Star Wars Civilization

Star Wars Civilization

By:  Li Xueye  Ongoing
Language: English
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Shen Zheng, a despised migrant worker in a prosperous city, embarked on the journey of the strong for his relatives, rose in the White Wolf Star at a frightening speed, and would eventually create the legend as a Planes Lord.

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Jdan Alar Elecho
Were the update of the story?
2023-05-13 23:16:51
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Jdan Alar Elecho
Where is the latest update..Another dead story
2023-02-22 18:57:37
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David Hansen
Loved it, can’t wait for the rest to come.
2022-12-10 07:24:57
default avatar
Exciting story. Love the characters. Wish it would continue
2022-11-03 16:14:33
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Donald Leedy
love this book! storyline keeps you engaged with enough twists and turns so it doesn't fall into a pattern of predictability and you get bored. can't wait for next set of chapters to be released.
2022-06-10 21:05:50
user avatar
Teresia Ndanu
what happened to this novel. it's been so long and there is no update.
2023-06-25 18:10:48
439 Chapters
Chapter 001 The Strongest Person in the History
July was the season of the White Flowers' withering.The white flower petals with faint red drifted down with the wind, landing on the shoulders and heads of the youths, and laying on the ground beneath their feet.That was truly a beautiful scene.However, not many of them enjoyed this beautiful scenery. At this moment, their eyes were focused on the illusory light screen that only displayed their adaptive value."Adaptive value, 64, qualified." The military officer in camouflage uniform and sunglasses chanted the results of the test in a cold and calm voice. When the young man heard the word "pass", an excited expression appeared on his face.In the long queue behind them, countless youths revealed envious expressions."Adaptive value, 51, failed.""Adaptive value, 73, qualified!""Adaptive value, 86! Oh my god, qualified!"With the exclamation of an officer, the eyes of hundreds of teenagers in the square were all focused on the youth on the assessment device in the fourth
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Chapter 002 Bugs Planting
In front of the headquarters of the Wolf Ivory Corps."Shen Zheng? The genius whose adaptive value reached 98?" After receiving Shen Zheng's registration card, the veteran who welcomed the recruit immediately opened his eyes wide and hurriedly stood up to salute him, which made Shen Zheng at a loss for a while."Genius, it's that genius!" There were hundreds of young soldiers reporting. Someone nearby heard these words and immediately surrounded them."Oh my god, it's you!" Some young soldiers shouted and affectionately pulled a relationship with Shen Zheng. "Do you remember me? We were in the same queue for the test that day!""Genius, please sign for me!" A young soldier excitedly handed over a pen and paper."Sign one for me too!" Immediately, many young soldiers rushed up. Among them, there were more than a dozen female soldiers looking at Shen Zheng with ambiguous eyes.Shen Zheng was a little excited. He used to be a low-profile worker, but now he suddenly seemed to become
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Chapter 003 Going from Heaven to Hell
"What's going on?" The military physician's jaw dropped.The senior military doctor walked over and stared at the illusory screen, his expression suddenly turning extremely awkward."Is there something wrong with the bug eggs or instruments?" the senior military doctor asked."Impossible." The military doctor in charge of the computer shook his head. "Everything is normal.""But this..." The senior military doctor furrowed his brows."What's going on?" Liang Long strode over and stared at the screen. He was only looking at it and did not understand what the numbers and red-green strips meant."The close combat bugs don't match him either," the military doctor said with some hesitation.Shen Zheng, who was sitting in the chair, felt his heart sink."What's going on? A long-range combat bug doesn't match me, and a close-range combat bug doesn't match me either? Then, what are my 98 points of adaptive value for?"Could it be that all beautiful prospects were nothing but a dream?
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Chapter 004 Emergency
"Hey, genius, help me massage my back. These past few days I've been training too hard, my shoulders are aching."When Shen Zheng walked past the Bug Planter Battalion, a recruit looked at him and said in a lukewarm tone.He turned his head and looked at the man, recognizing him."Isn't he the genius with an adaptive value of 86? I heard he's called Ping Lei."At this moment, this genius was seated on the drilling ground of the first new troop of the Wolf Ivory Corps, surrounded by a large group of new recruits who were willing to be his lackeys."Yeah, Genius, aren't you best at health care?" teased a new recruit. "Come serve Big Brother Ping.""That's right." Another person said, "We're not like you. We follow behind the leader so leisurely every day. We don't have to do anything to earn our salary. We have to train every day. It's really tiring."Shen Zheng looked at them coldly and didn't say anything. He didn't come here to fight and make trouble with others. He had to grit
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Chapter 005 Scorched Bug
The second troop of the Wolf Ivory Corps entered the highway first.The trees on both sides of the road flew swiftly past as the wind howled outside the carriage. A faint rasping sound could be heard from within the howl."Turn on the bug sound identifying device." Sitting in the command vehicle, the captain of the second troop, Feng Yu, heard a faint noise outside the half-opened window and immediately ordered the soldiers to turn on the bug sound identifying device."No signal." The soldier listened for a bit before shaking his head."Something's wrong." Feng Yu frowned. "You guys listen carefully to the sound outside.""It's nothing." Several men poked their heads out of the carriage but came up empty-handed."Change the frequency," said Feng Yu. "Change the frequency to 60 to 70 degrees.""60 to 70?" The soldier was stunned. "You mean there are bugs with this kind of appearance nearby? How is that possible?""Carry out the order!" Feng Yu gave the soldier a stern look, and
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Chapter 006 Hunger
Every nerve that had been numbed returned to normal. The brain that had been surrounded by a powerful force also returned to its clear state of mind. As for the energy that had rushed into his body, it was completely surrounded, digested, and absorbed by the Foundation Bug's power!Shen Zheng felt that his brain had heard a painful buzzing sound of bugs, but he was not sure if it was a real sound or an illusion. Because the action of "hearing" should have been completed with ears, but he felt that his brain had heard it directly.It didn't matter. What mattered was that his body had returned to normal.He instinctively took a few steps back, his left hand clutching his forehead in panic.There was nothing. The cat-sized bug had crawled in, but there was not even a hole on her head."Was that just an illusion?" He couldn't help but think."New recruit, are you done vomiting?" A veteran in the distance turned around and shouted at him. "If you're done, then come over and help!"Sh
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Chapter 007 Inherited Memories
Shen Zheng rushed to that aura without hesitation.He was like a wolf that had sniffed the scent of its prey. His eyes flickered with hunger as he chased after it. Very quickly, he passed through the training grounds and arrived at another campsite.That was the military building of the fourth team's barracks. In a certain part of the building, the tempting aura was constantly emitted, which made Shen Zheng's hungry brain feel more intense hunger."What on earth is it?" As he thought, he sized up the military building.There weren't any sentries on duty. There was only a veteran on duty reading a book in the security room with a silly smile on his face from time to time. Evidently, he was captivated by the plot in the book."A good opportunity!" Shen Zheng's eyes lit up as he examined his surroundings. Without any hesitation, he crouched down and passed through the security room's window and entered the military building.All the military buildings of the Wolf Ivory Corps had the
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Chapter 008 Bug Swarm
Shen Zheng decided not to tell anyone about the glowing bug on the day of the mission.Right now, he was certain that his transformation must have something to do with that bug, and the mission of the special forces must also be related to that bug. This was a huge matter, and there wouldn't be any benefits for him if he got involved in this matter.The ability to plant bugs on his own couldn't be revealed easily, either. Who knew how people would react after finding out?Shen Zheng thought that he should find a chance to use the bug launcher, so that he could explain effectively why he had the power of the second kind of bug.After a good night's sleep, they were greeted by a clear morning. Shen Zheng was the first to wake up and looked at the bright sunshine streaming in through the window with a faint smile."The clear sky and bright sunshine must represent my beautiful future, right?"Thinking of this, and then thinking of the increase in his treatment after he became stronge
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Chapter 009 The Third Egg
"Kill, kill you all!"Shen Zheng's defense platform had a total of 300 soldiers. Among them, 200 were veterans and 100 were recruits.In addition to Shen Zheng, all these recruits were combat-type bugs. But at this time, their performance was no different from ordinary infantry. They kept stepping back and shooting wildly at the bugs that pounced on them with pale faces."Shoot after seeing it clearly!" The veterans roared angrily, frightening the recruits until they only dared to retreat and not shoot again.As expected of veterans, they rolled up their sleeves and rushed forward. With a wave of their hands, they transformed into two sharp armor blades. Some raised their hands and fired out several sharp spears, some fired out powerful acid, and some swung their hammer-like fists...One by one, the bugs were struck, crippled and killed, but even more pounced forward to engage in an intense confrontation with the humans.The morale of the recruits was finally boosted. With a loud
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Chapter 010 The Claw-shaped Tank
The Stinging Claw Bug's forelegs missed their target, while Shen Zheng flipped in the air and landed on the back of the Stinging Claw Bug.At that moment, Shen Zheng stretched out his hand without a second thought because the combat memories of the battle appeared in his mind. Countless tiny thorns surged on his hand and instantly condensed together, making his hand incomparably hard.The five fingers on his right hand were surrounded by the spikes, which turned into five sharp claws and stabbed into the head of the Stinging Claw Bug. With a pull, the shell of the Stinging Claw Bug's head was torn apart, revealing the nervous system within.The steel armor on his other hand surfaced, turning into solid armor. He punched out, and the head of the Stinging Claw Bug, which had lost the protection of its shell, shattered into pieces.The corpse of the Stinging Claw Bug swayed and fell forward, while Shen Zheng nimbly bent his body and jumped up again before steadily landing on the groun
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