3-Emmett’s Intro to Wallace 101

Emmett’s POV

I’m in the car with Uncle Liam and my parents. They are introducing me to the family business. My kind doesn’t go to college normally, we learn from experience.

“After we look at the site, we should surprise Sara and Shay,” Uncle Liam tells us.

“Oh yes! I want to get some good gossip,” Mom does a little dance.

We build and own nightclubs in both realms. We already have two in Atlanta, GA but we are building a third, because Dad wants to.

We check out the site and see the progress. There are walls, and a dance floor, the lights are going on today. The stage for live music or a DJ. It’s all very nice. Mom is making all the decorating decisions with her favorite designer, and I’m listening as Dad and Liam inspect everything.

“We let you mother and Aunts make the design decisions, they have great eyes for that,” Dad tells me.

“Not Grace,” Uncle Liam says. “Remember the London Club?”

Dad shivers, “Yeah, not Grace. You dated her? Why?”

Liam shrugs, “I was trying very hard not to be lusting after my little sister.”

Dad rolls his eyes, “Worked out well, huh?”

Uncle Liam is, in fact, mated to their adopted sister, Aunt Claire. They have 18 children. Read that again, 18 children.

Aunt Grace is the aunt we all refuse to engage with. She is mated to Uncle Nic, Alpha of Mountain Peak, my pack. Grace is a strange combo of bitch and well….no she is, basically, a bitch. We are all pretty sure she is still in love with Uncle Liam, who will not give her the time of day.

If I can’t be as good a mate as my dad and Uncle Luke, I’ll accept being as good a mate as my Uncle Liam. He loves Aunt Claire with every last piece of his heart. They are equals, for the most part; I think he defers to her more.

The relationship I will not tolerate, under any circumstances, screw the mate bond, is the volatile, loud, disrespectful relationship my Uncle Nic and Aunt Grace have. In eighteen years of knowing them, I have never heard them say a kind word to one another. Seriously, it’s gross. She checks out other Alphas and dresses like a sixteen-year-old girl. His eye wonders as well. They make me cringe.

“You okay there, young Alpha?” The GC’s son asks. He’s a pack member, smart guy. Good looking too.

“Yeah, Kurt, I’m good.” I smile. He smiles and winks.

“Can I show you the back rooms?” Kurt whispers in my ear.

“Sure,” I tell him and follow him to the dressing rooms.

“This is the VIP dressing room,” Kurt shows me.

“Awesome,” I grab his arm, spin him around and capture his lips.

“Fuck, you really can kiss,” he breathes heavy, before we dive in for another one again.

He expertly removes my pants and gets on his knees.

“Fuck!” I hiss, as Kurt’s tongue, lips, and throat take most of me in. I grab at his hair and hold him to the rhythm I need.

He groans against my cock, causing me moan. Pushing me further to the edge. I brace myself against the wall behind him, with my free hand. He has me over the edge faster than any woman I have ever been with. The guys before him usually do. I guess knowing what feels good helps.

I do up my jeans, before pulling him to me for another deep kiss. I undo his pants and reach in. He pulls close to me, as I stroke him. He is harder than granite, and not overly large.

I get on my knees and lick up his shaft, stopping at the tip and giving it a quick kiss before swallowing his dick.

“Oh, Alpha, yes,” his moans escape him, as his hands run through my curly hair. “Fuck, I’m not gonna last.”

He wasn’t wrong. He came quick. A lot quicker than I expected.

We fixed our pants and kissed for a while. My dad mindlinks me, that they were ready to head to the Southern Crescent Pack for lunch.

“Hey Kurt, next time you’re home, come by the Packhouse,” I tell him, giving him one more kiss.

“My dad has no idea I’m gay,” Kurt says, before I open the door. I stop and turn back to him.

“Full disclosure; I’m bi, not gay,” I tell him. “And, I’m pretty sure my parents know.”

“Can we keep things a secret? I mean, we aren’t mates so..”

I laugh, “sure we can keep it a secret. You want exclusivity until one of finds a mate, or is that not important to you?”

“You mean, you would be willing to be with just me, until one of us finds a mate?”

“Yeah, if you are down for it,” I tell him, rubbing his back and pulling him to my chest. “I think you’re cute.”

I kiss his neck, as he runs his arms around me.

“I’m totally down, Alpha,” he puts his head back, so I can continue my kisses.

“You taste amazing,” I breathe against his skin. “Call me Emmett.”

“Emmett,” he pants, as I kiss up his neck to his lips.

“Yes baby,” we kiss again, holding each other. Kurt won’t be my first secret boyfriend, unfortunately. Even in 2041, some wolves have very 1941 beliefs.

“Thank you for choosing me, even if it’s only for now,” Kurt smiles at me.

“If you ever want to tell your dad, I’ll stand beside you,” I kiss him again and we walk out of the room.

He switches to “bro” as we round a corner, where our parents are.

“So, Alpha, how are the back rooms looking?” Kurt asks, as we join the group.

“Awesome, I think the talent will be very comfortable,” I smile.

“Well, I just decided on the furniture and design. Once the soundproofing is finished, we will decorate,” my mother and the designer give me and Kurt knowing smirks.

Kurt’s eyes go wide, and I feel him tense beside me. I mindlink mom to keep her mouth shut, because of Kurt’s dad. She nods and smiles.

“Kurt, next time you are back in the pack, I hope you will come to dinner,” mom smiles and hugs him. He smiles at me, since his back is to his dad. My mom pulls back and cups his face. “You are exceptional. See you soon.”

“I’ll be back at the pack tomorrow night, for rest of week and weekend.” Kurt says smiles at her.

“Wonderful, we expect you for dinner.” Mom laughs. I nod at Kurt, before following my parents.

“Thanks, Mom,” I say, as we drive off.

“His dad should accept it. I mean an Alpha finds his child attractive, that should be good enough,” Mom gets huffy about parents not accepting their children. She takes it personally.

“Is that what took you so long back there?” Dad asks.

I just snort and look out the window, with a satisfied smile on my face.

Once we get to the Packhouse, we are greeted by Shay, in the foyer. There are many people milling around since it’s lunchtime and the kitchen is serving.

As we are standing around chatting, we hear Sara moaning and screaming from the elevator.

“Sounds like you and Kurt, just saying,” Mom mumbles to me.

“We weren’t that loud!” I say to her and even dad huffs. “You couldn’t hear us.”

“No, but I’ve heard you with others,” Dad warns. “You aren’t quiet.”

Sara comes off the elevator and sees us. We smile and wave, Dad and I forgo the hugs.

After a lunch, we meet with the girl's mate, Thomas.

“Alpha,” Liam smiles. “I see my girls are happy. That is good. Nothing pleases me more than happy daughters.”

“I do my best,” Thomas smiles at us. “Now, about the club in Atlanta. There are two buildings on either side that are owned by humans. We can purchase them for these amounts and make apartments, that, I think, could bring big money.”

Liam and Dad read over the papers and dad passes me his copy. “Sorry, here Emmett.”

Thomas hands me my own.

As I’m reading, I realize the cost of building, plus renovations, will not yield profit for three years. That seems long.

“Am I reading these figures correctly? We are looking at a three year turn around for profit?” I ask.

Thomas looks impressed, “Yes, having a loud nightclub next door makes turning a profit fast difficult.

“So, why not turn them into Boutique malls? We can charge commercial rents; the renovations would be cheaper. And since they would close around 8 or 9, the club is a benefit. Standing in line for the club, ‘oh look at that designer dress. We need to come back and shop.’ Girls will go nuts, if we can get two or three big names. We plaster their names on the front, give them window space and place them in the back, so the customers have to walk by the lesser-known stores.”

The three of them seem in thought.

“How do we get the bigger names?” Thomas asks.

“Mom, Aunt Sable, and Aunt Claire helped get a few names on the map and helped them in bad times. It’s time to call in a favor,” I answer.

Everyone is impressed, especially dad.

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