The Billionaire's Arranged Bride

The Billionaire's Arranged Bride

By:  Inumidunwrites  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You will obey me and me alone. You're my wife, and I have every right over you!" Alex's voice boomed across the room, as he stared intently at Aurora. "No! I'm only contracted to be your wife. That doesn't truly make me yours. You have no right over me!" Aurora firmly stated, her voice filled with defiance. Alex, with an intense gaze and his warm breath caressing her face, closed the distance between them in a few swift steps. Aurora's knees weakened under the weight of his presence as he pulled her closer. "You're mistaken. You belong to me," he declared possessively. Aurora, a spirited twenty-three-year-old, had always lived life on her own terms, much to her parents' dismay. However, on her twenty-third birthday, after a passionate one night stand with a stranger, she returned home to find her parents confessing their dire financial situation. Alex Black, a cold and ruthless man, is willing to save her parents' company. But his offer comes with a condition: Aurora must marry him. Desperate to help her family, she agrees to the arrangement. Little do they know, Alex's motivations for marriage are not rooted in love, but rather in fulfilling his grandmother's desire for an heir. Will love blossom from a union born out of necessity? Or rather, will their hatred for each other win over everything else? Only time will tell.

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5 Chapters
Tonight, I'm going to dance my life away like it's my last night on earth. Aurora Wilson told herself as she watched her best friend Layla drowning herself in shots. She stuck to her pink cocktail drink she had no remembrance of the name.The bartender had said something about a sex on the beach? She wasn't sure.She still very much wanted to go home complete. And in one piece. Although, she already had about four of the pink cocktails and Layla was already looking like she had a twin sister next to her.She looked around the club again and sighed. If this wasn't the worst way to spend her twenty third birthday party she didn't know what else was worse.Clubbing had always been her and Layla's thing, but the club looked dull tonight even with the strobe lights and the loud music. And the guys she had been meeting, she had next to zero interest in them."Come on Aurora! Have a slippery nipple!" Layla shouted as she pushed a shot into her hands.Aurora drank it all in one gulp grimacing
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"Oh God! She sleeps like a drunk!" Anna Wilson, Aurora's mother, commented as she walked toward her daughter's room with her husband James next to her. The sound of Aurora's snoring could be heard clearly outside her room."She is a drunk. She takes after you." James murmured and his wife turned to him with a glare."Excuse me?""Let's just go wake her up!""Are you sure it's the right time James?" Anna asked unsurely as her Anna eyes burned with worry."It's better we tell her now! What will she do when she finds out that we have to move?"James asked and Anna reluctantly knocked on Aurora's door.But all they could hear was more of her terrible snoring."Just open it!" James pushed the door open impatiently.The room was an absolute mess.There were clothes strewn on the floor and a few of her underwear was littered on the floor.Her phone was blaring on her large vanity table and Anna rushed to check it only to see that it was an incoming call from their daughter's friend Layla.Sh
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"Wait wait wait! Are you joking?"She asked as she stood up with her arms on her waist, glaring at her parents."Honey, please... We're sorry but...""But what? What? In what world does this still happen? Why will you sell me off this way just to pay your debts?"Aurora was seething, she didn't know Grey, in fact, she didn't want to know him or who he was, all she was mad about was that her parents felt it was normal to agree that he would marry her just to clear their debts."Look at the bright side, at least you don't have to worry about finding a husband. We already did that for you."James said to his daughter, who narrowed her eyes at him, he quickly stopped talking. If looks could kill, he would be six feet under for the comment he just made."My dear, Aurora, you wouldn't want us to be bankrupt, would you? Do you want us to be living on the streets like commoners? How do you think we will be able to pay for your designer clothes and bags if we don't find a way to clear our debt
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"Mr Alex Grey Black! Welcome to our humble home. This is my lovely wife Anna and our beautiful daughter, Aurora."Mr Wilson pointed to his daughter, who was busy trying to hide her face in her hands.Dear Lord! Help me get out of this situation and I will go to church everyday!She prayed desperately.Her mother walked close to her and pinched her side."Aurora, why don't you say hello to Mr Alex?"She slowly, very slowly raised her head up and her eyes met the unsettling blue eyes of Mr Alex.He was still the way she remembered him, dark hair, brooding eyes with ice blue eyes and a jaw that could cut through glass."Hello Mr Alex. Nice to meet you." She said as her cheeks reddened in embarrassment.Mr Alex had an amused look on his face. The woman looked exactly like the woman he met at the club the night before, what the hell was she doing here? "Nice to meet you too, Aurora. You look lovely."Aurora looked down at her clothes and gave a weak smile. After the pleasantries, they all
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"Oh My God! That rock is huge! I want to get into an arranged marriage too! How do I sign up?"Layla exclaimed as she examined the ring on her friend's finger with admiration and a little bit of jealousy."The details on it are out of this world. It kind of looks like Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring!"Ruby commented. Ruby was staring at the ring in wonder as she touched her hair slightly.Aurora looked at the ring one more time.It couldn't have been Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring, could it?"I don't think so, that ring cost well over five million dollars. And it was auctioned off or something like that. That's not the point, the point is I don't want to get married, guys!""Why? He's hot, he's rich and you know he's good in bed, most girls will kill for that combination."Layla said as she sipped her iced tea, if she had been given the opportunity she knew she would have jumped on it enthusiastically. Layla Davis just didn't have good luck with men."Yes, but that's not what I
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