The Doomed Vampire, ATN #1

The Doomed Vampire, ATN #1

By:  Priyal Dessai  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1 of After The Night Trilogy. The alpha of the Silverstone Pack of Orilon has been murdered and the pack now seeks revenge. The undead vampire, Damien, at fault knows he's doomed. With the lack of support on his side and the vampire council denying any involvement, he wanders around the town breaking rules—killing and feeding off humans to live the rest of his days well fed before he finally has to face death. Again. However, when one night he stumbles upon a drunk girl at the cemetery who's surprisingly immune to his telepathic powers, the flame of hope is ignited in his un-beating heart once again. But in the process of extending his immortal life, what he doesn't know is he's about to confront a lot more, including his past and present relations. _________After a messy breakup, Eira Blake gets drunk and ends up at the town cemetery at midnight to visit her dead mother's grave, completely unaware of the predator lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce at her. The next day, she wakes up in a dungeon. Trapped under the vampire's wrath, she discovers her supernatural side and is asked to make a choice—help him and in return, receive help to find her biological family or deny him and face the consequences. Wanting to secure her loved ones, she makes the decision that changes her life as she's known forever.

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88 Chapters
1 - The beginning of an end.
The only certainty of life is death, everyone proclaims. But what happens when you die and don’t remain dead?•It was a normal night in the town of Orilon, as long as you ignored the fact that it wasn’t.The streets illuminated from the tall lampposts bustled with commotion as everyone hurried to get to their homes after receiving the latest news. A storm was heading towards the town. But some of them simply couldn’t end their day without stopping by at Malcolm’s Shack situated in the heart of the town.“Sheriff Holland, two dead bodies in one day—both completely drained of blood. What kind of animal exhibits such behaviour?” The question hung low in the air over the chatter of those around them.“The blood-sucking kind?” The Sheriff suggested as she sipped the sweet cold coffee.“Like?” He challenged, eyeing the young sheriff.“Detective Williams, I don’t think you’ve heard of vampire bats. A lot of them can be found in our Centaurus Forest, the very place where the bodies were disco
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2 - The death of a seer
The weather prognosis was right. A raging storm arrived in the town of Orilon that night. Surprisingly, not a drop of rain fell an inch outside the borders of the town. It rained all night long. And it rained red.Real blood precipitated over the whole town throughout the night as the high-speed winds threatened to destroy all along its path. Uprooted trees crashed on park cars and blocked the roads. The Redwater Lake flooded, looking redder than ever— vanishing the sleep of those dwelling in the bayou. Couples huddled together on their couches to get more warmth and parents tried to calm their panicked children every time they shrieked as a blaze of lightning flashed outside the window.Just across the Centaurus Forest, in the town of Everwinter, a witch quietly watched the storm play in front of her eyes in a crystal ball. One by one, the images moved, revealing the calamity that occurred in the neighbouring town. A town which was once theirs and was taken away from them a long time
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3 - One warlock, two vampires.
'While the people of Orilon were still trying to uncover the mystery behind the animal attack that resulted in two dead, they had to witness another incredible event last night.' The reporter cleared his throat and took a brief peek at the paper in his hand before continuing, 'Apparently, Orilon experienced a 'blood shower' but before any of you jump to any conclusions, we want to inform you that our town's renowned scientist, Rayna Cooper has done her research on the matter and she has figured out that it was all a result of a complex scientific phenomenon. We will come back with a detailed explanation after a short break.'Damien yanked the remote out of Nate's grip and switched off the TV. He briefly acknowledged that the flatscreen TV place in the living room stuck out like a crow in a flock of pigeons. The furniture from the 1800s didn't go along well with the modern-day electronics. The chandelier peeked at him from the ceiling above, polished as ever. He looked away and glared
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4 - The girl in the dungeon
The first thing Eira discovered when she gained consciousness was the pitch blackness surrounding her. Her eyes had only opened but her heart raced when she was greeted with the smell of rancid blood and rusted iron and she shut them close immediately.For as long as she could remember, she had feared darkness. It crawled over her skin like hairy bugs and roiled her stomach. Even when her eyes were closed, she still sensed her surrounding and shadowy, dark figures appeared in front of her inner eyes which she knew really didn't exist.She began sweating coldly even though her surrounding temperature was really low. Her skin shivered with fear while her hands reached around to find the switch and turn on the lamp but she couldn't find it. She usually kept it glowing throughout the night; it helped her sleep the night away. Even though Bella, her room-mate and best pal preferred to sleep in a pitch-black room, she would make an excuse every night only for Eira.With rising anxiety, Eira
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5 - His kind.
Eira sat in complete silence on the metal bed, resting her palms on the edges on either side. She threw away the fear and panic and drew a blank expression across her tanned face, intending to keep it that way for the whole time until was asked to say something. Her heart however raced erratically, threatening to jump out of the ribcage. As her supposed kidnappers approached the cell she was locked in, the temperature around dropped several degrees. Her fingers began to shiver irrevocably but she couldn't be sure if it was them or the fact that she was horribly and absolutely afraid. Their faces were concealed in the darkness. She could only see faint outlines of their figures. Sounds of more footsteps hit her ears. "Did you place the candles as I asked?" One of the figures questioned authoritatively. He wasn't the one who had attacked her. "Yes." This one was. For a moment, silence lingered in the air along with the smell of three different male perfumes. Eira resisted the urge t
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6 - You win or you die
Josh crossed his arms slowly and leaned against the brick wall layered with moss, allowing Eira to absorb the information he had just passed. His back pressed completely against the cool, solid, age-old bricks but didn't mind the mud or the green patches on his freshly ironed, beige shirt. In fact, they only made him feel more attached to the source of his power—nature.Eira responded with a sigh and then followed cold silence, one that sent a chill down his spine. No words escaped her plump lips but her blue eyes shot a thousand questions at him. He wanted to answer them but fear kept him at bay. It was an unspoken and ofttimes a spoken rule by the vampire council to keep the secret to them.Josh rubbed the nape of his neck lightly while managing to maintain his calm facade, perceiving well that such a reaction was not completely normal for someone had been kept in the dark for too long. But he wasn't too experienced in the matters of giving satisfying, non-surprising revelations."Lo
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7 - A deal you can't reject.
Eira felt as though someone had pulled the floor from beneath her feet and she was falling—faster with each second into the depths of insanity. Her senses went numb for a while. A part of her still wished this was a joke or a dream and she would wake up soon but the other acted like a rebel, enjoying the thoughts of being in danger and facing death. But she was certain the latter was a result of her best friend's influence. The saner part regretted the decision of getting wasted and ending up at the cemetery. When Dakota was alive, she had only brought trouble into her life. Even when dead, she was doing a good job.The sound of a sigh greeted her ears as she saw Josh fold his arms yet again, "That is why I have this offer for you. You can choose to accept it or not. Remember, there's danger of death."Unfortunately, I can't reveal to you more about the supernatural activity in our town unless I know for certain you're on our side. If you don't accept the deal, I make you forget all
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8 - Little Blood-Bag
Damien noticed how Eira's blue eyes silently stared at him. She had put up a brave mask over her face but he could hear the frantic beating of her beat in his ears. That sound made him smirk. He strolled towards her lazily and his steps halted right in front of her. He could sense Josh's dark eyes on him."Did I scare you, little blood bag?" Damien asked with an amused tone, widening his smirk into a grin."I'm not scared of you," He heard her calm reply and his grin turn into a full-blown smile. His eyes moved to the bite marks on her neck and felt her breath hitch at the same moment.She remembers that. "You are, but if you aren't, you should be." He teased her and bared his fangs. She was trying too hard to appear brave and unaffected but silly girl didn't realise he could hear and smell the blood pumping through her veins. He craved to taste it. She somehow still managed to smell like strawberries after spending a whole night in the stinking dungeon.Unfortunately, he had no time
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9 - Animal Attack Investigation
[JOHN]In the ten years that John Williams had worked as a special detective agent, the experience hadn't been close to relaxing for him. The cases were exciting, challenging to his brain. He found himself deeply pressurized for most duration of the cases he handled. And enjoyed the pressure. The race against time. It made him feel alive. But then, a year ago he decided to move to Orilon after his beloved friend Dakota's death and everything changed.Dakota Blake, his childhood friend had been a citizen of the town of Orilon for over five years. She lived with her daughters. While her elder one, Melissa married off with a rich person and got a child, the younger one stayed behind to complete her education even after Dakota passed away. Whenever he visited the town in the past years, Eira, Dakota's younger daughter always complained of her mother's unjust attitude. Sadly, it wasn't his right to tell the girl the truth. Eira was a beautiful little girl, with pretty blue eyes and a smile
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10 - The Dream
As Eira watched the horrific scene unfold, she screamed—or at least, attempted to. Her fingers clutched the bedsheet covering her body and she opened her mouth to scream, as loud as she could but nothing happened.Blood trickled down her mother's long neck and she could nothing but watch. After what seemed like hours, Dr Keeley let go of her and her limp body fell off the stool to the floor.With a sob, Eira closed her eyes shut.When she opened them again, a ceiling appeared in her vision. Her body was resting on something soft. She darted her eyes and realised it was a bed. But not the one at the hospital."Bad dream?" A masculine voice inquired.Eira abruptly lifted the upper half of her body to locate the source of the voice and found the blonde-haired guy leaning against a table on her right, his gaze firmly set on her body.The realisation sunk in gradually—it was just a dream. Yet, it had felt so real."No." The word had escaped her lips before she could think the question throu
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