Not a Trash Son-in-law

Not a Trash Son-in-law

By:  mic.assekop  Ongoing
Language: English
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After passing through the lowest point in his life, the trash son-in-law has risen. After passing through the lowest point in his life, the trash son-in-law has risen.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Bastard son-in-law!”Stefan was surprised to hear a shout from behind the door. Bobby always scolds Stefan before he goes to work. And it wasn't long before Bobby's child number three, before she left for school, was sure to be banging on Stefan's door.“You parasitic brother-in-law!” shouted Luchy Sanjaya sharply.Stefan curled up even more on the bed, helpless. His body shuddered and his breath hitched. Stefan knows that soon his other brother-in-law will also be banging on his bedroom door while giving insults before leaving for college.“Unemployed man! Useless bastard!” shouted Robert Sanjaya angrily.Stefan was shaking and shaking all over his body. He received all kinds of ridicule and insults every day. It didn't stop there, his mother-in-law also harbored hatred for him. Before going to the market, Cynthia must have jeered at Stefan's door.“Trash son-in-law!” howled Cynthia angrily.However, if the four of them had left, Lionny Fransisca Sanjaya, Stefan's wife, would come i
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Chapter 2
Stefan calling Pak Arya to discussing his job at AlfaTech. "Sorry, Stefan, your name has been crossed out and has been replaced by someone else." "I have signed the employment contract, sir." “That's right. But it's been three years you didn't give confirmation to the company. So it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that you can no longer be accepted to work at AlfaTech.” Stefan gave up his hopes of working at AlfaTech. Then he looked for other options, namely trying to find a job vacancy. However, Stefan will not be able to because all diplomas and certificates and anything related to the administration of his studies, from elementary to undergraduate, have all been burned by Bobby. Leaving nothing. Except for what's in this cupboard. What can he wear to apply for a job? Stefan has an idea. How about she apply at a company run by her own in-laws. Monday morning. Stefan knew that soon his father-in-law would be banging on his bedroom door. Before that, he was al
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Chapter 3
"According to the application, Mas!” said Grace Santika, then she got on the back of the pillion. Destination from Kambang Iwak to Grand Garden, one of the top housing in Palembang. The journey takes about fifteen to thirty minutes. Long enough because usually at this time the streets are packed with vehicles. "After work, Miss?" asked Stefan, opening the helmet glass. The wind howled slapping his face. "The plan is to meet someone. But it didn't. I just got scammed." "Why be deceived?" “That guy completely drained the balance in one of my digital wallets. It seems my phone has been tapped.” "I'll help later!" Grace didn't hear wrong. What can this ojol help? Help prayer or what? Grace didn't even pay attention to Stefan's words.(Ojol is Driver online) When they got home, Grace paid Stefan the eighteen thousand fare. However, the handsome man did not want to leave and instead made an offer of help. "How much money did he take?” “Not bad. Twelve million Rupiah.
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Chapter 4
This afternoon at PT Sanjaya Sawit's office. "Yesterday I was helped by a friend, sir," said Grace. Bobby said, “All right. Tell your friend that you need his help." There are several people in this office claiming that their cellphones and social media have been hacked by hackers. Some of them also claimed to have lost some money, even up to tens of millions. The smells of the company will have an impact too. Before unwanted things happened, that's why Bobby had taken his steps first. "Okay, later I'll try to talk it over with my friend, Mr. President Director," concluded Grace, then continued her work. In the evening when she got home from work, Grace called Stefan and said that he asked for an offline delivery without an application. Arriving in front of PT Sanjaya Sawit's office, Stefan was shocked. This is his father-in-law's office. This is a golden opportunity. It's better if he just comes home and pulls him to tell his parents-in-law that he can help overcome the
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Chapter 5
Whether you want to recover or not, the mother-in-law doesn't care, the important thing is that now she has an idea. Early in the morning Cynthia was banging on Stefan's bedroom door. Surprisingly, it wasn't insults and sarcasm that were thrown, but persuasive calls like an antagonist stabbing his opponent from behind, full of tenderness and seduction. "Stefan, are you awake?" Then Stefan opened the door and answered, "I've been awake since four o'clock, Mom." Chnytia nodded while uploading a sideways smile that was not so pleasant. Forced smile. Smiles have a purpose. If you can read his eyes, the real eyes are evil eyes. Cynthia gave her a sly look and said, "There's something for you to do before you go pulling, Stefan." "What task, ma'am? I'm ready anytime." “Plates, glasses, cauldrons, all that dirty stuff you wash quickly!” "Okay ma'am. I'll do it right away." Stefan swiftly headed for the kitchen. Nothing is missed, all shiny. Cynthia called her husband and thr
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Chapter 6
Robert and Luchy still can't believe that Stefan is now able to carry out normal activities like other people in general. The two people were busy asking each other, what kind of miracle had come so that the sad brother-in-law could speak fluently and be told around. "Has he been possessed by a genie in this house?" asked Luchy with a grin. "Could be, Dick. He often daydreams.” "How about we work on him?" asked Luchy who was enjoying his breakfast in the dining room. "May also. It's been a few days since we've had enough entertainment at home,” agreed Robert. Robert and Luchy got up and went to the side yard of the house. They saw Stefan watering the plants. "Monkey, please fetch the guava!" ordered Luchy who was ready with his school clothes. Stefan was dumbfounded. He looked up. “Luchy, the fruit isn't ripe yet. It's still green," Stefan evaded doubtfully. “Seriously you know ripe or unripe fruit? Can you tell the difference between red and green?” Stefan nodded.
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Chapter 7
Stefan covered his ears tightly tonight because even though it was late at night, the screams of insults still reached his ears, but he paid no heed. That's because Stefan is up late and busy fiddling with his phone designing a sophisticated programme to get more orders. The name of the programme: SJ-Gacor. S is his own name and J is John.[10% ...][35% ...][60% ...][100% ...]Even though Stefan has intelligence and memory above that of a normal human, that doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants. If he could, he would have been wealthy by now, instead of being an ojol driver and an errand boy at home. Stefan is an ordinary human who still has many flaws and limitations.His life story isn't like getting an advanced system, or going through the magic door of Doraemon, and suddenly becoming rich. No, not at all. Stefan lived a normal life like any other person. On top of logical reality. Living a hard and bitter life, then struggling to succeed.After his morning prayer, Stefan imm
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Chapter 8
This morning at PT Sanjaya Sawit's office, Palembang. A hacker threatens Bobby that the hacker plans to hack the company's security system, steal valuable data, disrupt or manipulate anything related to company IT, such as databases, websites, social media and the like. There are more than fifty computer screens in the office displaying a message: "That's the consequence for being arrogant in front of employees." The hacker claimed to be a former PT Sanjaya Sawit worker who was unilaterally dismissed by Bobby, therefore the hacker wanted revenge. The company's programmers were unable to solve the problem. Likewise, the person who at that time provided assistance to company employees whose cellphones and social media were being tapped. Bobby as the main director of the company is confused by the hacker. Grace Santika knocked on Bobby's office door, then asked him to come in and sit down. "Mr. Bobby, what if I ask my friend to solve this problem?" “I've hired one reliable hacke
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Chapter 9
Stefan was shocked when he saw his wife washing the dishes. "Honey, let me do it." Stefan tugged at his wife's arm. "While the others haven't woken up yet. Let me do the dishes and clothes." Not long after, Cynthia with messy hair arrived in the kitchen, saw Linny washing the dishes, this old woman but beautiful because of this treatment grinned. "Oh my gosh Lion! Where is that babu?” "Just let me do it, ma'am. Poor Stefan. Right now she is cleaning the yard.” Cynthia was angry with Stefan. "You've already been told. Every morning you have to wash dishes and clothes. Why did you even ask your wife?” Cynthia snapped. His eyes glared. Stefan turned around. "I didn't order it, ma'am. I already told him let it be me, but Lionny is still pushing himself. “What a reason. You are soaring day by day. It seems that the parasite stamp will always be on you. Quickly finish your work. Don't forget to take out the trash!” Back, side and front all in order. Stefan wiped th
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Chapter 10
Bobby and Robert forcibly dragged Stefan into his room, slamming him on the bed. Stefan fell with a thump, unable to move at all. "It's starting to get weird again, Dad. How could he fix my laptop? This person is really weird." "Stefan, you've made it up and what's worse, where did you get that kind of money from?" Stefan caught his breath, then replied calmly, “I didn't lie to you all. I do and say what it is. But you never believed me.” Bobby and his son instead left Stefan, then locked his bedroom door. "Rubbish!" Stefan leaned back, closed his eyes. I don't know what else to do to prove that he is really healthy, normal, and like humans in general. All efforts have been made. However, his father-in-law and brother-in-law were still not happy with him. While his wife is in doubt. When Lionny shows her love and affection for her husband, her family will become frightening waves trying to sink the ark of her household. Tired of daydreaming, Stefan fell asleep by hims
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