The Alpha’s Hybrid

The Alpha’s Hybrid

Oleh:  R.A Higheels  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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After Celeste is denounced from being an Omega, she is rejected by her mate who is the soon-to-be Alpha of her pack. Broken and depressed, she attempts to end her life when she is saved by Killian, an infamous Alpha of the most powerful pack in history. After an incident ensues, Celeste finds out she might have a connection to the sea. And might be of a powerful mix breed, after all. With her mate by her side, could she find out what truly makes her content? —- If you’re liking this story, follow me @ra_high_eels on IG for teasers, face claims, and character muse

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Suzy Williams Kozi
very good book!
2023-02-13 08:45:36
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Theresa Remellete
great story
2022-01-11 04:39:09
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Sharon Imperiale
Fun short read
2021-11-23 04:52:27
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Jill Smith
is there going to be a book 2 please
2021-11-21 18:54:49
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friends' & family
Loved the story grey twists to the plot fantastic
2021-11-21 08:15:37
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Jenny Batarick
love this story.enjoyed every bit of it wouldn't change a thing like I said love the story thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it
2021-11-09 01:26:25
default avatar
Loved the story. Great read
2021-10-14 08:37:26
user avatar
Lisa Schmidt
enjoyed reading
2021-10-09 21:42:46
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Ann-karina Bøhnke Kjær Madsen
great book, love happy endings
2021-10-06 02:06:47
user avatar
Kathy Pressley Marsack
I love this book!
2021-09-06 22:43:13
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Amber Hartley
this was a very good read I really enjoyed the end of this book. thank you for doing a great job on it.
2021-08-14 04:06:23
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Habiba Ahmad
Good book, enjoyed it
2021-08-10 06:12:11
default avatar
Loved it.........
2021-08-09 02:21:29
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Mary OConnor
Loved this story.
2021-07-30 23:39:04
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Dawn Marie Meece
I loved reading this book very much. But I wished that there was more chapters to this book.
2021-07-19 13:53:50
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1. Hurt
 Hurt.A four letter word that meant pain. All my life, I had been hurt a lot. It was all because of a wrong misconception. Humans could be stupid, you know.Scratch that, wolves could be so dumb.“Celeste! You fucking bitch!! Get your ass down here now!” It’s my step mom’s voice. Ever since my father died, she had made life unbearable for me.“Yes, mum!” I replied her and immediately opened my attic door, running out so swiftly.“Oh, please. Don’t call me mum.” She gushed out, rolling her eyes swiftly.“Why didn’t you do the laundry like I told you? You are so disrespectable like your lowly life mother.” She said, also referring to my mum. No one really mentioned anything about her. I was told she died while giving birth to me. But no one ever said anything about her. Ever since I was a child, dad raised me lovingly. But he too joined her five years ago.“N
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2. Her
      I kicked my bare paws on the ground of the forest, running so swiftly. This pain was so unbearable. Rejecting me was painful but marking her in front of me made me loose my senses. I didn’t even know where my wolf was taking me. I just wanted to go away from the hurt. But, as I went further, it even hurt the more.     My wolf halted directly at the front of something ahead. It was a water; somewhere I had never seen before since birth. I had never come out and went this far. Guess rejection did so many things. My paws walked forward, looking inside the water. A white wolf reflected back to me. Through the water, I noticed the change in the color of my eyes.They were reddish.Red signified a wolf’s anger and I had it now because I was angry with my mate. I was angry with the world I lived in for misunderstanding me.     My wolf howled lou
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3. Him
I couldn't sleep at night.I tossed, turned and rolled over the wooden platform I called a 'bed.' I felt so much hurt below my abdomen. I knew it was my mate sleeping with the Queen Bee and it hurt. There was so much pain and for a moment I thought I'd die. Even though a part of me wanted toEvery single time I tried to fall asleep, it was no use. I could hear his voice in my head. . ."I, Beta Devin hereby reject you, Omega Celeste as my mate." He had said coldly. All because of a wrong misconception. That I killed my own father. I didn't deserve this. Not this...These were my thoughts till the next morning. I didn't remember falling asleep. So, maybe I passed out from the unbearable pain that consumed me.....I felt a bucket of cold water being poured on my body Next, was a stinging slap on my face. I immediately sprung up from my bed to
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4. How
          I could hear muffled sounds. It was whispery; like an untamed clatter, coming from an unknown place. The most amazing thing was I couldn’t recognize the sounds. It wasn’t from the cellar I stayed in.“Is she…the Alpha’s mate??” “Wow… she’s so pretty!” “Quiet! Let’s go out so we won’t wake her up…”“Oh, no. Alpha is coming, let’s leave!”The next thing I heard was the sound of a door opening, with a creaking sound. My eyes immediately opened swiftly out of shuddered open that minute. The first thing that my eyes laid on the moment I opened it was white ceilings. I stared at them confusingly…Where was I?With the Moon Goddess perhaps, because I remember trying to take my life.Slowly, I sat up from the bed, rubbing my eyes to see everything clearly. It was by the time I dropped my hands that I came face-to-face with a handsome
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5. Heart Beat
     My eyes bolted open the minute I felt someone’s lips on mine. I narrowed my eyes, wondering who it was—only to open my eyes fully, finding that same male that Merida claimed was our second-chance mate. For a moment, I stare into his brown eyes which are warm. He seemed too bright for his own good.I got into my senses when I discovered we’ve been staring at ourselves for a long period of time. I immediately blinked at him in total dismal. But it seemed like he was not having it. My petite hands directed to my lips, focusing on him. He just kissed me! “D-Did y-you just kiss me?” I asked, furrowing my brows at him. I expected him to reply he didn’t. Instead, he lifted me by the collar of my shirt, pulling me up as if I was some kind of lifeless entity.“W-Wh- “I tried to say but he interrupted that instant.“You,” he started off, staring at me so intensely. “Why are you so keen to end your life?” He ask
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6. Hell
     Patricia had so much to say to me. She had babbled about why I should keep on living and not try ending my life. She even made me promise to her not to. On the verge of tears, I hugged her. My spirits made me feel so alone. I knew deep down; I was just this small girl who had been misunderstood by lots of people. And, I never even bothered to explain myself again because they just never believed anything I said.     She left me after a while. The guards watching me informed me of their Alpha’s proposition. He had ordered to see me for some reason. And now, I was on my way to wherever he was located, with two bulky guards at my side. They all made it seem like I was some psycho that needed watching and it irritated me.     As we halted in front of the Alpha’s workplace, I saw one of the guard’s pupils dilate, I knew he had just mind linked the Alpha. The next thing I knew we were already enterin
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7. Hyper
         I was taken to a room by the guards this crazy Alpha assigned to me. They kept hovering around me even when I entered the room. The room was an extremely large one. It smelled like candies. Ok, not exactly candies but it was this refreshing scent I perceived. Something woodsy and delicious. It was familiar. Like the same Alpha.My eyes immediately directed to one of the guards. I hesitantly asked him, “Whose room is this?” I didn’t miss the confused expression he gave me. Although he answered, in more of a submissive way… It was as if I was some important person.“This room belongs to our Alpha, Luna. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call us.” He answered, bowing down. My brows furrowed in confusion. I didn’t understand why he would put me in his room? Back at my pack. I couldn’t even live with my family. How would I be able to live with an Alpha?“The Alpha told me to mention that
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8. Humor
I was pissed.In fact, pissed was an understatement. I was so annoyed and angry. I could feel my Merida inside me. She was so hurt at the sight in front of us. The girl with the red hair was kissing our mate, right in front of us. It all reminded me of the scene back at my pack. When Beta Devin marked the Queen bee of my pack directly in front of me.In total disbelief, one of my legs retreated back. That made Alpha Killian look at my direction that instant. The female who had kissed him spared me a glance. I could read the expressions on their faces. They were both surprised I was actually there which was insane. My other leg followed the other, taking a step back, with a hand on my chest.Turning around, I ran through the door I had come in from. Perhaps, my expectations were too high. I shouldn’t have foresaw having a mate. Perhaps, I wasn’t just bound to have a mate. I sho
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9. Hangout
“Stay here, Celeste. I have something important to do.” Alpha Killian said. My hands reluctantly moved without permission to take a hold of his. But it was too late. He had already gone.Knowing that, I growled alone to the comfort of the room. It felt cold and annoying. There was this sudden need in me. A need to be with Alpha Killian. My body also seemed to be forgetting Beta Devin’s rejection. Even though I could still feel him mating with his girlfriend, it was no longer as painful as before. This definitely had something to do with the fact that I had accepted his rejection.Standing up, I walked to the mirror I noticed in the room. My hands raised the cloth I was wearing which revealed my stomach. I had never got the chance to examine my belly but I was beyond startled by what I saw.There were purple like traces on it which were a little red on my pale and white skin. I couldn’t believe that there was this amount of damaged wounds on my body. Thou
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10. Hide
It was like I was lost. I couldn’t even focus on anything part from that beautiful scene that had occurred when I was a little girl.Sounds.That was what I heard for a long while. Not until I realized that they weren’t just sounds. Someone was trying to reach out to me. I immediately spinned back to reality.“Celeste!” I immediately sprung out of my thoughts, looking directly in front of me. An overwhelming expression was written all over her face.“You seemed lost in thought. I was asking what flavor you wanted.” She breathed out. Trying to focus, I opened my mouth to answer her.“Oh, sorry about that. Chocolate I guess.” I replied her. I watched as it was scooped into the cone shaped cup. The moment we purchased it, we left there.I arrived back at the pack with Kate. I showed my gratitude before she left, saying she had another outing with her friends. Thus, the stuffs we had bought were all in my hands.Carrying a whole lot o
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