My Wife Just Came of Age

My Wife Just Came of Age

By:  X.L.Ni  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everyone in South City knew that 18yearold Nylah was Michael's little pet! Nylah was the only one who dared provoke Michael but kept safe and sound, even spoiled by him!As long as in his jurisdiction, Nylah could pretend to be powerful, bully and lawless! He loved her, spoiled her, and could bring the best things in the world to her. But he couldn't give her a status!Finally, he married someone else, and she left sadly!After many years, they met again. She smiled like a flower and asked aggressively, "Mr. Baxter, how's the life after marriage? Had the hidden disease been cured?"Remaining calm, Michael pointed to his mini version behind Nylah and asked, "Do I have a hidden disease or not? Can't he prove it?"

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This book has my eyes glued to it. I can't wait for you to add more chapters ...
2023-07-17 10:16:20
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great looks like so interesting
2022-07-21 17:06:07
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joshila reang
awesome ............
2022-06-19 00:03:43
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Namuun Ina Ibrahim
let's get the other chapters so we can see the full history of them
2022-04-16 09:56:37
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Namuun Ina Ibrahim
it's great book talking about the ups and downs of life
2022-04-16 09:55:52
45 Chapters
Chapter 1: Brother-In-Law, I Dont Dare to Run Away Anymore
One night in South City,a girls crying sound could be heard from a lavishly decorated male bedroom.I beg you, please dont - dont do this to me.Michael Baxter gripped Nylah Guzmans jaw as his eyes darkened. In the next second, he forced her to look up with her tear-stained face.The girl was very beautiful. She had the perfect face. Fair and clear skin, oval-shaped face, and defined facial features in golden proportions. Although she was adopted, she was as beautiful as the other daughters of the Guzman family.Especially her dazzling black eyes, like the stars glitter in the night sky.Her small, moist, cherry mouth, also bore a little resemblance to Ariah Guzman.Michaels eyes darkened. He rubbed his calloused finger against her lips and asked in a low and hoarse voice, Do you know why your father sent you to the Baxter family?No - I dont know! Nylah shook her head in a flurry, and looked helplessly at him with a pale face. I only know that my sister disappeared during the wedding
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Chapter 2 The Evil Lolita
The next day, Nylah secretly peeked through a door crack and saw Michael left, before she went for school.Ever since she was sent here with Baxter family, she had always been trying hard to reduce her existence, avoiding her brother-in-law.She didnt want that man to remember the reason she was sent here.As usual, she timidly walked to the gate of the Baxter family. However, she was stopped right before she stepped out of the gate.Stay there!Nylah paused, turned around, and saw a girl, who looked to be of the same age as her, standing right behind her.However, contrasting with her shabby t-shirt, Victoria Baxters classic suit, looked much more glamourous. Her arrogant look was an obvious sign that she had been spoiled since she was born.Nylah, how did it feel to be taken into the room by my uncle last night?Upon hearing this, Nylahs eyes twitched unnoticeably. She looked over and asked, So its you?Thats right! I heard that you were going to sneak away, so I told my uncle to cat
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Chapter 3: The President Has a Hidden Illness
In the Baxter familys building,Michael was siting in the presidents office located at the highest floor. He rubbed his temples, then took out a special pill from a drawer on his desk, and swallowed it together with a cup of coffee.The internal phone call on the desk rang. It was from his secretary who wanted to inform him about his good friends visit.Michael gave his permission and hung up the phone. His offices wide door was pushed open right after.Casey Duke, who dressed in a light blue shirt, walked in and sat down immediately on an office chair opposite of Michael. He then hurriedly drank a sip of water.Michael looked up and waited for him to catch his breath, before asking, Have you found it?Casey shook his head and replied, The security camera at the wedding venue has been destroyed, and there is no camera on the way out. Thats why we cant even find out which direction she escaped from. It seemed like the second daughter of the Guzman family suddenly disappeared from the So
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Chapter 4 Win His Favour Within a Day
After arriving at school, Nylah suddenly received an express delivery from the Guzman family.She opened the box and was blinded by the colourful lingeries inside.There was also a note in it.What was written on it were some threatening words from Ms. Guzman. The main context was about if she could not win Michaels favour today to stop his attack on the Guzman family, then she would not be able to continue her studies again.After hiding those shameful things into her bag, a bitter smile appeared on Nylahs face.Here is a classroom. How could they send things over here? Are they trying to make it even more obvious that she is raised to be sold off by the Guzman family?Her sister was who that man loved, and the one who had escaped from the wedding and angered him. However, it was Nylah who was pushed to take the blame.It is widely known that Michael was like a tiger, the king of beasts that resided in the South City.Had anyone ever seen someone who could run away unscathed after pro
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Chapter 5 He Is Her Saviour
Young lady, are you interested?Hearing that, Nylah glanced at the man sitting in the drivers seat, who was a middle-aged bald man with beer belly...Why these greasy and wretched uncles were always the ones who want to f*ck the female university students?B*stard, I must swindle him badly today! she thought.Yes, but my price is a little higher. Five thousand dollars for one night, and only in five-star hotel. Nylah replied.Upon hearing this, the man looked Nylah up and down from the rearview mirror. Deal! Five thousand dollars!After all, he had never seen such a beauty. It was definitely worth a little more.The red BMW was parked at the entrance of the top five-star hotel in South City. While the man was checking in, Nylah secretly sent a message out, which contained the hotels address and the room number.However, just as she was about to put away her phone, she saw a familiar figure entering the hotel.Michael was that kind of man who would always stood out from the crowd.Even
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Chapter 6 Brother-In-Law, Just Forget It
Br-brother-in-law?Looking at the man standing outside the door with a cold face, Nylah barely stammered out.It was obvious that Michael had recognised her earlier and followed her here. There was no need for her to be pretending anymore.Whos there? Dont disturb me playing with woman!Seeing that old man walked over with only his boxers on, a sudden idea came to Nylah. She quickly hid behind Michael and grabbed his arm with a frightened look. Save me, brother-in-law. That uncle brought me here to molest me!Upon hearing this, Michaels eyes flickered with an unfathomable glimmer of emotion.Then he turned his head and looked at the girl who suddenly hid timidly behind him. Are you saying that he tried to rape you?Yes- Nylah nodded in fear.Michaels indifferent face darkened. Beat him! He ordered his bodyguards.The two bodyguards who followed behind him, then proceeded into the room and brutally beat up that old man.While watching from behind, Nylah couldnt help but swallowed a mout
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Chapter 7 Brother-In-Law, I Was Wrong
Hearing that, Nylahs body suddenly stiffened and she quickly shooked her head. I didnt!Wasnt this rumour of Michael being impotence is already circulated in the South City?After all, he was already 27 years old and he never had any woman by his side. How could people not gossip? Some time ago, he almost broke the rumour as he were about to get married to her sister after a blind date. However, the bride disappeared on the wedding day. Wasnt this another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that something was wrong with him?There was even a rumour about the head of the Baxter family was actually gay. Thus, the daughter of Guzman family couldnt stand being his wife and ran away from the wedding.His cold gaze was piercing as he looked at her from the rearview mirror. I want you to give me an explanation by the time we get back, so you better think about it!Because of his words, Nylah had been trying hard to think of an explanation in the car.After getting out of the car, he threw
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Chapter 8 An Absurd Condition
Nylah was startled by his actions and hurriedly took a step back. As a result, not only her bath towel, but the suit jacket on her also fallen off!Ah-She screamed and quickly squatted down to hug herself, trying to cover her private parts.Standing in front of her, Michael looked indifferently down at her, Why dont you tell me the truth?Brother-in-law, I am telling the truth! What else do you want me to say? Can I put on my clothes first?Nylah looked at the man in front of her pitifully. Her small face was blushing with embarrassment and there was a look of total helplessness in her eyes.Dont even think about putting on your clothes if you dont tell me the truth today!His tone was as cold and indifferent as his expression. He then tossed the bath towel to the the head of the bed where Nylah could not reach.Although the suit jacket was just right behind her, she didnt dare to move even the slightest, as the man in front of her kept staring at her.Nylah gritted her teeth, humilia
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Chapter 9 That Time of the Month
Huh?Nylah widened her eyes and wondered if she had heard it wrong.Her gaze slowly shifted from the his handsome face to his pants. Are you kidding?You have ten minutes to think about it. Dont put on your clothes if you cant decide.After that, he took the bath towel that she used to wrap herself just now and walked into the bathroom.Humph, as if I must listen to you?Nylah muttered and quickly groped for the jacket suit behind her to cover her body. She then glared to the direction of Michael.Unexpectedly, she saw him taking off his clothes under the showerhead!Oh my god, one side of the bathroom wall was actually transparent!So he saw everything when she took her shower just now?Immediately, a small crack appeared between her tightly held index and middle fingers.As expected, the rumours were true.Then wasnt the condition he just offered a mission impossible?But if this is how it looks like when it is flaccid, the size of that thing was too scary!A dirty thought flashed th
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Chapter 10 It Was Only Their Imagination
Nylah took over the sanitary pad and wondered how could he buy it in such a short time.Where did this come from?I borrowed it!You borrowed it? Nylah imagined how Michael randomly knocked on the door of a womans room in the middle of the night with his cold face, and then asked to lend him a sanitary pad. She couldnt help laughing out loud.But she immediately pursed her lips when he shot her a chilling glance.Just now when he went out, she had already wrapped herself in a bath towel again. She then hopped back into the bathroom like a rabbit.It was clearly a comical scene, but in the eyes of Michael, it was some sort of seduction.As he was looking at Nylah, his gaze became more and more complicated.Perhaps, he was really aroused by this scene.Nylah entered the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Suddenly, she noticed something and her hands, which were about to take off the bath towel, froze. Through the glass wall of the bathroom, she caught Michaels eyes!She turned angry ey
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