#Chapter 6 - Fight Starts

Alvin and Ian look around between Victor and I, beginning to put things together. They’re smart, after all. “You know each other!” Ian says, beaming at me. “Cool!”

Alvin turns his face to me, not relinquishing his grip on his father’s leg. “We like him, Mama! Can he be our uncle, like Mark?” Heat rises to my face. If only they knew how ironic that question is.

“Victor, I -“ I begin, but he interrupts me.

“Evelyn. We need to talk. Now.” His arms are crossed formidably across his chest, a sharp contrast to the two boys sweetly clinging to him.

I nod and bite my lip. “Come on, boys,” I say, putting my hands out to them. They slowly unwind themselves from Victor’s legs and com over to me. I take each by the hand and crouch down so my face is level with theirs. “Give me and Victor a moment, please. Are you hungry? There are some snacks over there.” I point towards the craft services table.

They nod and begin to make their way over to the food, waving to Victor as they go. “Bye, Uncle Victo
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Aniya Bowens
Dang this is getting good

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