourselves. I held my breath as my phone searched for the address, and let it out slowly when I saw she was only sixteen minutes away from the Barton parking lot. Did she really live that close? I wondered where she and Danny met up, and felt a wave of nausea crawl over my body. I shook my head and arms, and tried to clear my thoughts as I buckled my seatbelt. I turned on my Bluetooth, letting my phone sync up before moving my car. I was grateful for the extra minute of peace, but it was gone too soon, and I put my car in reverse. Stacy was calling me as soon as I pulled out of the parking l
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Friday mornings had been my favorite part of the school week since the seventh grade. There was nothing more refreshing than waking up on a game day, knowing I didn't have to think about AP Literature for two days, and that I got to cheer my boyfriend on. Except, this Friday was the polar opposite, and I woke up completely out of my element. We didn't have a game for the next two weeks, and I was plotting revenge against my boyfriend with his other girlfriend. Tessa and I agreed the only way we could get revenge on him was if we both kept up the charade. After all, one scorned girlfriend would be the prime suspect, while two would be like pleading guilty instantly. I'd done my best to act normal around Danny, and it was easy, as long I didn't think about Tessa. But to be honest, that was almost always. I couldn't get her face out of my head, every time I looked at him. It was 2:15, and I was waiting on Danny to get out of his last class so he could take me home. He had physics last,
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"Alright class, pencils down." Ms. Lively, my AP Literature teacher, announced. I looked up at the clock, noticing it was just two minutes until the bell rang, meaning it was lunchtime. "Exams on my desk on your way out." The young teacher finished. She was easily one of my favorite teachers I'd ever had, and I think it came with being in her mid-twenties. She'd graduated college early, and came back to Barton almost immediately. She didn't have the easiest curriculum, which I appreciated, but a lot of other students detested. I slipped my pencil back into my book bag, and stood up from my desk. I didn't hurry getting my bag like everyone else, knowing Danny was standing outside the door waiting for my class to finish. He'd missed school yesterday, claiming he had caught a stomach bug over the weekend, but I knew it was from the embarrassment of poking his friend mid-tackle with his unwarranted hard on. As the bell rang, I slung my bag over my shoulders and watched everyone else fil
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"Okay, so remind me again why she and I are soul mates." It was just past six, and Stacy and I were pulling into the parking garage catty-corner from the venue. I'd driven over to her place since I was staying over after the show, and she been asking questions about Tessa all afternoon. Stacy loved meeting new people, and Tessa seemed to be the perfect challenge for her. I was so thankful my parents had agreed to let me out of the house, but the only condition was that Danny wouldn't be anywhere near me after ten. Which, didn't seem to be any sort of problem in our current situation."Because she was an emo kid just like us. Like, the warped tour kind of emo kid." I said, and Stacy placed her hand over her heart dramatically. "There was a picture on her wall of her and Mayday Parade together." "Oh my god, I'm in love with her." Stacy joked, making both of us laugh. "Okay, Romeo, let's go inside and find your Juliet." I pulled the keys out of the ignition, and Stacy swatted at me p
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