Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

By:  MacKenzie  Updated just now
Language: English
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Mitsuki's life drastically changes after a chance encounter with a mysterious man. Trapped in a situation she never imagined, Mitsuki is forced to confront her deepest fears and fight for her survival.

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51 Chapters
The Man
Mitsuki’s Pov The sun is up, and I woke up like normal. I got up and did my morning things as usual. I’m planning to go out today. I haven’t seen the outside world for months. “Hunter, you have to behave, okay? I’ll be back.” I said to my dog, staring at me while wagging his tail. I knelt down and kissed him. Then I went outside and took a taxi. Finally, I arrived at my destination. There are so many people here, I decided to visit The National Gallery. I love everything about art. It's magical, but it's not magic. I have to capture this moment. I took my phone from my bag and started taking pictures and videos. "Amazing," I whispered to myself. I kept looking around. I stopped when I saw a man in a corner. I wanted to ignore him, but I couldn't do it because I'm into those genres of books myself. That really caught my attention. Besides, I feel like my inner self is telling me to approach him, so I did. I walked in the direction of the man and approached him. I observed hi
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The Mysterious Man's POV Two days have passed, but this woman has not regained consciousness since then. Should I do something about it? Hm, I Am very worried. I look at the figure lying on my bed. I stare at her for a bit and suddenly an idea pops up in my mind! "What if I spill hot water on you? Ah! That would wake you up, no doubt about it." I burst out into such a boisterous laughter, then let out a sigh. "I wouldn't want to ruin that pretty face of yours, do I?" I sat beside her, combing her hair. I hummed. "Hm?" I caressed her cheeks. I didn't notice the beauty mark before. I moved closer to take a better look, my face just inches away from hers. "What a beauty." I caressed her face, my eyes glued to her. This is the first time I've seen such beauty. "I was not planning to hunt that time, you know, but you just suddenly came to me and made a scene." I paused for a moment. She looked so fragile while sleeping. A lovely view for me. I smiled. "What a nuisance you are." "You
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Let Me Go
3rd Person's POV The woman looks at the man standing in front of her with disgust, and now trembling with fear. She couldn't believe her ears, the strong eyebrows plus brown dark eyes give his face an oddly menacing look. The atmosphere was suddenly so tense, when the silence became uncomfortable, the man spoke. "Please don't make that kind of face. You're scaring me." "Le-" "Yes?" "LET ME GO!" The woman screamed, a pleading look in her eyes. The man didn't say anything as he watched the woman get up from bed ,came to him, and knelt down. His eyes widened as he spoke the words. "What are you doing?" "This is so wrong….. please, please, spare me." The woman hated the way her voice trembled. Anger stirred within him. The man swallowed down his frustration before he spoke. The Man's Pov I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. She's desperately begging for mercy. This woman is getting on my nerves. Should I just kill her? No. It would be a waste. "Stop for a second, oka
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The First Attemp
Mitsuki’s Pov As soon as he went into his room, I started thinking of ways to get out of here. I don't know how many days I've been unconscious. I also haven't eaten anything since the day he kidnapped me. As time passed, my head began to hurt. I sighed. “Ugh!” This is so frustrating. *Several Hours Later* 3rd Person's Pov The brunette checks the woman who is lying on the bed and is sleeping like a kid. The man chuckles. He runs his hands through his hair. "Look at you being adorable right now," he spoke, a pleasant look on his face, he decided to lie down next to her. The man took a deep breath, his eyes never leaving her face. He watched the woman closely, taking in every small detail. A superior smile plays across the man's lips, but suddenly his face becomes serious and says in a quiet voice, “Your life belongs to me.” He then closed his eyes and stayed like that for a while. Mitsuki’s Pov I woke up in the middle of the night. I must have fallen asleep because I was tired
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The Beginning
3rd Person's Pov The man didn't notice that he fell asleep. He looked at his watch. "Oh, it's already midnight." He was planning to wake up the person next to him, but the man was surprised that the woman was gone. The man clenched his fists, his brows furrowed, jaw was tense, his eyes sharpening. Silence filled the air. He exhaled. "H-a Ha ha ha" the man was grinning wildly with an evil laugh. "You piece of shit" he was talking about the woman. He wants nothing but to kill her at that moment, however he keeps his composure. He got up from the bed and went outside his condo. "You're dead," the man said in a very calm way. He then hummed, his eyes shining with excitement. The man found the woman standing inside the elevator. "There you are," Then the man went in her direction. Mitsuki's Pov "And where do you think you're going?" It's him! What should I do? Fuck. I'm dead for sure. I wanted to run, but my feet would not allow me to do so. My whole body was shaking. I can't
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The Man's Pov I was taken aback for a brief moment. How dare a mere human yell at me? I could just kill her right this instant. Hmm, but the fact that she managed to do this to me means that she is no ordinary human. That's right, I knew from that moment she had potential. Ah~ I'm getting excited. I knew it the moment I had her in my hands. It felt right. Kidnapping her would become the best choice I had ever made. Just having her there made me feel alive, excited. I won't give her another chance to escape again. You belong to me and only me. "Let me go." She said in a serious voice. I didn't give her a response. Let's see, what would you do in this kind of situation? Go on, do something. Entertain me~ "Let me go," she repeated, but I still didn't answer. She's making an expression I hadn't seen before. It's very amusing. I like it a lot. "LET ME G-" Fuck, her shouting is unbearably annoying. I decided to talk this time. "I'm sorry." I said, then looked her in the eyes with si
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Flint's POV Her eyes grew impossibly wide, lips slightly parted. She was very shocked to hear me say my name.I'm loving her expression right now. You should at least know my name. We are going to live together, after all. However, I won't force her to tell me her name for now. I have to maintain my acting. "Pff" I can't help but let out a small laugh. It's been a while since I've felt this kind of excitement. "Yo-you... did you just tell me your name?!" I closed my eyes and smiled playfully. "Why? I thought you were curious." "I am not." Puff. She answers right away. "But you wanted to know my name back then, Am I right?" "That's because..." She paused for a bit and then continued, "I thought you were a good person." I nodded my head. "But I am." "Huh? Are you serious? You're a total psycho!" She raised her voice, then pointed a finger at me. Her emerald eyes are full of anger. I was a bit stunned by her actions. I smirk. If you were a different person, you would probably
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Mitsuki's Pov I can't believe this man! We're outside! What is he thinking? Asking me that?! *FLASHBACK* "Do you want to go outside?" My eyes widened! Did he just say "Outside" Am I hearing things? Am I hallucinating? "Wait, what?" I asked. I couldn't process what he said. "Don't make me repeat myself." He said he was smiling like some creep! This man is literally crazy, I took a deep breath. This is my chance! I have to make sure to get out of here. "I want to go." I answered. He gave me a satisfied look. "Settled then." He patted my head and went straight into his room after that. Why, all of a sudden? It's suspicious. He must be plotting something. I haven't even thought of any plans yet. Ugh! I'm not sure why he asked me that, but I'm not going to waste this opportunity. If we ever go outside, that means I have the chance to escape from him. I won't waste it, I promise. *END OF FLASHBACK* "What are we doing here?" I asked. I don't know why he drags me into the department
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It's been a week since then. I never tried to go outside again. I ordered everything online, I was traumatized and don't feel safe anymore. I regret everything. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have gone outside. If I stayed home, I wouldn't be able to meet that man. It's my fault. I tried not to dwell too much in that accident, but ever since I escaped, all I do is overthink, so many regrets, so many what ifs. What if he finds me again? What if he kills me? Ahhh!! I wanna die. "Woof." I quickly turned to Hunter. I gave him a soft smile. He looks so happy now that I'm here. "Hunter." I called. He jumped on the bed and started licking me. It's a good thing that I trained him before. He managed to survive while I was gone. I was thinking if I will let Big brother have him. I'm afraid that if something happened to me like that again, he will not survive. I won't be able to bear it. *Ring* "Hunter, wait a minute." I got my phone on the side table from my bed. "Who would call me thi
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I woke up like normal as usual, but this time without Hunter. It's been weeks since they left. I miss him so much. Kaito and I haven't got a chance to talk, he must be busy with work. I wonder how they are doing right now? I'm sure they're fine. I got up from the bed and did my morning routine. I finished everything I had to do and decided to work. “Let's check my mail first.!” I opened my laptop. There are a lot of emails, mostly from clients. I scrolled down and read some. It's all feedback about my design. I'm so glad they all love it. I couldn't help but smile. “Let's see more.” I kept scrolling until I saw an unfamiliar mail. “Hm. Who could this be? I don't remember this username.” I checked the date, and it was sent last week. From "adamsf4@.." I stopped for a second and stared at the name. Why do I feel nervous seeing this? Ah! Snap out of it. I should stop overthinking too much. I shake my head and nod to myself. Why are you nervous? It's probably a client for sure. I'
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