The Billionaire’s Bartered Bride

The Billionaire’s Bartered Bride

By:  Luné_ex  Completed
Language: English
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“Natalie, you know you want me, we are married, why are you trying to resist?” He whispered grabbing her neck seductively and pulling her closer, Nicole took in a much needed breath, no he didn’t under, even in this moment, she wanted him so much even though she knew just how wrong it was, she wasn’t Natalie, she wasn’t his wife, he just didn’t know it… Nicole Evans had just one job, and that’s to help her twin sister keep her man until she gets back herself and return to her marriage, but why was this so hard for her to pull off and why can’t she keep Rafael Salvador out of her head and off her bed?

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Rosalind Emmanuel
Great read so far
2023-05-18 07:54:56
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Brenda De La Mater
Wonderful story.
2023-04-05 09:31:02
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Fadiela Carlie
great read, hope a book for her twin and Caleb to have a story
2023-02-25 14:30:22
user avatar
Such a wonderful read! Keep up the good work.
2023-01-24 15:19:34
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Liza Tim
wonderful strory.
2023-01-15 15:54:28
186 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Oh my God Nicole !!! I just said yes to Rafael ,"Nicole heard Natalie say in excitement as she entered her workshop, she dropped the brush she had been using to paint and pushed aside the painting board in front of her, she turned and faced her twin, she looked so excited and her eyes sparkled."Wow,"Nicole said."Is that all you have to say, Nicole ? Really? You are such a mood spoiler,"Her twin said frowning at her, she looked exactly like her, they were identical, born just a minute apart, Natalie was older with one minute and never fail to rub it on her face everytime, they had identical face, body type, hair type and color, although Natalie currently had hers in blond and straightened out, but when left in it natural curly state, it looked exactly like hers, and they even do some movement in sync, they were so similar that even their parents find it hard to tell them apart, that was majorly because they weren't always around though, the only person that could tell them apart
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Chapter 2
"Your work has been approved ma'am and it will be displayed on the day of the exhibition, you just have to come over to the art gallery and sign some few papers,"The voice at the other end of the phone informed, Nicole resisted the urge to scream in excitement until she dropped the call."Thank you so much, this is such a huge opportunity for me,""The pleasure is our, your work is too beautiful to be ignored, when will you be chanced to come to sign the papers,""The day after tomorrow, if you don't mind,""Not at all, take your time,""Thank you so much for this opportunity,""Alright, we will be seeing you soon, have a nice day Miss Evans ,""You too, thank you once again."Nicole replied as the call ended, she dropped her phone and danced around the room in excitement, her work has been approved which means she gets to show off her art to the world, she couldn't be happier, she had not expected them to respond so early, she submitted three days ago and had been a shock when they
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Chapter 3
Nicole thought hard on what she should do, she thought of just telling him that she was not Natalie but her twin sister, but then Natalie said she didn't want them to meet until the day of the wedding, she couldn't understand why her sister felt they shouldn't meet but she couldn't blame her either, her parents still got them confused, not to talk of someone who hasn't met the two of them before.He stood there handsomely, he a button-down white shirt and a pair of black trousers and also matching black shoes, he gave off the young, rich and handsome vibes that almost made her dizzy, he looked so confident in himself standing there, that she wanted to run and hide, he beckoned on her to come over."Well, fuck it, we will deal with this later,"She muttered under her breath as she walked up to him"Hi, dear,"She said going over for a hug, she quickly drew away from the hug as his unique smell hit her nostrils, he smelled good and had a nice body, all good, Natalie liked her men big
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Chapter 4
"That has to be the most dangerous and chance meeting ever,"Nicole announced as she entered Natalie’s room, the room was huge with a big queen size bed in the middle and a huge mirror with huge wardrobes where her numerous clothes and accessories are kept, the room was a fairytale, and compared to hers which was painted in Sea blue, Natalie's room was adorned in white and pink, with lots of glitters, she had a huge photo of her hanging in the room, Nicole looked around searching for her twin."Natalie? Where are you?"She called."Over here, Nicole ,"Her twin replied from the balcony, yup her room had a balcony, they both shared it and as kids, they used to get off their rooms at night and spend time together on the balcony, it has been one of their traditions while growing up, they bonded over snacks and sweets since most of the time during the day they were either having different schedules as Natalie had modeled when she was younger."What are you doing?""Setting this place up
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Chapter 5
"Where the heck are you Nicole ?"Nicole heard her mom's voice as soon as she picked up the call, she knew she shouldn't have answered the call, but it had been ringing nonstop and was disturbing her concentration, she couldn't turn it off because she was expecting a call from the art gallery regarding the work she submitted, she had signed and they said she needs to be at alert as they can still call her in anytime before the exhibition day."Mom, I am at a studio, where else will I be?""Come home right now,""Hmm, why should I? Mom, I am not a kid that you can order about, I can make my own decisions,""Cut the bullshits, young lady, and come home right now,""I am busy mom,""So, that stupid stuff you do in the name of art is better than your sister and family?""What do you mean?""Your sister is bringing her fiancee home today and you are nowhere to be seen,""Well that's not my fault though, Natalie doesn't want me to meet him until after they are married, she doesn't want to
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"Rafael, are you really sure you wanna push through with marrying this babe, I mean you don't know anything about her and you guys haven't even been dating for long,"Caleb asked Rafael as they sat over a drink, Rafael smiled and took a sip from his drink, he was going to marry her, she had something he needed, and marrying her will get it for him, he had tried multiple times to get it with money but it had been impossible so he figured approaching her will be the best move and he had done that only to find out they had to be married, well so long as he gets what he wanted, marriage wasn't all that hard."Yes Caleb, I am going to marry her, I already met her parents and they gave their blessings,""Wow, I never imagined you as the marrying type,""You never know until you meet the right person,"He responded, he couldn't tell Caleb his plan, they may be friends but Rafael had trust issues, he didn't trust anyone but himself, so he kept mostly to himself, people are betrayers and he ha
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Chapter 7
"Nicole?"Nicole heard her twin call as she walked into her room without knocking."Yes? What do you want?"She asked, she was working on Natalie's wedding gift, she quickly saved her progress and turned her system off before her sister could see it, she didn't want her to know what she was going to paint for her, she was almost done with the stretch, she turned to her sister who sat on her bed."I need you with me for my wedding dress fitting, more like I need to make a choice between so many beautiful dresses and I need you there,""Why do I have to go with you for your fitting? I am not the one getting married?"Nicole asked."Because you have to be there,""You know I don't like going out and I have an exhibition to attend,"Nicole responded, there was no way she was letting Natalie talk her into going with her, Natalie draws attention wherever she goes and Nicole didn't want to be caught in that."Come on Nicole , I already know the exhibition was postponed so don't try to lie to
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Chapter 8
"What do you mean by that Natie?"Nicole asked, already not liking what her twin was about to tell her, she knew Natalie enough to know this was one of her many impossible requests again, she was going to stand her ground this time, no way was she going to let her twin talk her into doing an impossible thing just for her."Nicole, you know I love you right? And you are my only true best friend,""Go straight to the point Natie, I am a busy woman.""Okay, I need to help me go on a date with Rafael, I forgot about it and I can't go looking like this, please,""What? No way, I told you before that I am never going to play you again."Nicole said. it was indeed as she had thought, another impossible request, this one was beyond impossible, she couldn't meet up with Rafael again.."Shoot, please Nicole, help me, I can't tell him I won't show up, he will get mad, I promised him I will go with him, do this for me, please? I promise this will be the last time, pretty please twin, if I go like
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Chapter 9
Nicole walked fast into the restroom, making sure that no one else was around, she brought out her phone, okay not hers, Natalie's phone, and dialed Natalie's other line, she waited for her twin to pick up biting her lips."Natalie, you have to come right now or I am going to mess things up for you,"Nicole almost shouted, as her twin picked up the call, she was doing a horrible job portraying her sister and if Rafael was smart he would have noticed the difference already."Come on Nicole, you know I can't, I am in so much pain right now,""You don't get it, do you? They are asking me stuff related to modeling and I keep missing words, Rafael had been looking at me suspiciously, if you don't show up it might get worse, I don't want to ruin your relationship Natie,"Nicole voiced hoping her twin will just for once agree with her."Nicole, he doesn't know me all that much and he thinks I have multiple personalities, so he won't see a problem with it, the reason he would be looking at y
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Chapter 10
Nicole woke up the next morning feeling like hell, she couldn't get enough sleep the previous night because she couldn't stop thinking of the kiss which made her feel shitty, then guilt too for kissing her sister's man, compounded with the fact that her period decided to come two days early, in conclusion, she was in a horrible mood and didn't want to get out of bed for the whole day, she still didn't know how she will face her sister after sharing a passionate kiss with her fiance, God knows she has tried her best to stop thinking of the kiss but each time she does it all keeps coming back."Fucking hell,"She muttered wanting the thought out of her head, she got off the bed and staggered to her restroom, brushed her teeth without looking at her face in the mirror she knew she would like hell with dark circles from not sleeping, she took her bath and came back to her room and laid naked with just the towels on her bed, the event of the previous night playing over in her head again.
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