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In a world divided by werewolf hierarchies, Calista Vale’s life spiraled into rejection when she turned omega. After enduring heartbreak, she found refuge among rogue werewolves Emeralda and Allesia. Unveiling her legendary power as the golden wolf, destiny called her to face the enigmatic vampire king, Zaliver. When Elijah, the Lycan king, emerged as her second chance mate, fear threatened to consume her. Can she overcome her fears and accept Elijah as her mate, forging a bond that might hold the key to defeating the enigmatic vampire king? Or will she lose everything she has struggled hard to build ? Read on to find out !

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104 Chapters
Calista's POVI felt a big wave of ice-cold water splash on me. I jumped up from the floor in shock, shivering from the cold.In front of me stood my mother, holding a bucket."Get ready and make breakfast for everyone," she ordered before storming out of my room. I sighed, realizing this wasn't really a room; it was the old pack garage where I lived. There was a small bathroom in the corner, and I stored my old clothes in an old-looking bag since I didn't have a wardrobe or closet. A chair and a broken table were the only furniture.I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before changing into my clothes and heading to the bathroom. After taking a bath, I put on the only clothes I had – an old light blue t-shirt with holes on the sleeves and worn-out jeans. I pulled my brown hair into a bun and stared at my reflection in the small mirror on the wall.I looked nothing like my family members. My dad had black hair and dark blue eyes, while my mom, sister, and brothers had dirty blonde h
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Calista’s POV "Mate," gasps echoed as soon as that word left his plump red lips.I still can't believe it. Luciano Wyatt Robinson, the playboy, is my MATE?! My brother's best friend? The neighboring pack ALPHA?!Oh my dear Lord! I'm going to be only 15 tomorrow. But look at my mate! He is 20! 5 years difference! My mate, Luciano, also known as Luke, looked me up and down.Others around us were waiting to see what's going to happen. Wilson, Valerie, and Ervin had confused looks. They knew my age."My mate is a kid?!" he said in disbelief. "Not to mention she can't shift." I lowered my head, embarrassed."She is a disgrace," I heard his Beta, Iris, say. "I can't have a mate like you. I deserve better than you. The Moon Goddess must surely hate me, after all, she mated me to a pathetic excuse for a human," he said, scrunching his nose as he said 'human.'"Heck, I don't even want a mate, why now?" he looked me in the eye. By now, there was a huge crowd around us. They hollered, clapped,
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Calista’s POV"Ouch," I winced. My foot hurt from all the walking. Thanks to my human speed. It was afternoon now, and it's hot. So, so hot. It didn't help with the fact that I'm in the woods. It only made everything worse. I changed into a black tank top, hoping it would help. My hair is a mess. My face, arms, and legs had small cuts.By now, I know the pack must be aware of my runaway. Heck, they're probably celebrating already. Who cares? I don't. I decided it would be better if I found a no man's land so that no packs would come hunting for me.Finally, I took a break. I was exhausted. I was starving. I lay down in the shadow of a big oak tree. It's time to take a rest. I thought about my life as I slowly fell into a dreamless yet peaceful sleep, for the first time in 5 years.I heard voices. They were saying something, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. It was as if they were whispering to each other. "Why is she in a wolf pack?" one of them said. The sound was femini
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** 5 months later **Calista's pov"It has been 5 months now, and I have never felt so happy and satisfied in my whole life. I have never been so comfortable in my whole life.Esmi, Ale, and I finally decided to settle down in one place, so we got permission from the Winter Flake pack to settle down in the town near it. They were quite surprised that some rogues actually asked for permission because most rogues don't settle down on their own. Later, when the alpha got to know we are just innocent three girls, he gave the permission. That was 2 and a half months ago, but he still sends his beta once a week to check on us. We are totally fine with it. I mean, come on! We don't have anything to hide, right?Once we settled down, the three of us started searching for jobs. Luck was on our side because we got what we wanted.Alessia, being the designer she is, decided to work as an assistant to a fashion designer. As for Esmeralda, she decided to work at an art studio since she loves paint
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Calista's pov"I woke up with a startle. My sixth sense told me something was not right. Something was wrong. I forced my heavy eyelids to open, feeling a heavy sensation in my chest.I looked down from my bunk bed to see Alessia on the floor, one of her legs still on the bed, her body on the floor. Her soft snores assured me she was sleeping. She looked so cute. Sometimes, I wonder if she really is older than Esmeralda.Speaking of Esmi, I glanced at the other bed and saw her sleeping too. She was hugging her pillow tightly, mumbling some incoherent words. I swear I heard her say, 'Liam Hemsworth' and the word 'love.' I chuckled.But then, the feeling of dread filled my heart, overwhelming me. I didn't like it. From the corner of my brain, I felt like a red alert was ONN.Calista, it's bad. Very bad,' I heard the voice again. It had been two weeks since I last heard that voice. Why do I hear this voice? Who is talking to me? Why can't I see her? But mostly, why do I feel like the voi
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-Calista's wolf-Calista's pov"Welcome to the torture room, little human," Duncan grinned at me. I cringed in disgust; he showed no mercy. "She is not a human!" Esmeralda gritted out. "She might look small, but she is stronger than you think. Her heart is not tainted like yours!" Alessia yelled. "Let's see what she can do then..." I heard Jerkface's voice behind me. Before I could turn around, I felt a punch on my jaw. I fell to the ground, an agonizing scream escaping my mouth. "See! She is nothing!" he sneered."You don't know anything, Daniel!" Alessia yelled, struggling to get out of the men's hands. So this is the jerk, Daniel? "Want me to prove again that she is nothing?" Daniel said and punched me again before I could even react. Ouch! That hurt like a bitch. I even tasted blood in my mouth. Next, I felt a kick to my rib, and another piercing scream escaped my mouth.Suddenly, he was pushed away from me. I looked up to see Darren shielding me. I also saw Jaxon punching Dan
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Calista's pov"I forced my eyes open, feeling different and seeing clearly. Then, everything rushed into my mind: Darren, Daniel, the fight, the shiny black wolf, Lilith, Fiona, the knife, Alessia, the arrow, the golden... Alpha. Oh my god! It's not a dream! It's real. Am I really the new Alpha?!"I heard the sound of beeps and looked to the side. "Alpha Beau, you are awake," said a woman in a doctor uniform, who wasn't from Blood Moon. I knew it instantly. "Where am I?" I shot up from the bed, removing the needles from my hands and arms."Calm down. You are in the neighboring pack. This is Argentum Luna Pack," she said with a kind smile. "Where are my pack members?" I asked. "Injured pack members have been treated well and are now released. Your pack is waiting here. They are fine. Alessia had the worst injury, but she's fine now," she explained."How long have I been out?" I asked, slowly relaxing. "Two weeks. I know it's long, but there's nothing to worry about. You were just in
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Calista's pov>I felt like something was on me. Soft hands caressed my cheeks, a feather tickled my nose, and my comfortable bed bounced. Someone poked my feet. Oops. Ticklish. Aaachooo!I opened my eyes, sneezing hard. Laughter filled the room. Rubbing my now red nose, I looked up to see Rayce jumping on my bed, Esmeralda holding a feather, and Darren near my feet. I glared at all of them. Aaachoooo! Aaaachooo!Another laughter, a cute one this time. I looked to my side and saw my baby, Kail. "Mommy!" he squealed and hugged me. "Baby," I said, hugging him back, giving him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek, making him squeal again. "Mommy, no!" Everyone started laughing."Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Alpha. Happy birthday to you," I heard my daughter's voice. I looked at the door to see Maya holding a big chocolate cake."Aww, thanks, Maya," I said, standing up. "You're welcome, Winnie," she replied, placing the cake on the ta
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Calista's pov I ran back and hid in a bush before shifting to my human form. I mindlinked Esmeralda to bring my clothes. Soon later she came and gave me a blank hoodie and shorts. I wore them and we headed home.My home. The Alpha's mansion.I went to my room and took a shower. I wore a white long sleeved top with denim jeans. I went downstairs."Where is Maya and Kail?" I asked Rayce and Esmi."Maya called. She said she has extra classes today.She also said she will come late cuz she is meeting her friends. As for Kail, he is training with Ralph." Rayce said."I thought I told everyone that I will be training Kail." I said , confused."We know. But today we have serious business." Esmeralda said. "oh." I nodded. "Come on. Others are already in our office." Rayce said and we followed him to our office.Each one of us has our own offices. But we also have an office for all of us where we can discuss and plan. We went to the office. And there were the others in their seats. I went a
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Calista's POVIt has been an hour since the others left. I just finished my paperwork, giving instructions to Leosin, Aaron, and Kim. I also had a talk with Ralph, well, Alpha Ralph, but I prefer just Ralph.After a small bath, I wore a gray tank top with a black print that says 'SAVAGE' and my black leather jacket with an inner puncture-resistant layer. I added leather fingerless gloves and black combat heel leather boots. I let my hair down in loose curls and applied a thick layer of black eyeliner, mascara, dark eye shadows, and red dahlia lipstick. I wore earrings, a bracelet, and the moonstone and onyx necklace.Once ready, I grabbed my bag and walked out of my home, entering my black and gold Bugatti Chiron, racing out of my pack. This is the day. I will be facing my past, the past that destroyed my little soul.3rd person POV When the cars pulled into Dark Shadow, people filled the surroundings, representing both Dark Shadow and White Ray. The first person to exit the car was
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