The Light of Young Master Mu's Life

The Light of Young Master Mu's Life

By:  Novem Diem  Completed
Language: English
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She was the infamous ugly duckling of the Gu’s. She played dumb to get ahead, but deep inside darkness and cunningness infested her soul. He was the most sought-after man in Beling, mysterious and noble, and never been close with any women. When he uncovered her disguise, little by little, Gu Anran struggled pitifully to put up a defense. “Young Master Mu, can we get a divorce?” The man forced her to the corner of the wall announced authoritatively, “Divorce, over my dead body!” Had she not been framed by her very own sister, out of carelessness, she would never have gotten into scrapes with the young and dangerous man of Beiling. She thought she would then live in deep water for the rest of her life, but unexpectedly, she was spoiled rotten by him.

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474 Chapters
Chapter 1 Divorce, Over My Dead Body
"I want a divorce." Gu Anran was disheartened as she looked at the impeccably handsome man who drove every woman crazy.Mu Zhanbei, the most popular ladies-man in Beijing, looked mysterious, noble, and exceptionally fine. Unfortunately, he was not destined for her.After three years of marriage and her countless effort, she had exhausted her every means to get him to love her. However, he still did not reciprocate her love. Three years later, on that very day, Gu Anran was tired, and her heart had died. She had completely given up hope."Divorce me, and I'll set you free. We'll have nothing to do with each other from here onward." There was no emotion on Mu Zhanbei's impassive face. He remained silent for about two seconds before he picked up the pen abruptly and scribbled on the paper. Then he stood up and strode away as if he had no care in the world. All the smitten ladies in the cafe stared at his trail as his tall and attractive back disappeared from their view.He had alway
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Chapter 2 Young Madam Held the Young Master Hostage
Gu Anran found herself born again. Her warm body was in a deep V evening gown, and she had exaggerated makeup on her face. The clock on the wall showed that it was twelve minutes to eight! Her heart raced as she remembered why her surroundings seemed so familiar to her!She had been reborn as her eighteenth-year-old teenage self. That night was the party to celebrate her engagement to Mu Zhanbei.In her past life, she had been drugged and framed during that engagement party. Mu Zhanbei's people had found her grotesquely entangled with two male makeup artists. Even though the intruders had managed to halt the flagrant act to protect her virtue, everyone had known about that incident, and she had been infamous since then!Even though Mu Zhanbei was willing to marry her to fulfill his grandmother's last wish, he had never cast another warm look at her from then onward.At that moment, she realized that she was only two minutes away from the biggest tragedy that was to happen in h
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Chapter 3 Mu Zhanbei, You're a Bastard
It was as if time had stopped!Gu Anran's hand trembled. Li Ye was equally confused, but he was also worried about the cut on Eldest Young Master's neck. Only Mu Zhanbei's blank expression remained unchanged from the start.He cast a casual glance at the two men who were still in a frantic search outside. His cool thin lips moved slightly, and he uttered one word. A word that both Gu Anran and Li Ye could not believe. "Drive.""" Li Ye was once again bewildered. Did the eldest young master feel threatened by the future young madam? However, Eldest Young Master was almost a God-like figure in Beiling. When had he ever felt threatened by anybody? Furthermore, someone had held a knife against the eldest young master's neck. It was as if they tried to dig their own grave!Gu Anran could not think clearly. When the car drove out of the hotel's carpark, her grip loosened, and the eyebrow razor slipped away from her fingers.The eldest young master caught the eyebrow razor
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Chapter 4 Be Good
SCREEEEEECH! Li Ye's hands shook as the car careened and almost hit the curb at the shoulder of the road.Such audacity! That was really presumptuous of her! No woman had ever dared to be so rude to Eldest Young Master! Would he throw her out of the car? Gu Anran squinted her eyes to stare at the handsome face of the man right in front of her. Her breathing got faster and harder. "I feel hot..." However, Mu Zhanbei was as cold as he always been. His long digits touched her chin, and as his five fingers squeezed, he cupped her head in his hands. "Who did this to you?" It was their engagement day. He had no feelings for his fiancee, but if someone had pulled a prank on her, then it was definitely an act to challenge him!He narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes. "Was it the two men that we saw just now?"How could Gu Anran answer his question? After she struggled and broke away from his grip, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard… Onc
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Chapter 5 You Asked for It, Woman!
The car finally stopped in a coastal area. Li Ye immediately got out of the car and locked the door behind him. He ran with the fastest speed that he had ever run, and disappeared into the night.Inside the car, the man's clothes were utterly disheveled.His beautiful face still maintained its cold and solemn disposition, but bean-like beads of sweat slid across his forehand and onto his cheek. It made him look incredibly sexy and seductive! His sweaty palms locked her petite, flailing hands in a tight grip. With a sexy voice, he murmured, "Gu Anran, do you know what you're doing?"He wanted her to know that he was the one who hugged her at that very moment!Gu Anran gasped for air as her blurry gaze landed on the man's face.The identity of the man? He was… "You're… Mu Zhanbei.""Excellent!" Mu Zhanbei let go of her and lifted his slender fingers.She shuddered and backed away instinctively. "I…""What's wrong?" Mu Zhanbei pulled her back toward him in one swift move."I…
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Chapter 6 Leaving Him? How Brave!
When Gu Anran woke up, she was alone in the car.Mu Zhanbei's lanky figure stood against the howling wind some distance away from the car. Li Ye seemed to be reporting to him.Despite a different lifetime that separated the past and present, his tall and perfect silhouette still managed to tug at her innermost feelings.Gu Anran held her hand over her heart and bit her lower lip.'I must not fall for him again! This man is completely heartless!'No matter how she had wooed him, or how much time she had invested in him, or how passionately she had treated him in her past life, he had always maintained a cold attitude toward her. He was like an iceberg that had yet to melt even after a hundred thousand years had passed.She did not want such a tragedy to happen again in her new life!She buttoned her jacket and slowly crept toward the driver's seat.Some distance away from the car, Li Ye ended a call on his phone. He turned toward Mu Zhanbei and relayed the news respectfully, "El
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Chapter 7 One Look and He Was Shocked
Gu Anran never meant to ditch anyone.Would she abandon Eldest Young Master Mu? How could she? No woman in the entire world would be willing to dump him!However, she did not want to have any association with him any longer.The incident in the car was nothing but an accidental mistake. She had put an end to that blunder when her mind cleared.Nevertheless, what did that sudden downpour meant? Did it exacerbate the hostility between herself and Eldest Young Master Mu?Gu Anran's hands shook when she thought about what Mu Zhanbei had to face at that moment, and she nearly had a car accident due to that anxiety.Even though she did not want to be involved with Eldest Young Master Mu, she did not want him to hate her either.Did she not know his temperament? He was the kind of person who would bring trouble to those who ruffled his feathers.She could not drive the car into the Gu family's villa as the road ahead was flooded. So Gu Anran slammed her foot on the brakes and stopped
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Chapter 8 What Was in the Drink That You Gave Me, Second Sister?
"Is Gu Anran home? What's going on? Tell her to come down right now!"When he heard that Gu Anran was upstairs as he got home, Gu Minghao was so angry that he almost stomped his feet in a tantrum.He thought that his youngest daughter might have been in a mishap, or perhaps she had been with Eldest Young Master Mu. To his surprise, however, she had run home all by herself!Was that an attempt to escape the marriage?Such a useless person! He knew that she looked horrid, so it was a surprise that Eldest Young Master Mu was willing to get engaged to her. How could she not count her blessings!Could the Gu family continue to live in Beiling after they offended the Mu family's eldest young master? Gu Anran would be the death of them!Gu Minghao's wife, Ye Shuixin, glared at the maid and snarled, "Get Gu Anran down here now!""Yes, Madam!" The maid immediately went upstairs to get the third young miss.Gu Weizi heard that Gu Anran was home the moment she walked into the hall.She g
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Chapter 9 What's On Your Neck
What drink could make someone dizzy, and their body felt warm and strange?Gu Minghao's eyes fell on Gu Weizi. He had lived for almost fifty years, how could he not know what Gu Anran had drunk?However, why would his second daughter give that to his youngest daughter?Gu Weizi felt guilty under his scrutiny, so she shook her head and said, "Daddy, I did not drug Anran. How could I…"When she said that, Gu Anran blinked her huge eyes and stared innocently at her. "Second Sister, what do you mean, drugged? You… did you give me drugs?"She was just an eighteen-year-old girl. At her age, it was perfectly normal for her to have such a straight-forward attitude toward all things in life, was it not? Gu Anran's expression aptly described her naivety. "Weizi, what exactly did you give her?" Gu Minghao asked with a frown. He would never condone it if his second daughter really did plot to sabotage Anran and Eldest Young Master Mu's engagement party!"Daddy, how could I ever harm Anra
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Chapter 10 He Was The Man
Gu Anran felt physically drained that night, but she pushed herself to hold on. Ye Shuixin was quick on her feet. When Gu Anran realized that there could be something on her neck, Ye Shuixin already clutched the collar of her shirt with her hands.Ye Shuixin did not pity Gu Anran. With a quick and forceful tug, she exposed Gu Anran's neck to everyone in the room.A small smirk formed on Gu Weizi's face, but she pretended to be surprised. "Oh God, Anran, you… why are there so many hickies all over your neck?"Gu Anran had no escape. Ye Shuizin jerked her by the collar of her shirt, and then she was off the foot of the staircase. Before she could say anything to explain herself, Gu Minghao had already come up to her. "You... you... how can this be?!" His eyes locked onto the hickies on Gu Anran's neck and collarbone as his fingers trembled in a fury. He could already see so many; he dared not think about those that were hidden under her shirt!Gu Weizi immediately acted as if s
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