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The bottle was wrapped again to be between Emma and Dylan, and Emma gently asked: "Bluntly or boldly?" Dylan replied: "Bluntly." Emma asked: "Tell me a secret I don't know about you?" Dylan smiled and then approached her and whispered in her ear, saying: "That night when I kissed you in everyone's sight, you told me it was your first kiss, and also I was my first kiss, kiss girl." Emma smiled as she felt joy and also ashamed, she didn't expect to kiss them was the first of both, she felt comfortable. To roll the bottle back in front of Dylan and Emma, to ask Dylan: "Bluntly or Boldly?" She smiled and then approached and said, "Bluntly." Dylan came back with the same question and said, "Tell me a secret I don't know!" She smiled and then shyly whispered in his ear with a red face: "That kiss was barbaric, fierce, made my lips swollen, bled a little but... But it wasn't as trash as I told you, it's really delicious, it was the most beautiful thing that happened to me, you annoying. " After they turned, she came again to come as Claire and Dylan. Claire asked: "Bluntly or boldly." "Boldly." Dylan replied "So you and Emma should spend this night together in one room, one bed and no clothes!" Emma gasped. She didn't imagine this could happen. "In a world where opposites collide, Emma, the diligent student with a golden heart, finds herself facing her biggest challenge yet: Dylan, the mysterious evil boy shrouded in mystery. As the midterm exams approach, Emma's perfect academic world is turned upside down when her favorite teacher pairs her with Dylan in a class project."

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Black Pen
I read the novel and liked it very much.. waiting for the rest of the chapters
2024-01-04 09:07:28
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Golden Queen
I loved this novel and started reading it, and I think I am excited to find out what will happen
2024-01-01 20:09:41
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Fantastic book
2024-01-01 11:14:29
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I loved this novel. Your style is very wonderful
2024-01-01 11:12:16
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The novel is nice and funny.. Keep posting the chapters ......
2024-01-01 11:11:47
63 Chapters
Chapter One: "The First Encounter"
Chapter One: "The First Encounter"Pov Emma JohnsonI sighed, exhaustion settling in as my pen scratched another paragraph in the history textbook. The endless flow of facts and dates blurred together, and my pristine cumulative GPA felt like a heavy burden.With just one week left until mid-term exams, I couldn't afford any mistakes. "Come on, take a break," my friend Claire yelled from her bed, painting her nails with vibrant pink polish."I can't, I have so much to study," I replied, my frustration growing as I flipped through flashcards. But my eyes were tired, and no matter how many pages I read, nothing seemed to stick.Claire insisted, "Just for an hour. The game is about to start. You need a break, or you'll burn out."Reluctantly, I gave in. Maybe a short break would help me regain my focus. I followed Claire downstairs, where our parents were getting ready for a football match. Today, it was a game between our school, "Evergreen Sky," and a rival school. I promised to lock t
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Chapter Two: "Dylan Reynolds' Kiss"
Chapter Two: "Dylan Reynolds' Kiss"Claire, Emma's friend, approached and noticed her annoyance and anger. Claire asked curiously, "Why so grumpy, studious girl?"Emma sighed and replied weakly, "Guess who my partner is for Miss Cooper's English project? It's Dylan Reynolds!"Claire exclaimed with excitement, "You're so lucky! Maybe you'll get to spend time with Dylan. That's a great opportunity."Emma continued grumpily, "Maybe it's the end of my good grades. He doesn't even attend his classes. How will he contribute to the project?"Emma felt disheartened and decided to sign up for soccer to be involved in school activities. Unfortunately, there was no available spot except for basketball.Claire chuckled, looking at Emma. "Luck really isn't on your side, Emma. Look at your petite stature, barely reaching 155 cm. How will you manage in basketball?"Claire was right; Emma was very short and had a slender physique, while basketball required taller individuals, and there was an athleti
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Chapter Three: The Punishment
Chapter Three: The PunishmentEmma stood before Principal Harry's office, with Dylan Reynolds by her side. She was nearly fainting, her hands trembling, afraid this would affect her grades.Principal Harry spoke, "Tell me what happened outside."Dylan hesitated, but finally sighed and said firmly, "I kissed her, Principal Harry."Emma was surprised by his confidence and determination. She spoke with a shaky and interrupted voice, "It's not my fault, he did this."Harry looked at both of them and then said, "Emma Johnson, the diligent girl who's always at the top, and Dylan Reynolds, the boy who scores goals. Do you both think that will excuse you for kissing each other at school?"Emma added, "But I didn't want him to kiss me. I had nothing to do with it."Dylan looked at Emma, and although she claimed she didn't want his kiss, he knew there wasn't a girl who wouldn't wish for Dylan's charm. He glanced at her with a flicker of anger and then said, "Yes, it's not her fault; I'm the one
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Chapter Four: "A Revenge Plan"
Chapter Four: "A Revenge Plan"Emma returned home, pondering how she would handle the English project with Dylan Reynolds after everything that happened today.Emma's night was difficult, filled with anxiety and tension as she kept replaying the embarrassing moment that turned her into the "kissing girl." Whenever she tried to calm down and relax in her bed, her thoughts and ideas kept shaking her until she tossed and turned restlessly.On the other hand, Dylan couldn't help but smile when he thought about the kiss, with a childish grin on his face. He knew Emma was still feeling uneasy about that moment, but he couldn't forget how their lips had met. Yet, his thoughts drifted toward the prank he was planning for her and how he would make her regret it.Emma couldn't sleep, so she woke up, grabbed her phone, and started searching for "Dylan Reynolds." Maybe she could find some information about him to figure out who he really was. He was indeed a playboy who changed girls like clothes
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Chapter Five: "Working on the Class Project"
Chapter Five: "Working on the Class Project"That night, Emma tossed and turned in her bed, thinking about the upcoming meeting with Dylan. What would she say to convince the rebel to take the project seriously? In the morning, she had a plan.The next morning, Emma woke up with determination. She combed her hair, put on her school uniform, slung her backpack over her shoulder, and held her books in her hand as she headed to the school bus.The first period dragged on, feeling like an excited bird waiting for 3:00 PM to arrive when she would meet Dylan at the library. But when she arrived, there was no sign of him. She seized a table, nervously checking the time. At 3:15, she let out a sigh – had he ignored her?Emma found herself standing in front of the library, a mix of nervousness and determination. It was already three in the afternoon, the time Dylan reluctantly agreed to meet for their first discussion regarding Mrs. Cooper's project.She had arrived a few minutes early, hoping
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Chapter Six: Dylan Will Teach Me Basketball
Chapter Six: Basketball Will Teach MeDylan Reynolds was always the kind of person who liked to take matters into his own hands. So, when he saw Emma Johnson burying her face in a school book, surrounded by a clutter of cleaning tools after another long day of studying, he couldn't help but feel a mix of sympathetic pain and determination.After all, he was the reason for this punishment, having caused trouble for Emma and her getting into trouble before.With a sly smile, Dylan approached Emma, his blue eyes full of seriousness. "Emma," he whispered as he leaned in closer, as if sharing a secret, "I have a plan."Emma looked up, her eyes curious and slightly suspicious, glued to Dylan's gaze. "What kind of plan?" she asked, lowering her voice to match his conspiratorial tone.Dylan's eyes lit up with excitement as he explained, "I've brought some people to clean the school for us. No one will know. You can be free to focus on your studies and basketball." Emma's heart skipped a beat.
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Chapter 7: "Emma's partnership with Dylan" 
Chapter 7: "Emma's partnership with Dylan" "Who knew it took a little harm to break the ice between enemies and reveal that they are not so different after all?"The next day at school, news spread of Emma partnering with Dylan. She noticed people staring at her as she walked through the halls.At her locker, Claire bombarded her with questions. "How is he really? Is he as he appears in the distance?"Emma shrugged. "He was... good yesterday. Quite clever indeed." She didn't reveal how Dylan's piercing stare and sharp remarks stirred something inside her.Emma took a deep breath and looked at her friend. "Don't mess with him, Claire. He's a deviant, and don't be fooled by his charming attractiveness. He's a player who only hunts women."Emma headed to the library to finish her project with Dylan. She thought he was a good person, but when she heard him standing with Jennifer in the morning, asking him about the news that had spread about him and Emma, he replied, "Jennifer, it's not
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Chapter 8:
Chapter 8:The atmosphere was steeped in tension and challenge as Emma and Dylan were about to engage in an epic battle of pranks. The class was eager to witness this heated collision between the two. Every day was full of new pranks that Emma and Dylan would unleash upon each other. They exchanged sarcastic smiles and provocative glances. These mini-battles between them added a touch of fun to their study days. At one point, Dylan tied a binding knot in Emma's notebook, causing her pages to stick together. In a funny response, he placed earphones in Emma's ears during class, causing her to do an unexpected dance to the loud music rhythm in front of her astonished classmates. Then, one day, Dylan decided to carry out a big prank. He waited until Emma had lunch in the cafeteria, then stole her mobile phone and put it in his own bag. When Emma returned to class and wanted to access her phone to talk to one of her friends, she discovered that it had disappeared. She began to search d
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Chapter 9: "Officially Dated"
Chapter 9: "Officially Dated"The semester ended, leaving behind a series of glances of envy and malice from girls who had long been a secret admirer of Dylan Reynolds, the school's mysterious lover. Today, he made a bold announcement the latest shock in the gossip mill - he and Emma were officially dating. And to make things more interesting, that was their first date.Emma was closing her locker feeling confused, everyone was looking at her and that made her feel nervous, she didn't know how to behave, she was always a hidden person, no one saw her and now she was the most famous girl in school.Claire came jumping in with love and romance: "So, Amy, how long have you been together."Amy looked at her quietly and then said in a whispering voice so no one could hear her: "We're not together, I mean nothing to Dylan. He said this to get Genver away from him."Kelser whispered: "Really, it's really perverse and manipulative, you know when he planned to have sex with one of them and I t
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Chapter 10 : "Bluntly or boldly." 
Chapter 10 : "Bluntly or boldly." Clutching Mike, Genver spoke: "Woo, everybody, listen to me a little bit."Dylan knew that Genver would do a lot and not leave Emma, he declared war.Genver continued: "The beautiful duo have arrived, and now to light up the party, we will dance, play, drink and remain happy for the morning."The musician and everyone danced in duets. Dylan rushed to the lively party with a bright smile and alongside him was Emma Johnson with a smile with a glimpse of fear in her eyes.While the music was pulsing in the room, Dylan wasted no time. He gently took Emma's hand, his fingers tangled with her fingers, when she entered the center of attention.With ease, Dylan led Emma to the dance floor. Her thin fingers clung to him with a combination of excitement and nervousness. I whispered quietly: "I don't know how to dance."Dylan's response was a warm chuckle echoed deep in Emma's heart. His hand gently settled on the small part of her back, sending shivers down he
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