The Feral Beauty

The Feral Beauty

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Language: English
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Nix is alone in a world full of life. Her memories are what keeps her from thriving and secludes her to the depths of the forest. Her dreams are daily reminders of the ones she lost and the murderers who did it. The murderers that not only killed her whole pack but killed her family leaving Nix behind; Alive and alone.

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very good story line. wish it was easier to find. This book is a must read.
2022-04-16 12:50:40
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Marsha McLean
Too many grammatical errors and wrongly placed punctuation marks. Otherwise it was a good read.
2021-06-30 22:52:59
42 Chapters
Chapter One
Mom, can I please go on a date with Tyler? He is the only boy my age and it would be nice feeling like an adult for once." Hearing the laughter roll out from my mom's lips made me angry. I don't understand why my parents have to be so protective over me all the time. Our home is extremely safe and we are all one big family. "No means no Nix. I know it's hard for you to understand but there is no dating until your mate is found. You are only twelve for goodness sakes, why must you grow up so fast?" Leaning down, I watch as my mom gathers produce from the garden. Crossing my arms over my chest, I think about the reason why I feel the need to spend time with him. Maybe because Tyler is the only wolf of my age and he is quite cute. The moment he asked me on a date, I felt the butterflies flutter inside. That must mea
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Chapter Two
Walking into the woods, I circle around as I keep a close eye on the men moving closer to my house. My view on men is complete hate. I hate how if they want something, they will take it or if something is different, they dispose of it. The world is full of the unknown but these monsters choose what is right instead of letting us live in peace. The day I went home to search for my parents, the community smelled of nothing but humans. They killed my kind and I will not feel bad for doing the same. Kneeling in the distance, I watch as they walk around my house carefully with guns in hand. "Dad, I think someone might live here. Should we check, and see?" One said as he started moving closer to the front door. In a swift movement, the other grabbed hold of his arm pulling him back. Tilting my head, I lower my stick as I observe carefully.
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Chapter Three
Nix's POV- Watching from the distance, there are men bringing in large machines and I count about five. Watching each closely as they place something on the tree's closest to them walking side by side. If they move any closer, I will have no choice but to kill them all. Noticing the man in bright clothes from earlier, he started speaking to a tall man with dark brown hair. Sitting up slowly, I glide closer towards them as I stay hidden within the trees. Without making a sound, I listen closely as the man named Gabriel talks about how he knows of me. I didn't know there was word of me existing and the men I killed were looking for me. Good, he is lucky to be alive and spread word about being in my forest. A laugh erupts from the ma
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Chapter Four
Jacks POV- The pain shows on her bare skin as marks cover her frail body. I have never seen a more beautiful woman but something is drawing me towards her. Towards her stunning gray eyes. I have dreamt about those eyes most of my life but the dream plays on repeat each time. Running throughout the woods in the dark of the night as I feel my heart racing. My heart was racing from excitement, not fear and as I turn around, the same gray eyes follow closely behind me. Picking up pace, heat boils inside of me as my adrenaline races. Hearing a howl in the distance, peace sets inside me as I feel safe. Safe knowing no harm with come to me as I continue my journey. Coming to a stop, fog surrounds me as I place my hands on my knees breathing a much-needed breath.
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Chapter Five
Jack's POV- Driving down the road, the smell of fresh tree's is something that can calm your soul. A small smile spread to my lips as the memory of her beauty replays in my head. I can't believe she has lived out there for so long while being alone. If the stories are true and her whole town was murdered, I know the last thing I would do is stay. The drive to my father's house was only a couple hours from the forest. My father is an understanding man and once I tell him about what I discovered, I'm sure he won't mind canceling the job. Pulling up to my dad's large house, relief spreads across my face seeing his truck in the driveway. His home is located in his own part of town with a few houses around. He knows all the neighbors and they are quite friendly. As a kid, I have very little memories, only the ones that come to me in dreams but my father said I spent my whole childhood here. I think if I had fond memories of this place, they would be remembered rig
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Chapter Six
Making it closer to the noise, I notice the familiar man and rush towards him. "Tyler, I am so sorry..." Pausing in mid-sentence, I look up to him and watch as his smile grew. "Sorry Ma'am, my name is not Tyler, Its Jack. Nice to officially meet you." Reaching his hand out, I hesitate at first but then I slowly grab his hand and he shook them. Tingles ran from my fingers down my arm and the fear of what that could have been made me take my hand away as fast as possible. "Sorry." I say as I back away trying to keep the distance between us. Watching him sit up, he grabs hold of his leg and grunts while backing up to lean against the tree. "You have quite the arm miss." Watching the blood drip out, I rip the bottom of my shirt so I can stop the bleeding. "You need help, this is a pretty bad gash." Tying it tight, he grunts at the pain as his heart races. Looking into his eyes, the hazel or
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Chapter Seven
"You going to kill me?" His low husky voice rumbled through me and as I stood above him holding my grip, he was able hold back my strength. Watching him closely, I watch before my eyes as his gash slowly heals before my eyes. Releasing the stick, I jump off the bed and back away from this man before me."What are you." I whisper as my back is met with the wall. The man slowly rose from the bed and gathered on his feet. As he walked towards me, there was no gimp or flaw in his stride. "The real question is, what are you?" Slowing, he continued to walk towards me and just before I was able to feel his breath on my skin, he broke my stick with one hand. "It can't be..." Looking him over, I was unable to sense it in him."Why not, you don't believe you are the last of our kind do you?" Taking one last step towards me as he rose his hand and
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Chapter Eight
Jack's POV-I have never seen a wolf so beautiful. Her coat is this light caramel color with white tips for toes. Her eyes stay the same and each time I look at them, my soul is pulled closer to hers. I wish there was a way I could bring her family back and help her heal but if anyone knows loss, its me. My father hid away what he truly does. The families that live around his house are all wolves in hiding and I only know that by their smell. After hitting my head, my memories came flooding back and my father rescued me. Our town was attacked by the same hunters and as a kid, I was able to hid. The moment I saw him, I knew he was my only chance at survival since my parents told me about a man that helped our kind. A man that was caring and could provide safety.That day, I watche
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Chapter Nine
Silence filled him as I sat in bliss enjoying the first hearty meal I have had in weeks. Hunting is easy but having distractions or your occasional unknown noise scaring the wildlife away is what makes it hard."Then how do you explain the feeling that runs through my fingers as I touch your skin?" Shrugging my shoulders, I grab another piece of meat and shove it in my mouth. I know I wont be able to avoid his questions forever but the longer I eat, the more I am able to stall."Or what about the dreams I've had about you. They must mean something." As he leaned back in the chair, his thoughts were somewhere unknown. I need to admit, the curiosity about his life and what happened to his pack grows the more time I spend with him. I wish there was the perfect man for me and he will take me away from this hell I have been living but I live
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Chapter Ten
As my heart was beating out of my chest, I looked over the figure standing before me looking for one flaw but there was none. This is not possible. He can't be standing here before me. "You died..." I whisper as a small smile made its was to his face. Lowering the hood on his head, I get better view of his face and it feels like I'm seeing a ghost."I thought you died." A chuckle left his lips as he placed his hands inside his dark blue jeans. "Can we go somewhere to talk Nix?" I have never been more confused in my life. I would have expected Jack to have found me since I was his mate but no, the one who found me was in fact Tyler."Um, sure." I turn and watch Tyler catch up to me as we strolled down the sidewalk in town. Silence filled the air as this awkward situation continued. Making it to my apartment, I unlock the door and walk in
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