The Mafia’s One Night Stand Wife

The Mafia’s One Night Stand Wife

By:  Nafisatuu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Andrey and Hazel had an accidental one-night stand five years ago, and Andrey couldn't n forget Hazel’s body. He couldn't get to Hazel because of the family turmoil caused by his father's sudden death. Five years later, Andrey had taken over the family business and found Hazel, who was in debt from her mother's gambling. Andrey rescued her and helped her pay the money, becoming Hazel’s debtor. He asked her to become his lover but she refused because she had a boyfriend. Andrey made a bet with Hazel that her boyfriend would leave her for the money, and to her surprise, her boyfriend left her for the money. She was single but didn’t agree to become Andrey’s lover. She hated him even more because he disrupted her peaceful life.

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8 Chapters
Andrey. Omaha, Nebraska.I stare at the cigarette that was between my fingers for couple of seconds as the ashes fall off it. Maybe if I shove it into his mouth, he’d tell me the truth. He would tell me who he’s working for and who sent him to spy on me when I’m on my five days vacation. I can’t believe I have to deal with work while I’m not even in my office. I kick his chest with my foot and watch him fall and wince in pain. It doesn’t do much to the anger I feel because of him. “You’re going to fucking speak up and tell me who sent you,” I snarled, grabbing his collar to raise him up. His face was swollen and sweaty with a mix of blood. I don’t care about that—I gave him a sharp round punch to the chin. He stared at the river of blood that appeared and flowed down his torso. He’s crying riotously but I don’t feel even the slightest sympathy toward him. He falls on his back and closed his eyes. The tears were gushing out the sides of his face and it makes me more aggravated. “I
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Hazel.The sunlight peeping from the curtains, gradually brought me awake. I slowly scanned the room, trying to process everything that had happened and why I was in an unacquainted room. This is definitely not my room because I don’t remember booking a suite. Am I even in the right hotel?I don’t usually drink heavy but I was so wasted last night that I can’t even recall what happened after Ann dragged me to the club. I could remember that I left Ann at the club and hailed a cab. I could remember walking into the lobby and maybe I pressed on the wrong floor…I sat upright briskly as everything came crashing back into my throbbing head all at once. I pressed the wrong floor on the elevator and I ended up here in the suite floor. I must’ve tried all the doors on the floor and this was the only room unlocked and I entered. “What the fuck have I done?” I say lowly to myself. This is the reason why I stay away from drinking too much. I always end up doing the most insane things. My stom
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Andrey. “I was worried about you…”“That was the fucking reason why you have to send a goddamn patrol to search for me all over town?” Jayden and I were walking towards my suite. “You weren’t answering your phone,” he says, clearly frustrated. “I was busy last night.”When I say that, Jayden sighs and waves it off because he knew what I meant by busy last night. We enter the elevator to the top floor and head toward my room. He pauses when we reach the door and leaned his back on the wall. I’m content that he knows he’s not meant to follow me in unless I ask him to. If someone was in there and were to shoot, it’s better he kills one of us not the two at once. It would be waste and a great loss. I use my access card to gain entree to my suite. Cautiously walking in, I close the door behind me and make my way to my bedroom. I breathe in deeply and breathe out because I am nervous. My throat is dry all because I am nervous to see a girl. It’s insane that I feel this way about her. I
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Five years later…Hazel.Today is the day I've been praying for, my first day at my first job. I'd interviewed for the position of the Creative Director's Assistant. It's not exactly my dream job of being a fashion designer, but it's close enough. I believe that if I exercise patience and work hard, I'll get there one day.The creative director I'll be working under is Amanda Amerigo, the owner of Felda Fashion House. The company bears her mother's name, Felda, as a tribute. Amanda is a bit of a workaholic and quite strict. She's been married three times and obtained most of her husbands' wealth through divorce. Her career always took precedence, and that's why she hasn't remarried after leaving her three husbands financially devastated.Amanda already has an assistant, my best friend Ann, but she requested another one and recommended me for the position. After an interview with Amanda, she surprised me with her first words: "You're slim, I like it." It was an unusual compliment, but
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Andrey. I find the strip of condoms I’d packed, ripped one open, managed to roll it in with gritted teeth. Maybe she would’ve done it for me, and maybe that would’ve been hot as hell, but since I want to actually get inside her before I went off like a gunshot, I needed to keep touching a minimum. Of course, as soon as I thought that, she dipped her fingers in my hair and dragged me down, pressing all her soft, lush curves against my body. Her skin was hot and damp from the exertion of her orgasm. Her folds were wet and open, ready for me, begging for me as she spread her legs and reached down to grasp my erection. In my ear, she whispered through gritting teeth, “Hard, please.”My eyes open like two flashlights beams. I just woke up suddenly, not because of any interruption, yet because of another wet dream of Hazel. I’m going insane about this girl. I’m losing my mind because of this girl. If I don’t find her soon, I might as well kill myself.Things just keep getting more out of
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Hazel. In my life, I'd seen my fair share of attractive men – dominant, handsome, and charismatic individuals. But I was the type of woman who, when encountering a striking man, would casually lower her gaze, avoiding giving the impression of ogling. For the longest time, I didn't dwell on these encounters. After all, I had Chris, a handsome man who was more than enough for me.This man, however, was different. Being around him emitted an entirely distinct energy. It was something I couldn't quite put into words. It was a comforting feeling, even though I knew that he might be one of the most dangerous individuals I'd ever encountered. Absurdly, he seemed both calming and toxic, and his heavily tattooed appearance from neck to arms only added to his aura of danger.I didn't know who he was or why he had intervened to save my mother and me from a life-threatening situation. The fear of what he might ask for in return was growing inside me. My imagination spun scenarios I didn't wish t
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Andrey. She's beautiful, especially when she furrows her brows and pouts her lips. I seem to make her do that quite often—I tend to annoy her more than I should.Hazel's personality reminds me of my mother's, a unique blend of stubbornness and an easy-going nature. She possesses that uncanny ability to intentionally annoy people and then make amends for her mistakes with a disarming charm. It strikes me how much Hazel is like my mother in that sense, always willing to make up for her errors.I love Hazel, and I'm convinced that she would love me in return. The challenge lies in being patient and allowing time to work its magic. I can't put a precise timeline on how long I can wait, but every time I think of her, the desire to be with her intensifies. It's agonizing to not have her by my side, where I can protect her.The only way to win Hazel over now is to show her that Chris isn't as perfect as she believes. My thorough investigation revealed that he had a significant secret—he was
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Hazel.My head felt like it was on the verge of splitting in two. Just one look at me, and you'd see how drained I was, having hardly slept last night.After the party Chris took me to and then abandoned me, I returned home, and he followed me, which led to a huge fight. He accused me of cheating when he had taken me to the party and left me to go hook up with someone else. He even had the audacity to claim that a random lady kissing his neck had been a mistake.The lipstick on his lips and all over his face were mistake too, I suppose?I didn't want to delve into it further. I wanted to keep my focus on my work schedule for the day. Ann was attending to a client, leaving me to deal with Amanda's paperwork. I tried to concentrate, but my mind kept drifting back to the man my boyfriend accused me of cheating with.It was both funny and irritating. Funny that I had been willing to follow Andrey without even knowing where he was taking me. Irritating that I had been so willing to follow
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