The Billionaire's Delicate wife

The Billionaire's Delicate wife

By:  Joy  Ongoing
Language: English
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The tiny cord holding unto Alice's joy and sanity got tampered with; and broken on one of her supposed to be happiest day of her life. After seeing her few hours to-go husband to-be, banging her sister on their wedding day. Out of hurt, she involves in a one-night-stand with a stranger; Arnold Hawthorne, the heir, and CEO of Hawthorne business empire, who wouldn't let her attempt murder. Truth be told, Arnold couldn't let her go. Will Alice be able to take revenge over her sister and husband to-be ? Will she find love again despite the incident that occurred on her wedding day?. Find out yourself!.

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Derena Marie
awful grammar
2023-10-31 04:49:03
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Derena Marie
86 chapters 10/29
2023-10-30 10:52:00
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Frances Johnson
Love it thus far. Watch for changing of names. Please don't let this book be ongoing forever. Hope to see an update soon.
2023-08-07 19:30:24
default avatar
Would give a zero if possible. Bad English and plot. I couldn’t read past the 1st chapter because of that and character names changing from one sentence to the next. Will not recommend.
2023-11-08 00:44:36
86 Chapters
Chapter one
A pair of heels clicked on the tiled floor aggressively, the steps portrayed the anger of the bride walking in her wedding attire. Her face was twisted into a frown, a fierce fire could be seen burning in her eyes as she paddled her walk across the hall. Her Red hair scattered behind her as she matched the veil hanging at the tip with just a pin, the beautiful hair that had once been styled into a beautiful bun with jewelry was loosened and messed up. Her eyes flashed with a dangerous glint as she passed through various rooms, she wasn't the innocent lady from a few hours back. All her dreams were shattered into bits, and the fairy tales she had about love were all shattered into broken pieces. At that moment she lost her innocence and naivety, She finally located room 305 which was written in the message sent to her, her friend Mila from Country A had sent her various videos of her so-called fiancee, soon-to-be groom, and the love of her life. In one of the videos, she had caught a
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Chapter Two
The chair he sat on was a leather couch and he seemed to be the only one around, causing Alice to have thoughts that aren't holy.He was the same man she bumped into when leaving her room and he seemed to have been coming out of the bathroom. Wait, why was he still at the reception? Everyone had left, why was he still waiting? Alix met his eyes because her eyes were still glued on him as he drank and did some things on his phone. The girl got tired of staring at him and turned to her drink only for a thought to strike her mind. How much she was hurting from what her fiancee did to her couldn't be calculated. When she recalled the scene of her sister in bed with her fiancee, she grimaced her face and gulped more than two glasses of the alcohol. This was when the bartender decided to cut in but she made him realize that he had no say in her life. She drank half of the bottle knowing full well that the man in the corner was staring at her. Did she mind? No! And then, she minded hi
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Chapter three
A man was panting as he raced through the corridor, passing through different doors that led to different rooms finally he reached the room he was going to and pushed the door open. He had been checking the time and calculating the time left for him to get to his boss and thankfully, he got there on time.The pushed the door open and breathed out his words as he had been running. "Boss, I am here, I got here on time." He was Arnold's assistant, Taylor.Arnold had a towel tied around his waist, with water dripping from his hair into his refined abs that would make any woman go crazy for him. He was crazily hot.Luckily for Taylor, his boss was just coming out of the bathroom. Arnold wasn't friendly to his employees, causing all of them to fear him as they had witnessed what he could do if they failed or disappointed him."Here are your clothes, boss, just as you like them," Taylor had regained his breath and now handed the bag to his boss. Arnold took the bag from Taylor. "Find the
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Chapter four
They all knew how he disliked being touched, "Master, you can place her down here. We will take care of her." The leader of the men said but Arnold ignored him walking towards the car instead. "Start the car and drive to the mansion Idris (the name of the leader of the men). Taylor calls the doctor and tells him to come to the mansion this instant." Arnold ordered in a freezing tone as he got into the car with Alice held tight in his arms. Everyone immediately swung into action to avoid the wrath of the boss, Taylor then made a call to the Hawthorne family doctor. ~~~~~ Ace's Mansion ~~~~~ In less than 30 minutes they all arrived at the mansion standing at a reserved area in the city, Taylor rushed out of the car's front seat and opens the door for Ace to come down. Arnold climb down the car with the still unconscious girl in his hands, he brings her into the mansion with the doctor already awaiting his arrival. "Master, what happened to her? Is she dead? Did you manage to kill he
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Chapter five
Chapter 5 Alice woke up in a mess, and in unexplainable fright. Was she in the afterlife already? She wondered as she stared up at a strange ceiling that was nothing like hers. Her room didn't have a chandelier that classy, and a marble ceiling that glowed like lightning. She slowly gained her orientation as she carefully sat up in the awkwardly large bed she was in. There was just too much white in the room— white walls, white sheets, white marble floor. White everything. For a moment she was sure that she was in the afterlife, till she saw the black door in front of her. What happened? Where was she? The questions kept coming at her, but there wasn't any befitting answer, leaving her as a worried mess. Instantly she was hit a sharp headache which forced her to recollect all the events that had taken place so rapidly. “No fucking way...” she muttered to herself as she saw her wedding dress hung on the wall beside the bed. She was in a new set of clothes. She recollected the mo
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Chapter six
Chapter 6“Alright then, I'll be right there.” Arnold hung up as he had gotten his third business call that morning. He was still on the road, to work,but he knew he'd be having one a heck of a day at work. The sun shone brightly with its brilliant rays offering vague promises of making the worries of the day before disappear. Arnold peeked out from his car window as he fed his eyes with the city's view. He had recalled being thrilled by the view, but each day, he just found himself helplessly losing interest in everything aesthetic. Which, sadly, happened to include the opposite sex.The happenings of the weekend still haunted his mind which was always occupied with inventive ways to build fortunes that could help him get whatever it was he wanted. It was all like one huge board game to him.His meeting with Alice happened to be an unexpected twist which he was quite anxious to know the end result. He had never met a woman who had broken straight through the thick armour of steel h
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Chapter seven
Chapter 7“Ma'am, if you would just calm down and listen—”“Ma'am? Seriously?” Alice cut off the young maid who had walked in on her moment of desperation. “Do I look that old to you?”She had silenced her with that last question. The young maid had brought her food, which she suspected to have contained some sort of...She didn't even know what exactly to suspect, but she knew that Arnold, offering her food, was questionable on its own. Was it his way of trying to win her trust? If it was, she thought, then he'd really failed. He knew totally nothing about her. It was going to take more than a treat to win her trust.The young maid had walked in on her frantic attempt to hang herself from the chandelier with a tough strap from her wedding dress. It was supposed to be a solemn moment of desolation, a quiet scene, of her transition from the world without anyone's notice. Until she walked in.“There's a better way to go about this,” she said, trying to draw closer to her. “This is not t
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Chapter eight
Chapter 8Alice didn't believe her ears for a second. Had he just said what he had said? He hadn't even attempted reasoning with her for a moment. She knew Arnold to be cold, but not ice cold as he was showing at the moment.She was totally lost for words.“Go ahead, what's stopping you?” Arnold asked. “If you really wanted to kill yourself, you could have done it quite long ago.”His emotionless threw her into a feat of confusion. She was in doubt if that was the same man who had asked for her to become the mother of his heir. She just didn't know what to believe about him anymore.“Or maybe you just don't want to,” he went on to say. “Maybe you really want to live.”“How do you know that?”“I just know,” Arnold said. “But then, now that I'm here, I won't let you push that chair away.”“Wait...what? Why?” she was confused as to why he contradicted himself. Was he actually listening to himself speak?“First off, you won't die. It would be a total waste of time and energy watching your
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Chapter nine
Chapter 9Sophia took consecutive deep breaths, questioning if what she was about doing was worth it. But then she had no other option but to do it. She exhaled heavily as she braced herself for whatever that was coming.The deal was done when she pushed the doorbell. She had come to her point of no return. She shut her eyes waiting for the door to swing open, but it didn't. She presumed it a sign to turn back and return to where she had been weathering the storm.She was about making the turn when the door finally came open. She was met by Gretna's frown, which was a bad sign. Gretna— the Dennisons' maid was always bright-eyed and optimistic, but not at the moment. It almost felt like she had just seen bad luck.“Good day,” Sophia managed to blurt out a greeting, not being able to look Gretna directly in the eye. “Good afternoon. Can I come in?”“Who's at the door?” the familiar voice of Jia, her mother echoing from inside the large house made her heart thump with desperation. “You
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Chapter ten
Chapter 10“What's been up with you lately, Ace?” Mr. Hawthorne asked, staring Arnold in the eyes as he spoke every single syllable.Arnold hated having to face his father, as it was a subtle reminder that he was still under some authority which he had to answer to whenever he was called upon.“Nothing you should be worried about, father,” Arnold retorted as his father came through the door. Alan Hawthorne was a tall, slim man with silvery gray hair and eyes which seemed to bright for his age. The savvy businessman just happened to know whenever Arnold was up to something. “It's on the news, Arnold. Bride over the bridge, I should be worried.” Alan stated bluntly. “I won't be able to cover up your tracks forever if you're going to keep pulling off inconvenient stunts.” Arnold sighed in frustration. He didn't get why his dad had to bring up a past that he'd been trying so hard to move away from. He wished he could make his father understand that his past was the reason he was doing a
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