The Broken Melody

The Broken Melody

By:  Varsha Chindam  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Mel?""Hmm...""What next?" They all watched the girl with sadness as she stood by the fence watching the horses run, they don't know how to bring the smile back on her face which used to make everyone's mood happy. She was the sunshine and the happy melody of their house. They can't see their precious girl so broken but things aren't in their hands and they can't change the past. They only hope to see their girl running around the house happily while her dad chases her from behind."Life is a melody filled with many emotions, sometimes the melody is left unfinished."

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35 Chapters
Mel "Come on guys! hurry up! we are going to miss the fireworks!""Mel! Mel! slow down. I can't run any more." I laughed turning around to see my sister Jennifer Jenny for short whiff out as I made her run with me along with my other two friends Mavies and Lucy."Jenny, we already know that she won't be listening to us until unless we reach the grounds." Lucy said stopping to catch her breath."Why didn't we take our cars?" Mavies frowned."Running and walking is good for our health." I yelled out as my hair flew in different directions. I love the nightlife and we are having a lantern festival in our community. But sadly I had my classes till evening so I missed the morning events."Wow!" My eyes went wide as I looked at the arrangements, this year they did an amazing job, I grinned when I saw my dad and mum standing along with my uncles and aunts. Dad is a surgeon and mum is a housewife because of he
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Mel"Seb, I made your favourite breakfast." Seb walked towards the island as I waited for him to taste it. I'm not a cooking person but I like to prepare breakfast for Seb. It took lots of time to cook his perfect breakfast, mum helped me how to make a few recipes.
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MelI whistled a tune as I leaned against the wall going through the notes, our class timings are extended which means the semester exams are nearing.&l
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MelI walked towards the elevator and waited patiently, I bobbed my foot as people looked at my messy hair and backpack. Seb finally decided to meet after ignoring for six whole weeks.
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Mel"Ma'm, your tea and biscuits.""Thank you, Zia." Zia left the room as Seb sat on the rectangular sofa in my room. I have been living in the farmhouse from one month
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Mel"Hey! long time and you became busyyyyy." I chuckled as I hugged Samuel and saw that he isn't alone. Beside him stood a cute girl wearing a blue dress."Hello, I'm
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MelI looked at both of my parents arguing while I ate my breakfast. Jenny looked at me to tell them to stop. I rolled my eyes as I don't want to interfere in their stupid argument.
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After five years...Mel
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Mel"Kimberly!" Startled by my sudden voice Kim looked here and there before she turned to where I and Margot sat. She wandered to our table with her plate."Night duty
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Mel“Are you sure about this?” Julie asked as I gave her a look.“Shut up Julie, you have been asking the same question again and again
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