142 Come Home To Me


I had never been filled with so much fear in my life. I could feel the countdown. Deen down, I wished Sylvester would reach out and inform us that Yuri had changed plans, but the fact that he was still on course and the meeting would still hold in Gad brought fear to me.

I knew it wasn't a sure win, even though we wished it would be a certain victory. I was worried sick.

I had seen too much betrayal to be confident in the people on our team, especially the Stepanovs, but I kept my fears to myself.

The battle was in three days, and I did not want to get in Devin's head.

He needed all the support he could get, and I was willing to give it no matter what. I just had to hope for the best.

My heart remained broken because we could not go to the South. That was where we were supposed to be. Devin and me. We were supposed to be with our people, lending them strength and courage. Instead, we had to hide with Leo and pray that it all worked out for good while our loyal pack member
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goodnovel comment avatar
I think Karima said that not all of them would have a second chance or fated mate. She didn’t say anything about not all of them having a mate at all. If she did I missed that comment :) But I do hope they all survive.
goodnovel comment avatar
Did they just become fated?
goodnovel comment avatar
Irene Hutton
That was supposed to say mate not May lol

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